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  1. hello, the goal of this topic is new chapter status and not strange hypothesis or discussion on the translation system. There is other topics for this !!!!
  2. very nice the pictures. Thank you
  3. good picture. I have so buy a guyver 2F figma but I have no displayed it again.
  4. It's a sad news. I hope there is a new chapter next month.
  5. cool, an idea of release's date ?
  6. for the color this is the figma 305 who is the more similar to illustration of the tome 26
  7. Hello, I have pre-ordered this new figma this morning
  8. Good news. I hope that it release new items quickly
  9. Hello, Thank you very much. It works now. I have read at the moment the june chapter and it is very well.
  10. hello, in the site cdjapan, you paid with paypal and paypal convert yen in us dollar or other for you. regards,
  11. I have received my vol 32 today. See below : I believe that there is more page added in the vol 32.
  12. stars666

    book 32

    I have ordered mine on CDJapan
  13. stars666

    chapter 32

    when it is released out, I buy this immediadly. I'm so impatient
  14. there is also cdJapan : http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/products?term.media_format=&q=guyver&order=rel&page=1
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