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  1. That was no bot.... Skype should be the same... though I don't use it much.
  2. ERMEGERD... I Gotz itz!
  3. ::sniff sniff:: I smell something fishy.
  4. Indeed, you make perfect sense. They aren't clones... at least not in any normal sense of the world. Literal divergant copies. Though I would argue that Ira and W'Kars kid is just as much Ira and Anubis child, perhaps more so than you realize.
  5. I've considered adding a roleplay section for GWOTG, based off the setting itself. My wife is really into online roleplaying, and has done the Forum-RP thing alot. Still does in fact. Course it raises all sorts of questions. 1. Posting Rules 2. Player Character Rules 3. Setting Rules 4. Art 5. Who can be a moderator. Personally, I wouldn't mind doing it, but I'd have to delegate someone to handle the day to day activities. With writing itself, it kind of leads less time for moderating in such a way. Of course it would also have to be set on it's own separate board as well. Not a big
  6. I've debated doing that actually. The major concern I have is that it will deprive time from pushing the story ahead. I've personally always felt it's best to just let it roll, if you know what I mean. I'd rather make new, than rehash old stuff. Heck I'd have to reread them for some of the details. If I had to, characters would be cut. Some plotlines would be trimmed out, names of certain things changed, a whole slew of things. Not enough to make it a brand new story or anything, but enough that it would severely change the appearance of it. For example the Pirate/Energy/Phantom Guyvers would
  7. Yeah give or take, exact dates will be released in the story itself. I've been considering splitting it into two parts for the simple reason that it's pretty big, and I'm taking my time with this one to make sure all dates and events go by as exact as I can figure them. It's also taking time because I am putting a great deal of effort into the dialogue and characterization. There is a good deal of information and even more foreshadow in this story. I want people to pick apart all of the little hidden bits of info and find the details and answers to questions I never answered. Because of that,
  8. Behind Venus <”Report.”> Turning on the balcony and looking up into the massive sphere which allowed the Kavzar Commander to contact his master, the flashing from the Kavzar Commanders Control Crystal signaled his telepathic link forming. It was a dizzying effect, sending ones thoughts across the boundaries of space. But the details were unimportant to it. <”Recent skirmish on Terra appears to have concluded. Our presence is so far still undetected. Neither the rogue group of Chronos, Horus, Seraph, or the Grakken, nor Krullnar’s team has detected our presence. They are aware of
  9. Depends on how you run your games. As far as keeping for suspense I would say yes.
  10. Could always treat it as Spell Turning spell-like ability, if your treating all energy based attacks as 'Spells' for the purposes of the system.
  11. Heh, plenty of magic already placed in d20 system to be used as spell-like abilities to mimic some of the zoalord powers. Waferdanos could use Entangle for example. Just make it that its described as hair rather than as roots and vines and such. With the plethora of options available out there it's easy enough to flesh them out. I'd classify them as Abberations... maybe even outsiders. Definitely not shapechangers despite the obvious choice. Shapechanger statistics just don't fit. Zoanoids, yeah, but not zoalords. I'd also definitely consider a pretty unique option of making XP not part of th
  12. Well if you were going to go ahead and develop a full fledged game based off of guyver, and not just use it as an add-on, classes and prestige classes are the way to go. Allows far more options. But... if you were just going to go with a one shot thing as a more 'Canonized Representation', or as an option for characters I feel that a template is the way to go. A race... well... that just get complicated when you start to consider the LA and all that, then trying to balance it properly with a party. Basically a template. Much like Half-Fiend or Half-Dragon, or one of the other dozens of other
  13. Not bad, but this um... well looks like a base class to me... doesn't follow the standard Fort/Ref/Will on level nor BAB. And let's not mention just by looking at it I can tell it way overpowers any other class. And plus making it a class seems... well... kind of breaking the entire point. Personally I think a Guyver would be better expressed in D20 by a template, not a class. But still, pretty neat looking
  14. I have to say if one were to try and get the stats for a Guyver into D20 style roleplaying it would be way overpowered for the system itself. I'd treat it instead as a template added to an existing creature complete with Hit Die and Level Adjustments rather than just an item to be picked up. That way proper XP penalties should apply for a highly powered character. Not to go into way too much on this board concerning a topic that doesn't entirely belong here, the basic idea would be to add a template kind of like the Half-Fiend, Half-Dragon, whatever on there. Template would alter the creature
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