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  1. Hello, I am new to using this Guyver forum so I want to start off by just introducing myself. I am a young male who has been in love with guyver ever since I was 6. Guyver was the very first real anime that I watched and I have been hooked ever since. Once I became old enough and aware of the types of Japanese products available, I began collecting Guyver memorabilia to satisfy my childhood dreams of wanting to be a guyver. Now leading to this post, I have decided to sell some of my collectibles of Guyver figures from the Max Factory Bio Fighter Collection series. I am going to be going back to school soon so I need the extra cash for tuition and what not. So here are the figures I am selling and all are MISB: Guyver 1 Guyver 1 Image Head Plus Guyver 2 Guyver 3 (black blade version) Guyver Gigantic Guyver Gigantic Dark Zoalord Pluqstahl if anyone is interested in purchasing these items, please send me a pm and we can discuss further. Thank you and have a great day!
  2. I am currently selling some Max Factory BFC figures. All MISB. I am hoping to sell within the US. The figures I have for sale are listed: Guyver 1 BFC 05 Guyver 1 Plus BFC 05+ Guyver 2 BFC 04 Guyver 3 BFC 01 (dark blades ver) Guyver Gigantic Dark BFC 09 Guyver Gigantic BFC 10 Zoalord Pluqstahl BFC 11 i can provide pictures upon request.
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