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  1. Hey Sully, nice to see you back. I think I would have to agree about seeing some Guyver U.S. pics. The ones there are old. How about him as a Guyver, Acer Guyver U.S., and maybe a concept of him with a Gigantic armor.
  2. I have a question and not sure if it belongs here or in the Warrior Guyver section. I'm re-reading the Warrior Guyver series and I'm at Time War part 2 at this point. I'm sure the answer is yes but couldn't the Guyver Zoalord withstand Warrior Guyver's full mega smasher with nothing but his Guyver armor without his shields? I'm only asking because I've noticed that everytime the Guyver Zoalord gets hit with Warrior Guyver's Mega Smasher's, his shields are up. Just wondering if maybe I have the wrong perception of the Guyver armor. I've always thought that depending on how powerful the bei
  3. Ahh ok, yeah I couldn't remember as well if Natasha had repaired that part or not. I don't remember her mentioning it was done.
  4. So Richard Guyot could very still be alive then? Possibly I mean.
  5. I'm not sure if this has been brought up before, but if Warrior Alkanphel was vaporised except for his control medal, could the unit regenerate a Zoacrystal? Something I've always wondered about Warrior Alkanphel being vaporised in battle. Also, not sure if this has been asked as well, does Warrior Alkanphel's unit have the ability to teleport to Hyperspace for regeneration?
  6. Ahhh, ok. I see. So even though she has limited access to her Zoalord heritage, it still wouldn't matter. The Guyver unit would still be able to take full advantage of it and make her a full fledged Guyver Zoalord. So if Elera was fully active in her abilities, how powerful would she have been? Any ideas? Would she match Kron or Zeugma, or would she be around the power levels of a Proto-Zoalord.
  7. What if Elera got hold of a Warrior unit, how powerful could she be? Since she's so underdeveloped, I wouldn't imagine her anymore than 10x the strength of a Guyver, or 1000 men. I think a Warrior unit will allow her to maintain her Zoalord/Warrior Guvyer form without exhausting herself indefinately. Any other ideas?
  8. True, but Alkanphel was able to interface and control one completely(Hence the birth of the Eliminator). So let's say his crystal was cracked and that very Matrix was damaged, but he managed to escape before being completely destroyed. Why couldn't the Matrix merge with him? With Alkanphel being its current master and both their very survivals are at stake, it sounds possible. If it did, where do you think it will merge? What I mean is, do you think it will become one with his Zoacrystal, or merge below his crystal like Warrior Alkanphel's control medal does? Another question, any ideas
  9. I have a new subject of interest..(Sorry, I just like keeping life going at WarriorGuyver.com) Could a damaged matrix merge with a damage zoacrystal, and if so, what kind of abilities would it have? As they both are Creator design. Speed Strength Durability Other Abilities Any speculations?
  10. You don't think he will be in the power ranges of Guyver Powered Zerebubuth? I thought he would be because their power levels are very close, plus with Derzerb being strength based. Interesting idea... He may be able to ram his way through blasts instead of normal barrier shielding like Neo-Zektole when he created that electric barrier when Guyver 3 Megasmashed him.
  11. I don't know if this questions been asked but, any ideas on the abilities of a Guyver Derzerb? Strength? Speed? Durability? Megasmashers? Any speculations on whether or not it will be able to discharge its napalm and if so, how? I think the temperatures would be increased by the unit to levels capable of seriously damaging Guyver's, possibly even Warrior Units. I also believe it will have discharges similar to the Acear's Rail Gun but mounted directly on the sacks to either side of its head that would discharge the napalm. I also believe its ability to increase its body temperature d
  12. Hey Sully, glad to hear your back. I have a question for you and the other writers. If the stories aren't going to be finished(not to say they aren't), will you and the other writers be revealing what was going to come? For example, what happened to Zeus or what he's been doing, the outcome of the Grakken war, how Dreadnought ended up, or anything that hasn't yet been revealed?
  13. With that said Zeo1234, does that mean the rewrite is in the works, or on hold?
  14. I don't know if its been mentioned, but... Could he be Zoalord Dariien? Elera's uncle? He lost his legs and died in battle, but his body was taken by the Grakkens if I remember correctly.
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