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  1. You suspected correctly. Agatha Harkness! She is not a villainness in the comics, but a wise old witch who helped Wanda learn to use her powers more effectively. But that book that was emphatically shown might be the Darkhold, so maybe she is in turn being manipulated by the sinister Cthon. (In the comics universe, the Earth was initially inhabited by the Elder Gods, immense, etherial life forms who fell to war and strife, devouring each other; Cthon is one of the most cunning and cruel and one of the few to survive, by taking shelter in another dimension. In order to facilitate
  2. The DCEU was doomed from 'Man of Steel'. Zach Snyder is utterly unsuited to direct superhero movies in the classic sense.
  3. "She recast him?" Hmmmm... are they going to introduce the Multiverse in this show?
  4. They seem to be doing a sort of mini-'House of M'.
  5. It could of course both be true. It's Imakarum acting on behalf of the Creators, because he made a deal with them: He would forward their agenda on Earth in return for them sparing Archanfel.
  6. Now THIS is the show MODOK really belongs in.
  7. I had hoped they would explain the appearance of mutants as a natural defense reaction to the 'snap'. An attack on life itself, so 'life' produces super-people.
  8. Sam doesn't need the shield - his wings already fill that role very well, as we saw in "Civil War". And I think I already heard that we are indeed going to see John Walker, which makes perfect thematic sense. We also saw a flash of Helmut Zemo, I think.
  9. This new era could be so good.
  10. Well, well, well... I wonder how safe they will play it. But animation opens doors that might otherwise remain closed.
  11. The TVA! And... the Time Keepers! The Time Variance Authority has been Marvel Comics' "Time police" for a long time; people who messed with the time lines would soon find themselves being arrested by one of their agents, such as Justice Peace. They were, however, not traditionally affiliated with the Time Keepers, three beings from the end of time (If I remember Correctly, they were actually created by the last agent of the TVA) who governed the timelines much like the TVA did. So this makes sense. However, one of the beings who never cared about the TVA and actively oppo
  12. Terminator 3's whole point was that Skynet could not be stopped from existing. Same way that John Connor is the son of a man from the future, which means he will never be born without the time machine, which was created by Skynet. No judgment day = no John Connor.
  13. Looks like old Joe has it. He's being very gracious, but that is only logical - he'll have to make the contrast between himself and Tump as great as possible.
  14. ...I will miss him. Another giant of old gone.
  15. Hello! Unfortunately we can't offer much because the manga's been on hold for, oh, three years now? But be welcome. Have a seat.
  16. If there was no Skynet to make Terminators, how could it be destroyed by the actions of a Terminator? The truth is simply this, and it has been the truth since the very first movie: Skynet is inevitable, whatever it is called. He is not something that can be avoided. He has to be confronted and defeated, as happened, well, always. I would accept a version of events in which Skynet and humanity come to a mutually agreeable entente. But that movie already exists and it's called 'Matrix Revolutions'. #TheMatrixIsASequelToTheTerminator
  17. It will be good to have some new material
  18. Built this guy. In preparation watched a lot of Gundam I had not seen before, specifically The Origin, IGLOO, 8th MS Team, War in the Pocket and Thunderbolt. All very good and highly recommended. Also watched the compilation movies of the original show but that was not so good. And now I have finally started in on 'Victory'. Also, tomorrow I am watching 'Gundam Zeta - A new translation'.
  19. Ohhhh boy. I don't think a band-aid is going to fix this.
  20. A plasma is ionized and the electrons move freely through it. That means any chemical properties the original material might have had are null and void. Also, organic molecules like enzymes are typically too large to occur in a gaseous state. They break down before they can do so; heat is not a friend of large molecules.
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