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  1. or as happened in dungeons and dragons, could be an armor of the aldrair
  2. I see here. a zoanoid with only one arm that is starting to lift a tank.
  3. I would like to clarify a couple of points. First, we have never seen a zoanoid or a guyver in human form, facing a regular human so we can not know whether or not they have a difference in physical force. but we do have examples of zoalords, hyper zoanoids, and lost numbers in human form. demonstrating to have a human-like ferrous second, by the date of publication and by the place where they were, it is deduced what type of tank they are, in fact they could investigate what kind of tanks were used at the beginning of the decade of the 90s, in the Middle East, the United States.
  4. a common mistake, the truth is that they are much stronger, leaving it clear, a gregol is a 15, and is capable of lifting about 50 tons, multiplying that by what would be a 100 leaving bace a human bace according to the measurements of this universe after the conversion in zoanoid or guyver. 1 human = 3 tons 15 humans = 50 tons 100 humans = 300 tons,
  5. It's like asking, where does the extra mass come from, the bruce body when it changes to the hulk?
  6. quiero dejar esto claro , pero , es probable que el peso de los zoanoids solo sea eso el peso cuando estan transformados, generar materia por el intercambio de energia es algo que lo podria explicar, aunque creo que nunca se ha dicho si un humano pesa distinto entre zoanois y humano
  7. This should not be taken as a total response, it is only a theory, but I think it does not contradict anything that has been seen in the guyver manga. first, the numbers of the transformations, a gregole, it's 15 times. the strength of a human, A ramotith, is 9 times. the strength of a human, But here comes the problem, in the manga you have seen Gregor lifting a tank, only with his hands, in fact in the vignettes of the day you see zoanois that are more deviles than gregole lebantando automobiles. and also the enzyme 2 that according to memory is a little more devil than
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/BULo1dcgLnx/
  9. Sure that this is what many will do with the figma
  10. alkanfel009


    http://lomion.de/cmm/img/bionoid.gif The bionoid doesn't only sound like it's a 90's action toy, it also looks like one: Muscular, insect-like, with natural blades and generally like a humanoid, but with more awesome. The bionoids were created by the elves during the First Unhuman War to help them against the space orcs. They don't breed directly, but lay eggs instead. Those eggs' essence is a crystal that, once touched by a humanoid, fuses with said humanoid and creates a new bionoid. The creature's alignment is changed to Neutral Good (including possible alignment change penalties). Tha
  11. estado actual , esperando por un nuevo capitulo current state, waiting for a new chapter
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