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  1. This looks realy raw on a personal level. Looking forward to it.
  2. I want them to become solid models for sale on the store. I don't have a 3d printer but I like these figurines.
  3. sorry, that promotion has finished. It ran from 26th July til the 8th August.
  4. No, Matt said he won't be posting any scans because this is a new publication that is reasonably easy to buy. The artbook may not say anything about the manga returning, but the manga is currently on sale at 33yen per volume on digital manga stores. you can get it on amazon japan and read via kindle. That adds to the likelihood of the manga resuming.
  5. looking through the topic shows a load of broken photobucket links. I know I don't have any digital copy of this book. I have a physical copy, but photographing or scanning that in is a large job and I'm not sure I have the mental fortitude to do that.
  6. I believe these were split over two pages.
  7. I'm really happy with it. It wasn't that expensive and it is high quality images all compiled in one place. some of these have only been released split between two pages and much smaller.
  8. I think this is new. I don't recall seeing it before.
  9. It's not exactly like they are milking it. There has been some real problems from what we can gather. The action figures are something that collectors are really clamouring for and this is the first publication of guyver we have had in years. I wonder when the VDF was released? was it around the time guyver resumed after moving to kadokawa? I firmly believe this book is a herald of the manga's return.
  10. I feel like this is the first transformers film done right. It seemed to do the kind of things the first movie wanted to do, but it did them well. I think the fact Mirage could actually talk, made the relationship between him and Noah way more believable and relatable than the relationship between Bee and Sam. Also, Noah had real life issues that really drove his character, whereas Sam was just a douchebag who inexplicably managed to woo Megan Fox.... I loved it and I couldn't identify a single thing wrong with it... except for the thing right at the very end, which is uncalled for.
  11. I think it's good to be cautious, but I enjoyed it and I didn't spot any of the issues that have been plaguing recent MCU movies. It's not a perfect movie and it may seem that some elements are under utilised, but overall was very satisfying.
  12. Yeah that is a good point. I guess I should wait to see reviews then. I'm really torn about it.
  13. wow... How can they do this? It's kinda like a bait and switch, right? Well, I'm taking this off my watch list.
  14. I think this is fantastic. They are totally retconning it, or rather, this is pretty much saying outright that Bumblebee was a reboot.? I have to say, I'm here for this. 100%. The movie may be good or bad, but I just love the intent behind this.
  15. Yes they will ship worldwide. They'll take your debit or credit card. The shipping might be a little high but we should expect that anyway.
  16. Oh that's a shame. I always thought my Japan Amazon was the same as my main one. Do you need any help to sign up or have you got it?
  17. You should be able to use your existing amazon account there. also be sure to change your language in case you haven't seen it
  18. Do you think the cult following is low? I find that nearly everyone I talk to who is interested in geek culture is into Guyver, even if they don't talk about it as often as we do.
  19. Character development. Sho is pretty reactive but doesn't show very much agency. We also don't know much about any hobbies or his history or relationships. We get a little bit, but not much. The enemies are pretty cut and dry too. Obviously it has something that we enjoy, and it has a fairly large cult following, but it's not mainstream because of that lack of character. edit: oh but of course it does improve later, but it takes a long time to get to the better character bits.
  20. On the amazon listing it does mention 'restart'. This suggests that this artbook may be part of a marketing campaign for the return of Guyver serialisation.
  21. That is a very informative video. I'm a little bit dumbfounded that they produced such smoothness with the stock joints. Those things are generally not very user friendly in terms of getting them where you want and keeping the rest of the figure in the pose you want. I have a feeling there is more to it than just that, something going on behind the scenes, but I don't know what. In any case, I have to hold my hands up, my animation degree was over a decade ago now and I didn't specialise in stop motion, my speciality is in game asset production. Whatever they do with it, is very impressive how smooth it is, they have a good process.
  22. Yeah 24fps is certainly a lot more work than 8. Since they copied the animations from the videogame in points, they had to match whatever that is. For a longer freeform animation, it's really hard to use a high framerate. I think we'd all love a smoother framerate to be honest, it's always more comforting to watch. A note on the figures, it would be near impossible to get anywhere near smooth animation with standard figma, they also have to rebuild the joints and that does take experience to learn how to do it, so I imagine the streetfighter animation is more experienced in that regard?
  23. amazing!! You definitely would have a problem preordering from kadokawa because they ask for a Japanese address when trying to sign up. Best to try Amazon https://www.amazon.co.jp/高屋良樹画集-強殖装甲ガイバー-イラストレーション-クロニクル-角川コミックス・エース/dp/4041132649/
  24. It's a different style, static camera and very simple movements. Also a number of moments where the character has no weight. Looks to me that they also simply mimicked the animation frames from the street fighter game in places which certainly makes it easier to get it smooth, this is kind of like rotoscoping. Yes it looks smoother because of these factors, the guyver animation is unique camera movement and angles, which is really hard, and the characters have unique movement. I think it's unfair to look at that and suggest it's not as good. to be sure, we can all have our own likes and tastes and preferences, I'm just looking at that guyver animation and see some incredible skill and hard work. It deserves high praise IMO.
  25. I think Rotten Tomatoes users are generally more generous with their scores for some things. It is weird how the scores differ across the different review sites, with metacritic having it's highest scores in the 8's and Rotten Tomatoes having it's highest scores in the 90's. It's possibly due to how the score interface is presented to users, with Metacritic offering a straight 1 to 10 with a traffic light system, but Rotten Tomatoes offering a 5 star option with half stars available.
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