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  1. you guys can wait all you want. I'm not waiting any more. it's time to march on Kadokawa and take it for ourselves!
  2. Were they made by Odin?
  3. nothing. it's just someone hoping that since it's 35 year anniversary, maybe we will get new guyver? It's another fan hoping for guyver to resume.
  4. I visited the guyver.net site and this happened
  5. Hey! That's not any way to talk to people who take care and effort to cultivate a relationship with somebody of a different culture. Is that how you make friends? By being impolite? They have clearly gone out of their way and tried their best to negotiate a very tricky culture, all for our benefit and then you say that?
  6. The one person got a direct message from takaya san with a personal photo for a few fans specifically thanking them after somebody asked for some info about it. it was very specific. I'm not explaining it very well, but that person was definitely in direct contact with takaya san. I haven't seen the photo but I was told that photo doesn't exist anywhere else. The other person is the mangaka for the new zeorymer Manga and was Takaya san's understudy. they have an officially verified twitter account with a blue tick on it. The existence of a partner is kind of known. there was an image of the workshop for the original guyver film that was posted to facebook. it was a drawing and apparently it said on it that it was done by some guy (not takaya) a member of takaya productions. I don't know if that refers to production crew of the film, but I don't think so personally. that was called biomorphs or something wasn't it? I can try and find that if you think that is worth looking at yourself. I'm pretty sure one of those people asking the questions was the owner of this site in the past? so I think they are pretty reliable. Maybe we can ask Sully? Happy new year
  7. Or maybe we could be inclined to listen to the people who actually know Takaya personally and have a good idea of the situation? I'm not normally one to jump to conclusions, but when something essentially comes from the horses mouth, I think it's foolish to go and say the opposite. We know he was dealing with a death recently and we know he was looking for a new partner. it is likely his old partner was partial owner of Guyver and that partial ownership passed to the family. That part is conjecture for sure, but let's not doubt the sparse information we have been given from reliable sources.
  8. I don't envy you the task. The new page looks really nice. Will all the old stuff from the old guyver net site be on there? I remember there were a lot of detailed descriptions of something called ATP and bio energy? Actually... I'm not sure if that is considered canon so I guess that might be different. I get confused by all that web design stuff though so I'm not sure I can give any suggestions for layouts or page designs or creating the contents.
  9. A number of fans got a personal photo and message of thanks for a gift they went to him many years ago. It was a belated thanks, and was only a few months ago. he was happy and was clearly working on guyver related things. It has also been directly said by a personal friend of Takaya San, that there are legal type issues to do with the guyver Manga. I think it was some kind of licensing thing. It is technically conjecture, but these sources are pretty trustworthy.
  10. Is there any way to get the chatbox on this page ? - http://www.japan-legend.com/ I bookmarked this page because it tells me about new posts.
  11. I know someone who could ask him, but I won't because in Japanese culture it would be considered rude. We know all we need to know. there is a legal issue. These things take time and we just have to wait. This is why Yoshiki Takaya has been working on the prime statues. It's all he can currently do.
  12. that's really not a good score at all.....
  13. Ok I read some of the article and it seems like mental masturbation to me. They are so stupidly overpowered they don't make for good narrative. I personally wouldn't combine them with guyver, as guyver is fairly well written. If one of them was pitted against the guyver, they would crush guyver in an instant. guyver has been seen to react fast, but it's physical movement speed is limited. also, a guyver's strength is 100 times that of a human whereas these living statues are 1000 times stronger than a human. one of them, vs a guyver, is like looking at guyver vs ramotith. There's no indication that the physical strength of a gigantic is increased by any great amount, but it has the barrier, and it has more powerful weaponry. I didn't read any part in the article that indicated the 'venom' is particularly corrosive. zerbebuth's corrosives are insane, able to melt through cement and steel if I remember correctly. it was harmful to guyver but not by too much. In the tv series, it was shown to melt the guyvers high frequency sword but I think that was wrong because otherwise they would have used that for all the enzyme type zoanoids instead of the disassembly ezyme. I believe the gigantic could dismember one of them , but it might be difficult. But the head beam at full power has been known to vaporise concrete, so I think that would work. I think it may be useful to compare one of those walking statues to a zoalord. I think that is the right sort of level to put them at.
  14. It's all about the relationships! these books are surely written for girls , right? Anyway... we would need to know how fast they are and how strong they are, because any character in guyver is capable of dismembering a human and burning them, it becomes a matter of who is quicker to the kill.
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