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Found 3 results

  1. I'm not gonna write the spoilers right here. because you might have clicked by accident. I watched it on 17th december, opening day!!! I was determined not to get spoilers because this is important to me. These past few months I've been slowly evolving into a star wars junkie. This film does not disappoint me. I want to say I really like the episodes 1 2 and 3. I also enjoy episodes 4 5 and 6 but not as much. this doesn't mean this new film was more like eps 1 2 and 3, but I think it just has something for everyone. I thought there was a great potential for this film to be a let-down (especially after jj abrans star trek) but I have now decided to forgive abrams and now I will consider him my pal. was totally crying at a few points in this, mostly from exhilaration, also some pretty breath taking stuff for me personally. so easy for there to be lots of clichés in the film but I think they were effectively avoided. I can't say this is my favourite because i've only just seen it. but I plan to watch it again in january ( meerkat movies!! XD )
  2. Okay. This is a past favorite character subject by Jupiter himself. I'm willing to take my theory to the grave. Richard thought he needed the Guyver unit. Honestly, he had all the power he needed. He had Chronos under his thumb, all he had to do was report back to Barcas. Even that was too stressful for him to do. And than there are the delusions of grandeur that with a Guyver unit he'd have a god complex. Even though it took two Guyver's and one proto zoalord to face off against him. Serously? Bro, you still need that Guyver unit? Aside from the fact before we all knew about Exceed. It's obvious if I was Richard and I had a large portion of the world in my hands and the other Zoalords backing me up because thats sort of what they are there for. Who needs a Guyver unit when you've got support? Heck, if Barcas and Alkenphel wanted to put me up as a Zoalord, than I'd be their kind of guy. I'd bow and scrape. But no, not Richard. Richard has to have more power. He feels he deserved more. His greed is what messed him over. That is my assumption. In fact, as we look through Guyver Advocacy's fine manga, Richard's actions lead him to being weaker. Whose fault is that? Richards. So although he could have benefited from having a unit equipped. The only thing he has is not benefiting from is chasing after it.
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