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  1. Hello! Unfortunately we can't offer much because the manga's been on hold for, oh, three years now? But be welcome. Have a seat.
  2. If there was no Skynet to make Terminators, how could it be destroyed by the actions of a Terminator? The truth is simply this, and it has been the truth since the very first movie: Skynet is inevitable, whatever it is called. He is not something that can be avoided. He has to be confronted and defeated, as happened, well, always. I would accept a version of events in which Skynet and humanity come to a mutually agreeable entente. But that movie already exists and it's called 'Matrix Revolutions'. #TheMatrixIsASequelToTheTerminator
  3. It will be good to have some new material
  4. Built this guy. In preparation watched a lot of Gundam I had not seen before, specifically The Origin, IGLOO, 8th MS Team, War in the Pocket and Thunderbolt. All very good and highly recommended. Also watched the compilation movies of the original show but that was not so good. And now I have finally started in on 'Victory'. Also, tomorrow I am watching 'Gundam Zeta - A new translation'.
  5. Ohhhh boy. I don't think a band-aid is going to fix this.
  6. A plasma is ionized and the electrons move freely through it. That means any chemical properties the original material might have had are null and void. Also, organic molecules like enzymes are typically too large to occur in a gaseous state. They break down before they can do so; heat is not a friend of large molecules.
  7. These have such small-but-weird history.
  8. This hurt me more than I would have expected.
  9. We'll be looking a bit longer than we had been hoping.
  10. I think it's more that they want to control the world to their own benefit. But who is 'they'?
  11. About a month... well, well, well. A hoax? Or does someone know more than we do?
  12. I wonder if, when it finally returns, they'll have Valkuria on the cover.
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