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  1. Dammit, I thought this was gonna be something to do with Kotetsu Jeeg.
  2. I felt the recent Kamen Rider Amazons web series was very like Guyver in some respects. Something like that maybe.
  3. As the title suggests this is the limited edition box which came with the first DVD of the 2005 series. It is designed to hold all 7 released DVD's. It does not include any DVD's, as only the first was bought but was unfortunately lost. There is some minor damage to the box as shown in the pictures. Please feel free to make any appropriate offers.
  4. Please can we remember to put ALL information about future episodes in spoiler tags. Some members like to go into the episodes blind.
  5. Ya, I found this out earlier. Seems Buu falls asleep, and no-one can wake him, so Fortune Teller Babba grants Freiza one day out of Hell to join the team. What could possibly go wrong?
  6. It's kind of a shame, the shop is no more. It got shut down many years ago, and Dave never bothered with a new one. I spent a lot of time there, and it was Dave that sorted my 21st birthday, pretty much an all day event. And the other thing you mentioned... She stayed in our lives for a very long time, but we don't really talk about her anymore, as a lot of screwy things happened. We both had a lot of mental trauma due to being "friends" with her.
  7. Has it really been 9 years? I still remember when I had the original idea for Japan-Legend on Jess's old Guyver Board. For those who don't know or may not remember, I am Jess's big brother (literally, not figuratively) and she gave me some space to do what I wanted at the bottom of the Guyver Board. I created a Japan-Legend sub-forum, and it was so popular that we expanded it into the fully grown site we all enjoy today. And Sully is an old friend of ours who we used to know in our home town.
  8. 6th Ranger News! The 6th ranger has been revealed. His name is ZyuOh-TheWorld, and he comes with three cube animals, CubeRhino, CubeAlligator and Cube Wolf. His suit has all three animal prints on it, and his helmet can flip to represent all three animals.
  9. From what I've read, red is human while the other four are zyuman. This sentai is proclaiming to be the first where the heroes have three forms, so the other four have zyuman, humanoid and ranger, whilst Yamato (red) has human, red eagle and red gorilla. Apparently in the story, a young Yamato helps a "birdman" in the forest, who gives him his changer. This is where the eagle form comes from. The gorilla form, people are speculating is because humans are apes. Although at some point down the road we may find out that Yamato is maybe half zyuman, or something, but for now, he is fully human. Interesting tidbit from NinNinger Vs ToQger, apparently when the ZyuOhgers do their pose, Yamato uses his EagleRiser like a tamers whip.
  10. here is the main theme tune (now with on-screen lyrics) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A38ME-vkrDk and if you can see it, an extended clip show of episode 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2OUoim3w-E
  11. Well, Jess finally persuaded me to watch Dragonball, and I have to say I should of watched it sooner, so funny. That, and Naruto, which she also got me into, are whats keepin me goin through the winter nights, lol
  12. Someone replied to my topic! Yay!! Anyway, news on the singer for the main theme tune, it's Hideaki Takatori. He's the guy who sung the Shinkenger ending theme, and more importantly the Hurricanger opening theme. Now, Toei's doing a new radio show featuring the singers from Kamen Rider & Sentai, and this week was his turn and he sang the Shinkenger ED & Hurricanger OP in a radio style setting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWmpjw1gRVA
  13. Ya know what, I loved this movie for the thrill ride it was, and the fact that I didn't pick up on any political nonsense, which in my opinion ruined the prequals. I didn't see any sexism, or feminism, or any other special messages, other than "NEW STAR WARS IS AWESOME, THE ORIGINAL WAS AWESOME, LETS MAKE ONE LIKE THE ORIGINAL BUT UPDATED" Well that's what I imagined in JJ Abrams and Disney minds anyways.
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