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    Definitely interested in Guyver haha I like shooting,drawing, painting, sculpting and working out, playing games and music and anime/movies.
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    Looking up Guyot and Imakarum.
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  1. Powers0016

    Richard Guyot

    It was really quite nice that the anime adaption followed the manga so closely. Almost word for word. If you read the manga while watching the show, you'll know what I mean. So basically everything that guyot does in the anime, he does in the manga, unless you already knew that then I'm just reiterating.
  2. Powers0016

    Richard Guyot

    I think he is definitely more durable than the other zoalords. He got hit by a megasmasher and got right back up, got his body cut nearly in half and was still fighting and was shot through the chest by a gravity control attack and still lived. He's durable.
  3. Powers0016

    Richard Guyot

    That's what I thought..he did say that his gravity attacks were more potent than Guyot's in the story, just seeking other opinions. However, you also have to take personality(more aggressive), intelligence and will power into consideration as well. I believe Guyot might have a leg up in those categories, and those certainly help to decide who has the edge. Also Guyot has size and strength over Imakarum as well from what I am reading, Not gravity or energy over Imakarum though as has been stated.
  4. Powers0016

    Richard Guyot

    Do you think Guyot is stronger than Imakarum as a zoalord? If they were to be compared in zoalord forms.
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