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  1. I maintain they should have folded Riri in with Shuri's character. They did it anyway for the first BP; Shuri in the comics was a wildly different character. It could have worked very well: have the council refuse to let her pick up the mantle of the Panther due to her age (or god forbid, gender) and have her, out of frustration, build the Ironheart armor to prove she is capable. The Ironheart identity is to conceal her own, to reveal it after she has proven herself, and also to honor Tony Stark's sacrifice (she was initially not taken with him as he represented everything she dislikes about Western culture, but his death won her over). At the end she can exchange it for the Panther identity, maybe keeping the armor in modified form. Boom! New armored hero from the world's most technologically advanced nation.
  2. I think you got something there. But does that mean we might also get to see Psycho-Man?
  3. I liked Gundam Reconguista exactly because it shows people who seem to have evolved beyond war. They engage in it for a while, but at the end they just leave it.
  4. he looks healthy enough. That's good
  5. Basically I just watched The Mauler's video on the movie.
  6. Watched it. I liked it more than any other Marvel Disney+ show. Probably the Isaac factor
  7. "Saw it. It was good." Well... I've had some time to think about it and now I am certain Phase 4 is doomed.
  8. I don't see how he could become more powerful at this point. Plus the manga is on indefinite hiatus, so...
  9. Barkas is still working on his, I bet. Probably incorporate anything that ever worked on a Guyver into it. Vikarr's sound waves, Elegen's electricity, the enzyme... He'd be nuts not to do some 'paperclipping' as the other Zoalords had some interesting ideas... Like, maybe he can combine with a bunch of Zoanoids, but they don't get incorporated permanently like with Cabral, but can integrate and peel off as he decides - like a giant, walking beehive. But combining does make him, or them, exponentially stronger, like the Unus. An Enzyme type IV that has that quality? Plus electricity? Galenus turns into a volcano. That simple. Because how do you beat a volcano?
  10. There is also the practical aspect of reproduction. I wonder if female Zoanoids breed in litters. That would make sense. Anyway if Archanfel ever beats Apollon (or if Barcas manages to organize the others into a task force capable of taking him down) maybe he can use the recovered Zoacrystals to introduce some new blood. Heh. I made these ladies in 2008, but they inevitably remind me of the vampire queens quartet from 'Castlevania'.
  11. Black Adam indeed gained - and lost - his new family over the course of '52'.
  12. You misunderstand, Durendal. Desak is from Thor's own comic. Not even that long ago.
  13. He's a ripoff of Desak the God Slayer, which would be less offensive if that character wasn't so recent. Seriously, they have the exact same backstory. Aaron is trash.
  14. Saw it. It was good. One spoiler: No alternate universe Iron Man, so you don't have to wait for him.
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