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  1. Glad to hear you're still interested in the WG fan fic. I had thought all hope was lost for the site. Perhaps this will be a turning point for the site; breathe some life back into the old girl. I can only hope that your return will help bring some of the other writers back as well. I find the rewrites to be quite interesting and engaging but I still hold out hope that the original story line will continue. For the other writers, I know you were frustrated and disappointed when the writer for the original Guyver Manga took a prolonged hiatus without warning or explanation. Perhaps you should realize that the same thing is now happening to your fans and your stories. Don’t get me wrong we’re still loyal to the site and your work, and we understand that life will inevitably intervene in the creation process, but we would very much enjoy some form of continuation or perhaps even a short epilogue like story to let us know the overall story line if in fact the fan fiction is to be no more. I understand personally that the WG site cannot be your priority when you are not receiving financial support for your writing here and thusly must prioritize WG.com accordingly. I also wish to express my personal respect for all the writers and thank you all for what you have given of yourselves here. I have said this before and I will say this again I have always found the stories here to me more engaging and entertaining than the official Guyver manga/anime. That said if this is the way WG.com comes to a close I will think less of you all for allowing the characters you’ve created and the fans you’ve gained to fade away into the night. If I thought for a second that there was something I could personally do or say (other than what I am saying now) could possibly make a difference in the future of this site and these stories I would do it and say it. But I fear this to be my last post….. It was good while it lasted, but alas‘tis the end for this psycho.
  2. Nothing has really been addressed about the Navigators abilities. But overall I would wager a guess similar to McAvoy's theory perhaps with a little more emphasis on their psionic abilities. It has been said they possess full Zoalord Zoaforms and are equal to the Supreme Zoalords, but I would have to assume they would be optimized for psionic abilities over other unnecessary abilities such as combat abilities. Although abilities similar to Guyot/Imakarum’s gravitational abilities would be helpful in the Ark’s maneuverability and combat abilities.
  3. I seriously hope something is done soon, because this site is in desperate need of CPR. Something needs to be done to not only grab our (the readers) attention but to hold it as well. Hell if I could find some time I'd offer to write some of the stories, but the only thing I'd be able to do is proof read. If my work hours even out more where I have a set time for my weekends I might be able to do more. But please don't let this site die like this, fading off into nothingness. It's like canceling a show mid season, it's just mean
  4. I can't believe it! Does this mean we might be seeing some new stories soon? Hell even A new story would be sweet!
  5. I've feared this for sometime. I just hope that all the writers don't follow suite and allow the site to fade into the night. I would very much appreciate it, if the fan fics must end, if the writer's would honor their creations with a final big battle. And if it must end soon a huge battle is already underway that could easily prove to be the fic ender. All I'm asking is one more story to tie everything up. Even if some story elements don't get resolved I think it would be a really good way to end the fan fictions. Because, face it, if the original writers leave, it's more than likely the stories will end with their departure. Although it might be possible for some kind of rebirth of the guyver fan fiction to take place after the final battle has come and gone. But even if all the writers were to quite and someone else would come forward to replace them, I would hope that the writers could find the time (even if it were another year or so) to go out the way their characters would, if given the opurtunity. This could also allow the new writer a cleaner slate for a restart.
  6. I've thought of a data file I'd love to read; a Relic Data File. I've always been curious as to the Creator's ships capabilities. I know alot of the information would be speculation but I think it would still be an interesting read. I've had alot of questions as to a Relic's basic capabilities. I'd also love to read what a War Relic and/or Clan Ship would be capable of. Example: How fast can the vessels travel (100X the speed of light, 1000X the speed of light)? Do they use hyper space tunneling technoligy or worm hole generation? What would their offensive and deffensive capabilities be? Would a standard Relic need to stop and recharge their energy (say by absorbing radiation or thermal energy from a star)? How much damage could a vessel handle before it would be considered unrepairable? Could a single relic generate smaller exploration or atmospheric incertian vessels? What type of weapons would a relic possess? Do the Relic's utilize Artifical Gravity, or intertial damper technoligy (or would the unit g's be required to withstand the g forces)? Like I said, I know this information hasn't been revealed in the mainstream Guyver stories, but I would love to see what Zeo or Xt's idea's on this subject matter. Particularly the WG original vessels capabilities (War Relic, Scout Ship, Clan Ship, etch.)
  7. One problem with that theory, the Cloaked Man was present at the time when Elera's Uncle was killed. But I too considered him or another relative of hers as a possibility and still do (A relative anyways). Anymore I'm leaning toward the Zoalord end, Although Guyvers can also possess various Zoalord abilities, it's unlikely as the other Guyver's would have felt the Cloaked Man was a guyver as soon as they got close to him. So there are four known groups of Zoalords. Chronos, Ancients, Vampires, and Zeus' Thunderbolt. The latter is unlikey as their Zoalord creations aren't advanced at all in comparison to the others. So theres Chronos, the Ancients, and the Vampires. Or there still remains the possibility it's a rogue Ancient Zoalord from the time of the Creators.
  8. Getting a guyver unit for his girlfriend so they can live forever together. Just a thought.
  9. Warrior Aceaer Units (Are they the first step in the creation of the Warrior Kavzar?) Robo Guyver (No idea what his powers are now) Warrior Guyver Natasha (Yeah right) Warrior Guyver Thancrus (Oh I know that isn't goin to happen) Stealth Guyver (Cloaking Guyver with Primitive Guyver) Grey Warrior Guyver (the one with Primitive Guyver) Gilgamesh Guardian (Needs updated.....because apparently she can't cloak) Prometheus Hybrid form (no mention of teleportation ability while in human form)
  10. As far as base strength the Black Nova/Warrior Guyver would peak at 25X just like Dreadnought. After all that is the maximum energy level you can get from a non-enhanced human. However if you took into account WG's gravity shield weapon and the quantum singularity from BN the BN/WG unit would be capable of some seriously powerful attacks. Another thing to keep in mind is the WG's inability to handle massive amounts of gravitational energy. True Jason was able to handle enough of a charge to take out a Guyver Zoalord. But doing so damaged his unit, Unless the combination of the two units added something in the area of energy level control the hybrid unit wouldn't be capable of anything more than what the WG did during the Time War story arc. Although the hybrid would be capable of reaching that energy level rather quickly without external support. Another thought accured to me though. When Jason destroyed the Guyver Zoalord the release of that much energy should have vaporized everything within the surrounding area not just kicking the Guyver Zoalord where it hurt the most. The attack had to have been in the multi megaton range to dent the Guyver Zoalord after all. So firing off the attack would have been the equivialant of a explosion of the same magnitude wouldn't it? Keep in mind the Guyver Zoalord destroyed a mountain with little to no effort, so the attack that nearly killed the GZ should have leveled the entire surrounding area. At least the way I'm seeing it anyways. If nothing else there should have been a big smoking crater left from the attack. Now I understand the attack wasn't the same as a nuclear explosion. A nuke going off is is a omni directional release of energy and the WG's attack was focused (similar to a mega smasher) but there should still have been some collateral damage. Another What if Scenario....What if Jason's true wife Fiona (the one who died) were still alive (similar circumstances as Jenny's return minus Overlord DNA) and suddenly returned to find Jason shacked up with an 'evil twin' from another dimension? What would happen, who would Jason choose? The original or the replacement? Talk about some explaining huh? "Fiona, I can explain!!!! You see I thought you were dead.......and then I met her when I got lost on my way back to my dimension. I really thought you dead....It's not cheating if your dead...I love you baby...Please forgive me, I thought she was you...well I geuss she's kinda your twin sister....except she loves it when I...and you never let me do...Never mind...not important...I love you!!!! She nothing to me!" "Hey, what do you mean I'm nothing to you?" Replies Female Warrior Guyver, As she open her Mega Smasher plates..... Next time on Jerry Springer 'Extradimensional duplicate, whore, stole my husband!' LMFAO!!!!! God I think of some twisted drenn some times!
  11. I just thought I attempt to revive the forums a little with some what if scenarios... What if Elera were to activate a Warrior Unit? What would her power level be and what special abilities would she have? What would happen if Chronos was destroyed tomorrow and the guyvers didn't have anyone to fight? What would happen if the Warrior Guyver Project and the Nova Project were both completed and integrated into one another? What would the finished unit be capable of? What would happen if the Grakken were more like the AAR from GWOTG instead of their current frame of mind? Well that's it for now, Maybe I'll think of some more later on.
  12. All excellant points. And I myself have stated that it is odd that the Grey Warrior Guyver lacks the elbow Vibrational swords. Another thought has accured to me though. Lets say that Primitive Guyver finds out Alkanphel is alive and is setting up to take over the world, He doesn't have the power to directly take out Alkaphel and none of the know group he has could either (Collectively is another story however). So instead of openly attacking Chronos he and his group begin moving around in the shadows. Then he finds out about this new group in town calling themselves the Grakken. The Grakken have some similar goals to his (presumed) plan, so he teams up with them with the rest of his group. Now add in the prototype units designed by Krullnar and you have everything needed to explain the cloaked man. In fact you could even drop the Trio out of the equation and have another unknown, or possible former allie of the Trio, moving around in the background and working with the Grakkens. But the overall point is that this 'Cloaked Man' could be a user of a hybrid Zoa/Guyver unit. Now to point out the flaw within my own theory, Why would someone already wearing armor wear a cloak over it? Not to mention WG2 would probably have senced the man as a guyver. Ultimatley the cloak appearance makes me think of a Zoalord of some calibur or another. As of now they are the largest faction of the cloak wearing type running around town. I do have another theory as well but it envolves so much speculation it qualifies as a spin off story rather than a working theory. Perhaps with some refinement it will become a plausible possibility, in the future.
  13. It's also a possibility that the guyver units act like an aceaer on a creator. This would explain what happened to the pilot and how the creator war killed. Another possibility is that the ship was on a auto pilot like setting and the creator was unarmored, and his death was so sudden that the unit couldn't activate in time to preserve the host, thusly it was rendered dormant do to the death of it's host. Although I find it unlikely that this is the case. I think there is some other explenation that hasn't been thought of yet. Likewise I would also find it unlikely that Alkanphel had in his possession a Warrior Unit Remover, otherwise why would he have left the unit? Also why wouldn't the ship have been in his complete control if he had been in the command center? This is a real brain twister.
  14. I know it's possible that some of the writers are just suffering from writers block. However it is highly unlikely for all of them to have continues writers block for nearly a year now. I can remember when the site would recieve two updates per month and the occasional two stories per week. Now two stories, followed by a year between? that seems a little excesive to me. and if someone else were to go back and check my posts when the writers started talking about a site wide rewrite, I said that this would happen. A complete rewrite of every story on the site is more than anyone could possible undertake in their spare time without becoming more than a litte burnt out. At the very least XT has gotta be feeling a little over welmed. Don't get me wrong I would love for the site to continue on into the future for many many years. But the feeling of impending doom has continued to grow for some time now.
  15. That was my point last time this subject came up. If the writers are done and wish to stop then they should go out in style. Some major baddy shows and there is some major carnage and lots of cassualties until only the few survive, or maybe none depending on the writer's style. I've been a huge fan of this site for many many years now and I would prefer for the site to go out in a blazing glory not fade away with a little wimper. I think the guyvers should die as they have lived, with maximum blood shed and lots of cool monsters, with of course the occasional mega smasher. Don't get me wrong, if the writers can and will continue then please do, but this subject has come up again and again. And remember the 'one year, no story' is fast approaching. If something doesn't change soon the fans will all just go there seperate ways and this site will become a ghost town. I myself have been visiting less and less and I've been a fan from the beginning, always checking the site for updates at least once a week.
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