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  1. wow!! yes, that is indeed interesting!! I wonder where they are going with this.. it seems to hint at a return for ultron, but would they go that far?
  2. I'm not so sure. see what I noticed is that wanda said she might be the bad guy. then pietro also looked a bit like maybe he wasn't too friendly. I'm wondering if this is setup for perhaps some villainous team that included both wanda and pietro.... another notable thing is... monica just got some powers... and she replaced captain marvel in the comics at some point.. so maybe danvers is going to lose her powers in some way... maybe due to another mutant that was part of a particular villain organisation... that specific organisation that included pietro and wanda.
  3. got to be honest, this trailer is absolutely awful. I had to keep rewinding it to try and figure out what they were saying, the sound mix is really bad and i just zoned out half way through because it was such a cacophony or random imagery. lmao at that screenshot XD
  4. that was just ... mind = blown. I mean I half expected it to be that person but I never expected it to be THAT person. XD
  5. i don't see how it could be this 'mephisto' since I have never heard of him. the reason I say that, is because if they are good writers, they wouldn't have some guy be 'behind' this whole phenomenon if the audience has never heard of them or seen any hint of them. they can only work with what the audience is aware of, or things they have foreshadowed or included hints to. all we have seen so far, doesn't seem to suggest to me, any shadowy character of any particular note.
  6. oh no! not the desert skin! that was the forum's personality! I hope it's possible to get a replacement easily. I looked at the new forum icons but they seem to be faded?
  7. I have to say, while I understand your passion and agree with it... the use of language makes me feel a little uncomfortable. I thought cussing was not normal here?
  8. i found a backup of them here https://web.archive.org/web/20151008081839im_/http://japan-legend.com/emoticons/
  9. Honestly, that sounds like different behaviour to what I had expected, so it goes to show my knowledge is way off. uhm... so he printer is visible but not recognised as a device that can be used to print.... maybe this sounds silly, but do you need to install it? heh heh, I can't really think of anything else ^_^;
  10. i'm no expert, but it looks like you have two separate individual networks accessing the same wifi device. if these are two separate networks then devices on one will be inaccessible from devices on the other. sometimes these printers are accessible from a web server so you might be able to use remote printing via your canon service? i'm just taking a stab in the dark, but you might be able to bridge the two networks. that could be complicated. or it might even be as simple as connecting wifi router to tp link switch with an ordinary lan cable. just a random thought.
  11. there are various things that it says, using words like 'regulate' for example. add to that the visible evidence. the CM on it's own, started to generate biomatter by itself in chronos japan HQ. then in that same scenario, guyver 3 'woke' guyver 1 by using his CM, they were both clearly active. then on the creators ship, the guyver was communicating with the relic with the CM. The evidence is all there. and considering that it was generating material slowly in chronos HQ, we have to assume it must use parts of the external body to boost it's energy transfer abilities. yes it we also have
  12. wow... this is the very definition of necro posting!!! the control metal has broadcast ability and also small scale energy siphon from boost dimension. those are functions that could interface with a zoacrystal since that is an energy storage and transformation structure and a transmission system too, in the way it transmits thoughts and commands.
  13. The control metal does have a dimensional interlink, which means it can siphon energy from the boost dimension, but as you said the gravity globe does that to a larger extent. actually, we don't know what form that energy takes, but it is probably fairly efficient and the manga or anime has never shown any indications of harmful radioactive effects. it all seems to be pretty safe to be around. since the guyver organism can seemingly change some substances into completely different substances, there is a good chance this organism is capable of spontaneous fission/fusion. loose ions, cosm
  14. well I can't see any videos here... have you considered putting your videos on youtube?
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