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  1. The control metal does have a dimensional interlink, which means it can siphon energy from the boost dimension, but as you said the gravity globe does that to a larger extent. actually, we don't know what form that energy takes, but it is probably fairly efficient and the manga or anime has never shown any indications of harmful radioactive effects. it all seems to be pretty safe to be around. since the guyver organism can seemingly change some substances into completely different substances, there is a good chance this organism is capable of spontaneous fission/fusion. loose ions, cosm
  2. well I can't see any videos here... have you considered putting your videos on youtube?
  3. Last I checked, Biden was getting a faster increase in votes in pennsylvania. Trump had the lead but Biden was catching up quickly. the trend looked like he would pass him. I haven't checked today. I am also not a US citizen, but I am concerned about Trumps behaviour, not just now but for as long as I can remember. His divisive nature is bad enough but he actually promotes division and 'othering' and creates a very tense situation. America is in turmoil and it is in part his fault. he has riled people up consistently. On the face of it, people think it's fine because it only effects Amer
  4. I think they probably are. People are angry from their day job, they are stressed and ready to explode all the time, they turn cruel. I myself can turn cruel on very rare occasions, if I am in a really bad way. There is a mental health crisis in many countries.
  5. It really depends. if somebody says something that is not true and it is well known that it is not true, then there is no threat to me. on the other hand, if I think there is a chance people will believe it and through believing it, will potentially cause harm to me, then I will be offended and I will fight to restore my honour. for example, if I am in a room at a job interview, and somebody says "that girl is a slut", then that will offend me far more, since there is a chance the interviewers might believe it and I will lose the interview. But if I am on the street an a random strange
  6. If you want to just chat and be among people, the guyver facebook group is way more active, but this place has history and you're more likely to find old projects and history and long time fans here.
  7. He does have plenty of other choices. That's what this is all about. Archanfel has made his choice one way, but Sho wants to preserve the other choices. In effect, Archanfel's choice is 'no choice'. his choice is to be what the creators intended and ignore all the other aspects of human nature. The creators may have guided evoluton to create a war like species, but that is only the aspect they controlled for. the other aspects of us, were not controlled for by them and are our own. yes they succeeded in making us war like, but what are the reasons we are war like? because we are able
  8. I'm glad you're in a better place
  9. I won't make you suffer guyver, I'LL END IT NOW!
  10. you're better off asking on facebook. it's a lot more active there.
  11. Do the super emoticons still exist? do you remember the monkeys and the onions and the frogs and all of that? I can't seem to find them now.. I think they were a big part of the personality of the site?
  12. an enzyme is something that aids a reaction. it adds some piece of a molecule that destabilises another set of molecules. to picture this.. you might have a stable compound which doesn't readily react with oxygen. the enzyme would include some ions that will be very happy to react with certain atoms in the stable material. they will in effect 'steal ' those atoms and leave the base material with free ions which will then react with oxygen. When something is or becomes a plasma, there are conditions that make it want to stay as a plasma. usually, that would be a very high amount of energy
  13. Tora Tan


    That's really strange. I don't visit that often, I just lurk really, but I did find this page useful when I had a similar issue in the past https://boostlikes.com/blog/2013/12/steps-facebook-page-unblocked-unbanned
  14. Did anyone find the rest of this? I managed to find some bits of this story on the net, but there is a lot missing and I'd really like to read it.
  15. Guyver xd is 19.1 times the size of guyver gigantic. gigantic is 2.72 m guyver XD is 52 m
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