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  1. went to see the movie today. was mostly enjoyable, very enjoyable actually, but there was an element that I felt detracted from it. [spoiler] I feel like Riri wasn't a very well developed character and felt out of place. There was no sense that she really had any challenge creating her machines, it was just like; need a thing, make a thing. It made her feel somewhat like a mary-sue. Her inclusion in the finale also seemed to make it all feel quite jumbled. There was A LOT going on and I felt the individual elements lacked impact as a result. I feel like this movie would have been better if the ironheart aspect of her character was relegated to the background. After all, we are going to be getting Armour-wars, surely we will see her in a much better light when that comes out? [/spoiler]
  2. I did like Shin Godzilla so it could be my kind of thing I'll see if I can fit it in ^^
  3. This looks great. I love the idea of seeing these characters in such a familiar everyday environment. As long as they do it sparingly of course. I hate what they did with Thor.
  4. Yes, I think Steve Rogers in the mcu movies seemed a lot like what I expect superman should be like. I also love the new guy they got for the Superman & Lois TV show.
  5. I almost feel the same way. I was thinking about going to watch it anyway.. like i wasn't interested in it for a long time, but talking about it has made me more interested and I was thinking about going. Henry Cavill has made me much more interested, mainly to see what flavour of superman they are going with. I would hope that they try to make him more like the original superman instead of the violent and negligent version that Cavill has been so far.
  6. It's nice that Kamen Rider is becoming more mature again. This is a bit too far towards the horror for me though.
  7. his centre of gravity is above them so it looks like he will topple over, and they look too small to ever be able to support his weight.
  8. I thought the kid was excellent. Kids are often obnoxious, and this kid was destined to become a major bad guy. This wasn't about saving some nice innocent kid, it was about saving a douchebag from himself. I like this kind of story because it isn't so black and white, it acknowledges that the world is messy.
  9. I bought a smart light bulb by mistake. I expected I could control the brightness via bluetooth, but it wanted to be connected to wifi and wanted my gps location and what room it was in. I realised this thing would be tracking and recording and uploading what times I use this room. That to me, is an unacceptable invasion of my privacy. That's the extent of my ability to advise.
  10. I feel what you're saying there. On a few occasions, I have gotten the sense that there are some good stories to be had. I appreciate what they did with Joker and the most recent Batman film. In fact Batman was fantastic. I have hated everything they did with Batman because it always came across like *technology* and *violence* but I have felt this to be a rather bad portrayal of he who is said to the 'the great detective'. after all, DC means 'detective comics' and yet they make so many films with poor writing and not much in the way of msytery or intrigue. They seem to retread the same things over and over again, I'm so sick and tired of seeing harley quinn for example, and why have we had constant Joker roles, isn't there about 15 of them by now? I only liked the Joker movie because it was a character study and Joaquin Phoenix was fantastic. I've also been really enjoying Superman & Lois, finale is on TV next week!! If Black Adam has the story than I'd watch it, but I just don't get that impression.
  11. I just don't find it interesting. I don't see any reason why this would be different from Shazam, Suicide Squad, etc. Back when the trailer dropped for Watchmen, it had an unmistakable style and identity. This just looks like a product. There's no interesting visuals, no decent lighting, no intriguing movement, no standout characters or abilities, no hint of original concepts. I see literally zero reason to go see this.
  12. I wouldn't want closure. I would want the true story in full, or nothing. At least if we get nothing, we can each imagine the rest of the story according to our own preferences. I'd accept extra drawings by Takaya of course, what the zoaforms look like, what the uranus look like etc. but I wouldn't want a lacklustre story summary.
  13. This is really tricky wording. I'm not used to this kind of speech. 私があなたがた獣神将(ゾアロード)精神支配から解き放たれているのにお気づきか? そう私はすでに獣化兵(ゾアノイド)などというちっぽけな存在ではない 度重なる調製実験が私を別種の生命体に進化させたのだ このように他の生物を体内に取り込み その肉を熱量(エネルギー)に変換しつつ優れた形質は己の物とし Do you realise, I am free from you zoalords' mind control? (beast divine general) yes, I'm no longer a tiny being like a zoanoid (beast-becoming soldier) Due to repeated manufacture experiment, I have evolved into a new type of life form Like this, other creatures are taken into the body the flesh is converted into energy, outstanding form and nature become my own. (calorific value / heat value) I'm not certain it means literal heat, it does specify energy and we measure the energy content of food by burning it. But it does imply that he is not storing the flesh as matter, it is turned into energy, and it's seen as the same way as heat, so I imagine it's saying that Aptom can use pure energy or heat energy to construct his body or utilise it in some other way? edit: The kanji does actually specify 'heat value', rather than just 'heat', so it's referring the the inherent energy within 'heat'. Edit 2 : in any case, the katakana is very clear when it says 'energy'. the kanji is just clarifying what energy means. edit 3: looking at the context of this conversation, I would say that the manga doesn't imply that Aptom can sustain himself on heat from the environment. The way it is written, I would imagine it would be necessary to convert 'heat' into 'energy' for him to be able to use it.
  14. I went to see it. It was a reasonable movie, quite cool, but it had one part where I literally couldn't tell what was happening, the characters were in one place, a lot of stuff happened and then they were somewhere else and I don't understand what occurred. It was about as good as Venom.
  15. why have you posted the exact same thing in two separate places?
  16. not true at all, I believe you are a lot faster than I am! It takes me a long time to do this because I have to type in the kanji, my vocabulary is patchy and my kanji knowledge is incomplete. You have always been one of the most loved and valuable parts of this community
  17. I think he is called Gorr the god hunter. aka Christiam Bale (I'm Batman).
  18. It is like that, yes. But it can also mean the seat of government. So essentially it is referring to the physical centre of power in their society, whether that be a HQ or a parliament or a Palace. But the kanji used are 'inside' and 'centre', and often used to mean seat of government or capital city or middle or heart.
  19. I think that part could benefit from a translation check. If I may.... (the original is written in katakana to indicate alien language, but I'm writing in hiragana to aid translation) お前たち”人類”の最も忌むべき形態”殖装体” それは危険きわまる”ガイバー”だ 制御不能でありながら強大な戦闘力を備えたこの”殖装体”の出現は 我々にとって比類なき脅威となるだろう 我々は先の事件を”中央”に報告し指示を仰いだ 事態を重くみた”中央”審議会が下した結論は... プロジェクトの打ち切りとおまえたちの”根絶”だ すでに”中央”は天体破壊規模”オペレーション”を発動した 我々もぐずぐずしてはおれぬのだ さらばだアルカンフェル YOU "HUMANITY"-S MOST ABOMINABLE FORM "BIO-BOOSTED BODY" IS THE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS "GUYVER" A "BIO-BOOSTED BODY" BOTH OUT OF CONTROL AND WITH POWERFUL FIGHTING STRENGTH HAS ARISEN AND BECOME AN UNPARALLELED THREAT TO US WE REPORTED THE INITIAL INCIDENT TO "CENTRAL" AND ASKED FOR INSTRUCTIONS (Central is a place, like a capital) "CENTRAL" COUNCIL ASSESSED THE GRAVE CIRCUMSTANCES AND MADE THE DECISION... (council/ commission of inquiry) OF ENDING THE PROJECT AND "ERADICATING" YOU ALL ALREADY, "CENTRAL" HAVE INITIATED A PLANETARY DESTRUCTION SCALE "OPERATION" (celestial body, but planetary sounds better) WE CAN'T LINGER FAREWELL ALKANFEL I don't know why the scanlated manga says 'central federation', it gives the impression of an organisation separate from the Uranus, but the original manga doesn't really imply that.
  20. I can't read the other guy's posts, but it's important to note that pro life is also pro death. for any human to exist, they must also cause death of another lifeform. to be alive, we must eat. even plants are lifeforms, and infections will kill us unless we kill them. I would be concerned if a person got headlice and decided they refuse to kill those insects and just let them live and breed on their body. To value the life of a lifeform completely, you must value the death of all the other lifeforms that is required to keep it alive. regarding the death of wasps, etc. well, wasps can cause pain and even allergic reaction that could lead to death, ants can spread bacteria onto food surfaces, which can lead to death and so on. killing pestilence is pro life, because it safeguards the lives of humans. it's instinctive. when we say pro life, it is implied that we mean a specific life. These days it usually means valuing the life of undeveloped humans who can't survive on their own, over the life of adult human victims of rape. In those cases, a middle ground is required. if people want to stop a woman getting an abortion then those people should sign up to adopt the child when it is born and pay all her medical expenses, etc. Should we even be discussing these issues though?
  21. haven't looked at the original Japanese manga in a while, so i had a look. he does actually say he can digest the cells of all living things and copy exceptional traits from their genetic information. That much is clear. I think we need to be cautious in our assumptions though. it's likely he could absorb the cells of the relic or ark, but we can't say for sure whether it would have traditional genetics. Let's say that it does have genetics that aptom can read, it still wouldn't give him any exceptional abilities, because all of the weapon systems of the guyver and gigantic are coded from the control metal and nav sphere. we have no idea what a relic ship lifeform would be capable of without a nav sphere, maybe it only has basic metabolism functions, and a potential to accept programming and adapt it's form and function based on input data. but then, since that is something the creators seem to do habitually, I don't think that's special. human cells accept data and change their form when they are 'processed' so I don't see any reason to believe it would be at all special. edit: considering the Ark doesn't have a nav sphere, I guess we can assume some natural qualities of the lifeform. It is capable of surviving in a vacuum, it has levitation abilities, it is capable of collecting, storing and diverting massive quantities of energy, though this could be fully dependent on size. There's no guarantee whether aptom's cells could access any of this information though. The code could be incompatible/exotic, and also, we only have Aptom's own supposition to go on. Based on his monologue, I guess we can assume he has tried absorbing insects or birds or even trees. But I'm not sure we can assume that he is fully considering lifeforms that could have exotic biology. I just don't think we can take it as a given, even considering all this.
  22. Except Aptom is not a parasite, he is a Zoanoid. I'm not overthinking anything, I'm accepting what is shown in the manga and not making up wild propositions based on flights of fancy. This is the guyver science lab, not the fan fiction section.
  23. I think you need to be careful about assumptions. Aptom is really talking about zoanoids here, which is shown in the image. but we have never seen him absorb a spider and suddenly be able to spin silk as strong as steel. It's important to consider what aptom is; he is a zoanoid. he is a human with a genetic structure that can take portions of dna that are compatible with human. We don't know the exact process, but it has been shown that he can absorb human based systems. anything that is compatible with human. we could imagine that he works much like a virus, plugging in dna from other organisms, but a relic is not in any way designed to physically interface with humans. we don't even know if it uses dna or any related nucleic acid. we don't know if it has genes. to assume that he could absorb it just because it is alive, is a stretch too far. we surely know that the guyver can interface with different biological systems but the relic and by extension the ark, are not shown to have these qualities and may be rather exotic. edit: I think it's worth pointing out, the lifeform that made up the relic not the same as the guyver. the guyver was a predatory parasite. if the relic was like that, the bits of it that were scattered would have caused mayhem. the relic 'flesh' didn't do that though, and it never interfaced physically with the pilot, only through the nav spheres. edit 2: probably also a good idea to point out, the gigantic may be constructed from the relic cells,but it never interfaces with a human, it interfaces with the guyver. we have never seen a human call the gigantic without first being bioboosted and of course the guyver itself can interface with any creature because it is a dimensional parasite. so I felt it was important to point that out. the gigantic does not interface with human dna, it interfaces with the guyver parasite.
  24. Yes I also loved it. I am thinking it's very likely I'm going to watch this again.
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