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Found 8 results

  1. Hey everybody, I'd like to share a fun project idea! I've been wanting to create Zoanoid Data File videos, in the style of the OVA Series - complete with delightfully cheesy voice overs provided by me! I have the goal of making Data File videos for all the known Zoanoids, save for the ones already analyzed in the OVA series. I might also make Data File videos for the Zoalords, Guyver II F, and maybe even Apollon! My other reason(s) for wanting to do this besides creativity is because my favorite Zoanoid Data File websites closed down a few years ago, and I want to contribute to the community of one of my favorite franchises! (I especially loved the neon green grid design it had.) Do any of ya fellow Guyver fans wanna join in? We could use something to do while we wait for new Guyver material.
  2. Guest

    Richard Guyot

    If Richard got his hands on a Guyver unit. Would Arkenphel still been able to stop him? I think Richard might have killed off the majority of the Zoalords, but I don't think he could have killed Arkenphel just with that. I highly doubt he knew anything about the Gigantic cocoons because Balcus knew of no such thing until after Relics Point. But, I do believe Richard may still be able to get his hands on a guyver unit. He's a pretty persistant guy. He was more successful at wiping out most of the Libertus with the aid of the Unus against Griselda. He's very smart, very strategic when it comes to combat even though he's made some mistakes.
  3. Just something that came to mind while marathoning My Hero Academia: Since Zoacrystals store a Zoalord's power, can they store some of that power into other crystals like quartz? Like a back up battery so they don't drain their main crystal first and be left with a "oh crap" moment. I honestly don't know why this popped into my head while watching a super hero anime, but I'd figured it'd be worth asking the community and see if it's possible.
  4. Hello, I am new to using this Guyver forum so I want to start off by just introducing myself. I am a young male who has been in love with guyver ever since I was 6. Guyver was the very first real anime that I watched and I have been hooked ever since. Once I became old enough and aware of the types of Japanese products available, I began collecting Guyver memorabilia to satisfy my childhood dreams of wanting to be a guyver. Now leading to this post, I have decided to sell some of my collectibles of Guyver figures from the Max Factory Bio Fighter Collection series. I am going to be going back to school soon so I need the extra cash for tuition and what not. So here are the figures I am selling and all are MISB: Guyver 1 Guyver 1 Image Head Plus Guyver 2 Guyver 3 (black blade version) Guyver Gigantic Guyver Gigantic Dark Zoalord Pluqstahl if anyone is interested in purchasing these items, please send me a pm and we can discuss further. Thank you and have a great day!
  5. much, I remember now, have thought in this, but in this entonses, associate it with a silly, now, I think after, haver investigated a little, we could assume that the zoacrystals, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zero-point_energy I have to say that my first contact with this term gue in stargate, http://stargate.wikia.com/wiki/Zero_Point_Module so I have the theory that the zoacrystals are zero point modules, I thought that precisely this description, I reminded myself, if alkanphel The life of a ZPM is directly proportional to the power demands placed on it, but is still capable of lasting for remarkable periods of time even under the most extreme conditions. The power generated by three of them well you are saying,
  6. I want to start by saying this, this is just a theory, not esacto nor plausible in the real world, is based on observations of the guyver manga, but the information you may need provided by the manga midmo in data sheets, if you have a better theory to explain the strength of the Zoanoids ficicca, and, guyver, I'm havierto to suggestions, There is a theory that speaks of the muscle mass that we can use, illustration ficica a person with bad condition, only used 2% of your muscle mass, one average person uses, 4% one athletic person, use 6% an Olympic medalist and 8% esepcional people who are strong in mind, 10% This same theory continues, using 100% of muscle mass is not possible due to lack of folic acid , to use the full potential , would tear the muscles , veins explode , and the collapse ligamenteos and tendons , but this world is not real, so we can skip that part, depending on muscle mass in addition to the factor of bone strength , there is an estimate that can use 100% of muscle mass, a person would raise one equibalente the following, ficica bad condition , close to 700 kg . average, one ton , atletico , 1 ton , 800 kg , medalist , 2 tons , exepcional , 2 tons 300 kg this is a theory in the case impossible to use 100% of muscle mass, truthful information , if we consider this result gives us an incredible knowing , jente testimonials that could use a 50 % in extreme cases , people who have raised more than 1 ton, the , release of , Endorphina and adrenaline, count when we talk about the Zoanoids and Guyvers , we do not refer to the strength of a person , but a person who has been usr prosesada to 100% of your body without collateral damage , if we take this as a basis, we can say the following, gregole has the strength of 15 human, if we refer to the strength of the human that is prosesado as gregole only increased by 15, exeplo soldier (x) Maximum load 120 kg. multiplied by 15, = 1.800 kg not even lebantar aserca to a tank, or a truck, but using the same basis as prosesado, being an athletic person, theory dictates 1 800 kg. multiplied by 15 = 27,000 the same can be applied to all other Zoanoids, have even the Guyvers, sho being an average human would be multiplied by 100 to 100 tonnes, quisas a little more, but hey I hope you interest this theory I know I could have made ​​a mistake, because of a bad translation, if that is the case please notify me,
  7. itself is that this is not a question of the guyver manga, even so since both sleeves have a slight relationship at least in its origin to be the same mangaka,But I think the current Zeorymer sleeve, san takaya is not, even so, I would like to know if anyone knows the name of this character, Meiou Keikaku manga Zeorymer Omega since according as I see it is very similar to alkanphel
  8. alkanfel009

    alkan chibi

    These are some videos that I created from a drawing I found ong image is not mine only edit I put mucica yle di movement http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fu0zLrdfUwI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3hMnpUgdmU deviantart http://alkan009.deviantart.com/art/mini-alkan-piano-de-lado-333039996?q=gallery%3Aalkan009%2F40118945&qo=0 http://alkan009.deviantart.com/art/balada-mini-alkan-320403725?q=gallery%3Aalkan009%2F40118945&qo=3
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