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  1. Well, there's actually multiple versions of Adamantium... So first you'd have to specify which one you're talking about, the Hulk has broken some versions of it, but they basically mean indestructible by any normal means. So not actually completely indestructible, just might as well be unless you have god like power... https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Adamantium https://www.cbr.com/15-characters-who-broke-adamantium/ However, they can all be destroyed with Antarctic Vibranium, which dissolves all metals... While Vibranium can absorb energy,
  2. Yes, Lost Numbers are essentially just random mutations that can't be replicated to produce more of them... The Zoaforming process is geared to be reproducible in order to both ensure a specific Zoaform design can be mass produced and to ensure the key features of Zoafication are consistently established. Namely, this includes the zoaforming of the host brain to ensure that the end Zoanoid is controllable by a Zoalord... Lost Numbers tend to have this part of the processing fail, which results in their brains remaining mostly the same as a normal human and thus as hard
  3. Uh, have to disagree... Present movies are alternate time line... So they're a break from all the previous series and movies that all happened in the same time-line universe...
  4. That's because it's meant to be... This is a character created by Mattel and has had CG cartoon series, Comics, Toy line, etc. over the years. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max_Steel http://play.maxsteel.com/en-us/ The Live Action movie is based on the rebooted version from 2013 that is quite a bit different from the original version from back in 2000... but also similar... and of course it's target audience is kids who would then go out and buy the action figures...
  5. Agreed, I put this to three factors of those in power, including the media, that feed off such conflict as it gets them more money and power, along with those who can't let go of old grudges and try their best to pass these grudges to the next generation, and the growing mindset of you're either for me or against me to the point that unless you're 100% for me then you're my enemy! That last factor being the strongest contributor to the present situation as it prevents any real discussion and polarizes people. While the rest just helps indoctrinate people, generation after generation...
  6. Mind, a lost number means something went wrong in the zoanification process... This means, among other things, that the modifications to the brain that allow a Zoanoid to be easily controlled by a Zoalord aren't done properly. Though, how hard can vary but a lost number can have a brain just as hard to control as a normal human... and other factors like a strong will can help this as without the control mechanism it's a matter of overwhelming the individual mind. Mind, this was one of the reasons why the Chronos Rogue scientists tried to make themselves into Lost Numbers to free them
  7. No, it's not that simple as if that was the case then Superman would already be dead... He would never have survived his first exposure to Kryptonite, no matter what form it was applied. In Superman Returns, Superman still retained enough power to push away that Kryptonite island despite still having a small splinter shard embedded beneath the skin in his side that can be seen being pulled out by the doctors. While the original movie showed him exposed for a few minutes, yet once it was removed he regained his power and fully recovered... So the movies definitely don't support y
  8. Depending on the toxin and its concentration, it is possible for the body to both deal with it and expel it even if it's breathed in as that's one of the things our bodies are doing all the time... It becomes more easy to understand once you understand where this Kryptonite came from... The World Engine, not because it was a part of the machine but because it was created in order to replicate Kryptonian atmosphere! Put simply, all Kryptonians on Krypton were already exposed to Kryptonite in the air... In this version of Krypton they strip mined the planet to the core, which means m
  9. Doesn't matter... To put simply it's neither practical or really physically possible, it doesn't matter how fast the unit makes the host or how advance its agility is enhanced. Unless the Enzyme gets a 1 inch organ vulnerability then it will take a lot more to do any serious harm... The swords are simply not designed to be used in the way you're thinking... They're too close to each other, they're not thick enough, and they're actually designed to complement each other in a striking sweep move and not like traditional straight swords. These are swords that are only inches apart at
  10. Uh, perhaps it's because I've covered this for well over a decade... Having the benefit of chance chats with martial artists who were also fans of the Guyver, one guy even bothered to try to develop a fighting style that could be applied to using forearm blades, adapting a existing fighting style, but there are multiple reasons why what you suggest simply won't work... 1) Guyver swords still need to be moved to decapitate anything... Not needing momentum to tear through matter doesn't remove the need to still move the sword to perform the action and these swords aren't thick enough
  11. I disagree, it has never been shown that he could activate them separately and they're still right next to each other on his forearm... So would be effected at the same time as he slashed through the Enzyme and exposed them to the Enzyme acid blood... Only the Gigantic form could possibly grant him that kind of advantage, in addition to adding another pair for a total of six blades... but in the midst of battle it's more likely all the blades would be kept together as it has typically been shown in the Manga...
  12. Nope, just assumed/theorized that it's a manifestation of the unit adapting to the host and possibly their unique personality/aggressiveness... However, despite the number, there's not much tactical advantage to having additional swords as they're still used the same way and equally effective against each other... Though, on the Gigantic this expands to three for GG3 and provides the tactical advantage of a wider arc when extending the blades on whip like tendrils or increasing the chances of hitting a target when fired off like retractable vibrational dagger/spears. However, the tactica
  13. Multiple reasons... 1) Phases of transformation, the Gigantic is a upgrade to the standard unit. So the host has to first transform into the standard form first before they can then call the Gigantic... Though, it can be done in quick succession. 2) Escalation, like someone else mentioned the standard Guyver can still handle about 90% of what Chronos can throw at it and it's tactically smarter to keep the big guns for the big hard to kill targets. 3) Mobility/access, the Gigantic form can't fit everywhere without needing to smash its way through and that's not always the best w
  14. Book 31, right in the beginning... goes into details on the origins of her relationship with Lisker and how it shaped who she is now...
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