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  1. hahaha!!! YES! That seems like an absolute must have!!
  2. the sound effect is pretty awesome. you need to enunciate better though. It was very difficult to understand what you were saying because you were merging your words.
  3. That doesn't look like carnage. carnage has black teeths that are not differentiated from his face. also, his red is very bold with black patterning. If they are sticking with this lame design, it will be a no watch for me.
  4. I thought the advocacy had translated all the volumes? I'm very confused now then.
  5. why would you pay someone to translate? it's already been done. did you even read the front page of the forums?
  6. I never followed any discussion about this show. I just took it as it came. I had no idea about the power broker, I though it was already established who the character was and that bucky already know who it was and had met them before. then when that guy appeared, I assumed he was the power broker due to how the other characters talked to him. after wandavision hinted many things but there was not really a big payoff, I decided not to get too embroiled or excited with any of this, and tried not to theorycraft.
  7. I think so, that happened in volume 5, where he ate elegen. looks like that was released in 1989 so it's close. they could have known about it ? the OVA was separate series' though. they would have been released at different times. edit: I looked here https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/強殖装甲ガイバー#1989年「OVA(第1期)」 the first episode of the first OVA released end of september 1989. They definitely knew about it, but I guess there must have been a lot of planning work.
  8. hmm... well it seems my memory of the movie is not too good!!! then if it's set in Japan, with Japanese characters, then how do they justify casting a white person... is this the last samurai all over again?
  9. well it was pretty special. it had powerful lasers and chemical weapons and a very tough outer shell. It was certainly comparable to Zxtole. Team 5 were done by Barcas though and he is the top elite scientist in chronos. Who made Zerbebuth? I get confused... was he made by chronos Japan HQ? or was that just in the Anime? Did team 5 come with guyot to chronos japan HQ? no that was ehe anime. in hte manga, Zerbebuth came with guyot, right? so he was probably made by one of guyot's own scientists?
  10. That's my point though.. there is nothing about section 9 that says it has to be in Japan? any country can have an anti terrorist specialist organisation. And the name of the protagonist, could have been changed, but in the case of the movie, they actually had a very good plot reason for her being in another country and having that name.
  11. I agree. there are no words. I can only imagine, you just have to get through it. there is nothing anyone can say that can help? Just try and focus on something. What are your ambitions? what is your work?
  12. maybe like aptom. or zxtole or zerbebuth, etc.
  13. i don't think we saw ramotith in any of the primitive guyver flashbacks. but we do know that werewolves were the descendents of those primitive zoanoids. ramotith doesn't look like classical monsters to me so I don't think this was made by creators. the 'adjustment' seems to add bits and pieces of dna, just like vamore's lasers. i read somewhere that they were added in. other adjustments must use existing dna. some individuals are suited to different zoanoid types. natsuki pointed that out shortly after x day. she recalled a guy she met and said he looked like a gregole. also, hyper
  14. It's possible I guess... I don't recall Ramotith being any kind of first, but they did say he's the most common, right?
  15. I don't know if anyone knows any reason why Ghost in the Shell has to be set in Japan and have Asian cast.... Hollywood casts Actors who will bring in the crowds. That is a simple factor of the business. They have to spend money to make a film and they take money in return. it is a business. So they have to do what will make money in order to avoid a flop. It can be a risky business and if you choose no big name actors, you could end up losing massive amounts of money. That is just the nature of the game. If they have a story that requires Asian actors then absolutely, they need to use
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