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  1. That was no bot.... Skype should be the same... though I don't use it much.
  2. ERMEGERD... I Gotz itz!
  3. ::sniff sniff:: I smell something fishy.
  4. Indeed, you make perfect sense. They aren't clones... at least not in any normal sense of the world. Literal divergant copies. Though I would argue that Ira and W'Kars kid is just as much Ira and Anubis child, perhaps more so than you realize.
  5. I've considered adding a roleplay section for GWOTG, based off the setting itself. My wife is really into online roleplaying, and has done the Forum-RP thing alot. Still does in fact. Course it raises all sorts of questions. 1. Posting Rules 2. Player Character Rules 3. Setting Rules 4. Art 5. Who can be a moderator. Personally, I wouldn't mind doing it, but I'd have to delegate someone to handle the day to day activities. With writing itself, it kind of leads less time for moderating in such a way. Of course it would also have to be set on it's own separate board as well. Not a big deal, but it can't be on part of this board itself. Were I to do so, would anyone be interested in RP'ing on a board set in the GWOTG setting? Of course questions like when the RP takes place will have to be addressed.
  6. I've debated doing that actually. The major concern I have is that it will deprive time from pushing the story ahead. I've personally always felt it's best to just let it roll, if you know what I mean. I'd rather make new, than rehash old stuff. Heck I'd have to reread them for some of the details. If I had to, characters would be cut. Some plotlines would be trimmed out, names of certain things changed, a whole slew of things. Not enough to make it a brand new story or anything, but enough that it would severely change the appearance of it. For example the Pirate/Energy/Phantom Guyvers would probably be just Phantom. Probably would remove the Dark Unit, Assassin type 2 as it's vaguely purposeless in some ways, and drastically alter the background for the Black Units. Certain old characters like Darkness would be revisioned as well, and definitely Nano-Guyver would need a major change. But to do all that would take alot of time, time I could devote to furthering the story instead. So... it's a debate.
  7. Yeah give or take, exact dates will be released in the story itself. I've been considering splitting it into two parts for the simple reason that it's pretty big, and I'm taking my time with this one to make sure all dates and events go by as exact as I can figure them. It's also taking time because I am putting a great deal of effort into the dialogue and characterization. There is a good deal of information and even more foreshadow in this story. I want people to pick apart all of the little hidden bits of info and find the details and answers to questions I never answered. Because of that, this is more of a project than just a random story.
  8. Behind Venus <”Report.”> Turning on the balcony and looking up into the massive sphere which allowed the Kavzar Commander to contact his master, the flashing from the Kavzar Commanders Control Crystal signaled his telepathic link forming. It was a dizzying effect, sending ones thoughts across the boundaries of space. But the details were unimportant to it. <”Recent skirmish on Terra appears to have concluded. Our presence is so far still undetected. Neither the rogue group of Chronos, Horus, Seraph, or the Grakken, nor Krullnar’s team has detected our presence. They are aware of the test subjects, however.”> Silence across telepathic communication feels momentary and eternal. As though thoughts themselves had only the slightest momentum. The Kavzar Commander had a dreadful feeling, the emotional seeming of the Gen. It felt… empty. <”Unavoidable. Failure of Lar’Cass Aceaer Battle Unit A-1 was expected. Report on the status of both test units.”> <”Test unit 12 has proven reliable. Current information shows that the test unit returned to full powered state in the appropriate amount of time as calculated. Test unit 13 bonded at full potential, but is failing to alter the host’s genetics in an appropriate amount of time. Host of Test unit 13 appears to be genetically altering at 23% slower of a rate.”> <”What of both subjects environmental performance on Terra?”> <”Both subjects appear to surviving and adapting to the genetic alteration. Terra contains all necessary factors for continued functionality and both hosts are adapting in time scales deemed suitable by the tests parameters.”> Silence took hold for another moment of eternity. <”Have subjects been active?”> <”Subjects activities limit optimum observation. Test unit 12’s host is 67% less active than expected parameters. Test unit 13’s host is current 58% under expected time.”> <”Have the two tests units engaged each other?”> <”Negative.”> The Kavzar Commander worried about the response now. <”Activate Protocol 3. We must see the results of a conclusive test with the two test units.”> <”As you command.”>
  9. Depends on how you run your games. As far as keeping for suspense I would say yes.
  10. Could always treat it as Spell Turning spell-like ability, if your treating all energy based attacks as 'Spells' for the purposes of the system.
  11. Heh, plenty of magic already placed in d20 system to be used as spell-like abilities to mimic some of the zoalord powers. Waferdanos could use Entangle for example. Just make it that its described as hair rather than as roots and vines and such. With the plethora of options available out there it's easy enough to flesh them out. I'd classify them as Abberations... maybe even outsiders. Definitely not shapechangers despite the obvious choice. Shapechanger statistics just don't fit. Zoanoids, yeah, but not zoalords. I'd also definitely consider a pretty unique option of making XP not part of the system. Huge deviation from the norm, but let me explain... Basically you could treat a standard guyver as say... a level 5 character. That way all your basic zoanoids types could range with CR's around 1-2, a group or a single guyver would be more than enough to defeat them even en-masse to a point. You could then make the Hyper Zoanoids say CR's between 3-9 or so. Zx-tole was an extremely dangerous adversary for a standard guyver and should be up there in range. This makes the Team 5, CR's ranging between 4-7 or so a real huge danger for one guyver, but a group of 3 or 4 guyvers should be able to handle them fair enough with some danger. Now say one of them becomes a Gigantic, you could make a new sheet with a guyver being a level 20 character, or even higher depending on how you want to go. That would make the Team 5 not nearly a threat, but if the zoalords are CR's 17-24 or so, a real danger for the gigantic and a death sentence for the standard guyver who's a level 5 character. Were you to apply new guyvers in the scenario they could come really anywhere between a standard guyver and a gigantic. For example a Warrior Guyver could be rated at a Level 10 character, I'd have to run though the math to be sure but 10 sounds about right. Able to take the Team 5, but is still a dangerous task, but likely ain't gonna make too much of a dent in the Zoalords without serious luck or backup. Of course could rate Alkie up at like CR 35 or so, making him an extreme danger to everyone. The individual statistics are up to you.
  12. Well if you were going to go ahead and develop a full fledged game based off of guyver, and not just use it as an add-on, classes and prestige classes are the way to go. Allows far more options. But... if you were just going to go with a one shot thing as a more 'Canonized Representation', or as an option for characters I feel that a template is the way to go. A race... well... that just get complicated when you start to consider the LA and all that, then trying to balance it properly with a party. Basically a template. Much like Half-Fiend or Half-Dragon, or one of the other dozens of others that are out there. That way it could be applied to a character of any race. But hey, I'm definitely not the D20 aficionado given flesh. I'm willing to see other options out there.
  13. Not bad, but this um... well looks like a base class to me... doesn't follow the standard Fort/Ref/Will on level nor BAB. And let's not mention just by looking at it I can tell it way overpowers any other class. And plus making it a class seems... well... kind of breaking the entire point. Personally I think a Guyver would be better expressed in D20 by a template, not a class. But still, pretty neat looking
  14. I have to say if one were to try and get the stats for a Guyver into D20 style roleplaying it would be way overpowered for the system itself. I'd treat it instead as a template added to an existing creature complete with Hit Die and Level Adjustments rather than just an item to be picked up. That way proper XP penalties should apply for a highly powered character. Not to go into way too much on this board concerning a topic that doesn't entirely belong here, the basic idea would be to add a template kind of like the Half-Fiend, Half-Dragon, whatever on there. Template would alter the creature to gain bonuses to statistics, damage reduction, energy resistance and so on and so forth. Depending on whether you wanted to use it in a modern or classic style game, the exact nature of the template would be different. I'm far more knowledgeable in the classic sword and spell kind of RPG than Modern style ones, and frankly a Guyver Unit would have to be dramatically altered story wise to really fit a medieval setting properly. Maybe a kind of like... Godly Artifact, or something like that. Would be fun as hell in epic campaigns. But statistically tricky to balance for fairness. Fighter type characters with high attack bonuses would benefit FAR more in my opinion than Wizard types.
  15. This isn't really a video game, but something interesting for anyone who is in to table-top roleplaying like I am. The Third Edition d20 modern system is the base for this add-on and knowing the system the way I do is not too bad for actually using a guyver in an actual d20 modern table-top game. http://www.scribd.com/doc/5111532/Guyver-for-DnD-printer-friendly
  16. Heh heh, yeah Lament is a kind of rewrite of the origins of certain characters. Namely Greg, Ira, and that group.
  17. My own Necromancy... I would just like to say one thing. Writing is an art that I enjoy. And there are really two major trains of thought. Those that see taking anything from another as plagiarism and a disrespect to them. And those that see taking others work and changing it as complimentary. I for one write a story I made in the backdrop of what someone else has made. I form stories around the ideas presented by Takaya because I love them and enjoy playing in that world, and leaving my own personal brand of creativity. Tolkien is a great example as well. He threw together a mash of Humans, Elves, Orcs, Dwarves and whatever else to create a setting that he could write in and explore his characters and tell a story. Now can anyone count how many thousands of people have built off of that base and expanded it with their own views and ideas? I can name about two dozen just off the top of my head. Look at one of the most popular book series in America, the Forgotten Realms, created by Ed Greenwood and used as one of the primary settings for Dungeons and Dragons. In there you have a relatively identical in many ways backdrop to Middle Earth, but with such vast differences and powers for the characters that one could say it was a slap in Tolkiens face. But I don't see it that way. I see Mr. Greenwood as a kid falling in love with the fantasy realm that was presented to him by Tolkien and deciding he wanted to do his own thing with it. And he wanted others to share in that view. I mean if you were do to a side-by-side comparison the characters of Forgotten Realms outstrip the power of Middle Earth by leaps and bounds, but does that make FR bad for Tolkien? Hardly. Forgotten Realms is enjoyed by probably hundreds of thousands of people as their Fantasy brand of choice. That's how I see GWOTG at least. Call me what you will, but I love Takaya's work. I love the Guyver backdrop. And it is because I love it that I use it to tell my stories about the characters I make. Not to insult Takaya, but to take what he made and make it my own. In the hopes that what I am enjoying, what I am creating, will be enjoyed by others as well. Heck, I've never stated 'HA HA, we're WAAAYYY better than the Original!" Why? Because that would never be true and I'm certainly not that conceited. In many ways GWOTG to me has moved beyond the realm of Fan-Fiction for myself. If I wanted to write pure fan-fiction 'By-The-Book', I would scrap GWOTG in a heartbeat. But that's not what I want. I'm a writer. I write. I create ideas and plots and characters. And by god have I improved since my first days. To others who base their fandom for the guyver on that presented in GWOTG and WG fics instead of off Takaya's original work, that doesn't bother me. I'm sure they love his work too, or they would never have found this. For me it's a compliment for someone to enjoy our works so much that they actually spend time not only reading and thinking about it, but taking it for themselves. For someone to sit down and say.... "You know, I feel like putting my own character in those works and seeing how he/she does. What if I change this and work it towards this... etc etc..." means I have made an impact. It means that like I did, when reading over Takaya's work and dissecting it to add my own thoughts and feelings and work into, someone else has done that with my work. And that feels amazing. I don't care if anyone writes anything based off of my stories or characters. If you want to write where a giant space cat destroyed Anubis in a cloud of Radioactive Happiness and then made out with Albass on the steps of Mount Doom, be my freaking guest. I'd probably need therapy after reading it, but hey, that means you like it enough to leave your own mark. And maybe... just maybe... one day that persons work will be looked at by someone else who says to themselves 'God, I love this stuff. But what if I could do my own, and add my own ideas and flavor to this'. I would hope on that day that they would think of GWOTG, and then of Takaya, and say: "Have at it. I hope you find a great deal of joy in doing it because I did and those before me did. I hope you stay up to 2 in the morning thinking and pondering new plots and show your own creative brand".
  18. I noticed it too. Looks black in Chrome and Opera as well. Hmm... just have to figure something out.
  19. Spoiler: Atrahasis is really the mother of a swarm of half-kavzar/half Jy-Taki children. He got pregnant when Galactus bred with him after eating his world and now his clone spends his time raising the children in an orphanage between the dimensional folds.
  20. Diary of Ira Pike October 19th, 1970 College Station, Texas Looking back on it I must say that it was only the inclusion of myself with the mysteries of the world that I find the most tragic. Many night I spent wondering what had occurred that night. I spent time researching in the library. I looked through newspaper articles, and even took a trip to the library of congress. Nothing. Not a word of Chronos other activities. Not a word of the visions, the monsters that chased me and I cut down. So I found myself believing that my mind had constructed the memory in my state of delusion and stress. But there they were. Those things. Those ‘Guyver Units’. The one I had began calling the Warrior Unit as I heard in the vision. The other I have no name for, so I called it the ‘Black Unit’. Not very creative, but it worked. I kept them secret just as my vision had told me. I started exploring the units and, well, they could be space age paper weights for all I know. It took me time to get my head straight. So much information from that vision, it gave me nightmares. But slowly I started stepping back and drawing what I saw. Writing the words as I heard them. I will not write it all. Should someone get this journal it would certainly verify my insanity. But should I shout ‘Guyver’ and have the will I know it will come. It has before. I took myself out in the wilderness many times to be alone and learn what it was I had become. The armor is not meant as a weapon. At least, not the normal kind. Control Armor is what I knew. Words empty without any substance to understand. The armor is an enhanced kind, making me quiet. Making me fast. Making me quick to react. Like an assassin, which I started calling myself. Assassin Guyver. Seemed appropriate. For now though I have started to watch Chronos. Which is why I am here now, at Texas A&M. Maybe something will happen here. Chronos, she knew, held its main base in Japan but held strong monetary connections with many of the major colleges and universities in America. With Vietnam in the background now it seemed as though none were paying attention to what could be the real danger in this world. Communism, as despicable as it may be, is not a threat in comparison. And this whole civil rights thing is a quack. Just give them what they want already. They deserve it. But I digress. This isn’t a journal of my political beliefs. I spend most of my time moving in and out of classes as though they had revolving doors in front of them. The remainder I spend studying or sleeping. Perhaps more will come later.
  21. Across the street a lone figure dressed in Italian finest stood with his cup of salt water, sipping ever so slightly. Sedahs eyes were hidden behind a pair of RayBan G-15 sunglasses and wearing a type of Thierry Mugler cologne that blended a mix of vanilla, coffee beans and a hint of peppermint. Sedah was quite particular about his appearance. After all, what better is one than what they present themselves to be. His own mind went back to the moment he tortured that woman in New York. The dear girl dared to say his accounts had been closed due to inactivity. It was a false name, sure, as all of his were. But the scoff on her face to his apparent ‘lowliness’ was enough to make Sedah cut off her breasts with a switchblade. Perhaps now she would feel what is what like to not be so popular and pretty. He took her purse which happened to be full of credit cards and the like, got the appropriate information out of her and made withdraws to the max of her limits. Over fifty thousand dollars was hardly enough, but it was enough to get Sedah at least a new wardrobe. Chronos had agreed to grant him a stipend for his efforts. The effort on their behalf was truly pitiful. Chronos controlled centralized industry. At least in the ‘Free’ parts of America and Europe they still had a taste for the proper and the tangible. Conformity was best to Sedah, it gave a sense of belonging and community. Those who stood outside of this social ranking simply did not deserve to live. They were just such a hassle. Which is the reason his own metamorphosis was beginning to really bother Sedah. He was out of place. Even going as low as to dye his hair was not really helping at all. It was disgusting. He looked like some rock and roll person. Like some drug addict in a fancy suit. Pathetic, it was not who he was. In his time he had a well groomed set of jet black hair and always kept a professional cut. His hair seemed to grow too fast, and all attempts at coloring it would simply vanish in a few days time. Changes were taking place. Faster they were, than Angel, but still they were. So Sedah began walking down the street.
  22. I had a couple PM's regarding using characters in GWOTG in fan fics for your own stories. So... I figure now is a good time to post something about it. I don't care. Frankly I enjoy reading other peoples interpetations of my characters. Gives me insight into how their being viewed. As a writer I KNOW what they are like and what the characters are thinking. As a writer I have to show you what they are like and what they are thinking. So have at it people. I have only one requirement. I get to see it. Goes with art and writing. And a mention of me as an originator would be nice too.
  23. W'Kar and Anubis are feeling left out of Chibi-ness
  24. Alright. Unfortunately dredging through the very large amount of questions and such on this board is becoming quite taxing. I've replied to quite a bit for the last couple hours, but feel free to post any unanswered queries here and I'll take a look at it.
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