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  1. The Leader, I hear. In the comics, the Leader had mind-control powers at some point, so maybe he uses Isaiah Bradley (The secret Captain America from the sixties, who was mostly subjected to unsuccessful experiments to obtain the secret of the super-soldier serum) as his agent. I wonder if Ross himself will turn into the Red Hulk. It suits the character and is dramatically sound, of course. I hope they'll at least give Mark Ruffalo a reaction shot. Meanwhile I am looking hard for Sam Wilson's part in all this.
  2. Save up, then...
  3. How much? Because this time I might have to
  4. Well, this one is unconnected to 'Prometheus' and 'Covenant' and is set between 'Alien' and 'Aliens'. (...) Okay, I read up on Alvarez and Sayagues and if this one will be a failure it will at least be an interesting one.
  5. Oh goodie the site is back : )
  6. Animation is the only way they could do this justice. And even so, it will be difficult, since they haven't had one, solid, unified DCAU in years. The comic involved everything and everybody. All the comics DC had going in 1985. All the comics you could pick up, month after month. I will be watching this with interest
  7. The subject matter can easily carry a big Hollywood production, if they invest a little in character development.
  8. If anything I like replies to old topics.
  9. It just doesn't seem like he cares anymore. Like he moved on.
  10. Currently watching 'My Hero Academia' S05, 'Jojo: Golden Wind', 'The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya', 'Hanyo no Yashahime', 'Macross Frontier', 'Death Note' (finally) and 'Turn ∀ Gundam'.
  11. I believe so. Archanfel's powers are psionic in nature, not mystical, and his emotional side is as vulnerable as anyone else's. Now how about someone who would be able to give Archanfel a hard time on EVERY front... one of the most terrifying beings in fiction... ..The God-Emperor of Mankind. In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war. But it has not always been so. His story begins long ago even from our point of view. Legend has it that about 8,000 years ago, the great wizards, sorceresses, shamans, witches and warlocks of that age felt a great upheaval in the psychic realm from which they all derived their power, and foresaw a disaster for themselves and all of humanity. In a desperate gambit, they collectively sacrificed their lives and pooled their souls, their lifeforce and all their awesome powers and knowledge into a single reincarnated form, one unique child who, even as a child, would possess more power and wisdom than anyone who has ever lived or shall live. Over the centuries, this boy, who soon became a man, travelled the world in the guise of a normal human, spreading knowledge, harmony and peace wherever he could, preaching the gospel of order, unity and progress. Partly because of his influence, humanity eventually travelled to the stars - some time after our present. As humanity reached outer space and began colonizing new worlds, it gradually built a Golden Age of prosperity and power, which reached its apex around the year 20,000 of the Christian calendar. Humans had colonized worlds throughout the galaxy and used their incredibly advanced technology to work miracles. However, after the highest peak came a descent into deep darkness. War broke out as artificial intelligences arose in rebellion against their human masters, and for thousands of ruinous years man fought machine amongst the stars. Humanity prevailed in the end, but had been dealt a devastating, crippling blow; things were exacerbated by bizarre phenomena occurring across the galaxy: star-spanning psychic maelstroms, 'Warp storms' which made interstellar travel and communication impossible in vast areas and which grew in intensity and frequency by the century. Around the year 30,000, all was darkness and ashes. The human worlds were separated by a veil of darkness. Earth had lost contact with its myriad colonies centuries before, and was a smoldering, war-torn ember. However, from the darkness, light arose. Finally, after all those years in hiding, the 'New Man' manifested himself, gathered armies to him and created mighty, genetically-engineered soldiers to fight his battles, the 'Thunder Warriors'; he conquered Earth and re-established contact with the techno-wizards on Mars, personally defeating a primordial psychic dragon to gain their allegiance. Then, he set out to restore the human empire among the stars. The time was ripe: he foresaw that after one last terrible cataclysm, the Warp Storms would die down and space travel would be possible again. To lead his stellar armies, he created twenty 'sons'- superhumans, as immortal and ageless as he was, derived from his own genetic material, but altered using powers he had borrowed or stolen from the demons of the Warp. But before they could be born from their gestation tubes, the vengeful demons stole them and scattered them across the human worlds. They were tainted by the Warp and would grow up without their father's guiding hand, sowing the seeds of disaster. Undaunted, the New Man - now the Emperor of Mankind - set out in a growing space fleet, seeking out and finding his lost children one by one. By the time he found each of them, they had grown to adulthood, and, in all but one case, conqured that world, pacified it and reformed it in an image that agreed with the nature they had been given. They generally rejoiced to rejoin their father and learn about their role in the new galaxy - to be his inner circle, his Primarchs, second in command only to him as he re-established humanity. However, even as their great crusade was completed and the galaxy, in practice, came under human rule - their only real rivals the Aeldari crushed by their own pride, consumed when the devil-god Slaanesh emerged from the decadence that had taken root in their collective souls, and the Orks no match for the victorious armies of genetically-engineered Astartes warriors, in turn derived from their respective Primarchs - the forces of Chaos conspired against them. The perhaps greatest of their number, the leader of all their armies, the mighty Horus Lupercal, was deceived and seduced by the demon-gods of the Warp into surrendering himself to Chaos; he managed to tempt half of his brothers to the same side, each falling to his own weakness - pride, despair, resentment, lust, rage or outright madness - and began a terrible rebellion against the Emperor of Mankind and his loyal sons, known as the Horus Heresy. For seven awful years the galaxy burned in the greatest war it had seen since the 'War in Heaven', sixty milion years before; the Emperor's toiling to create an Imperial Webway which would allow humanity safe travel trough the Warp was ruined when Magnus the Red, the great sorceror, broke through the screen of silence surrounding Earth with the intention to warn the Emperor about the rebellion, inadvertently allowing demons from the Warp to attack the project and opening a gate into the Warp right on Earth. The siege of Earth finally ended in a bloody duel aboard the space ship of the archtraitor, where the Emperor slew Horus and forever extinguished his soul, himself severely wounded. The Emperor's dying body was hastily taken to his palace, where the Astronomican - a gigantic psychic beacon which makes interstellar travel possible, like a cosmic lighthouse - was converted into a life support system to keep him alive indefinitely. So the dream ended; and ever since, the Emperor has sat on the Golden Throne, motionless, his nominally immortal body sustained by machines that prove ever more difficult to maintain, let alone repair, as they are based on ancient alien technology, and knowledge is increasingly distrusted in the ever-more medieval atmosphere of the Imperium of Mankind. Every day, ten thousand psychically-gifted humans, gathered from all over the empire of a million worlds and quadrillions of people, sacrifice their own life force to keep the Emperor going. The Imperium is governed by one of the few surviving Primarchs, the brilliant administrator Roboute Guilliman, but he is barely holding it together. Around the year 40,000, the situation - seemingly bad enough due to Warp demons, corrupted traitor legions of Astartes, war-crazy Orks and sadistic Dark Aeldari attacking humanity - started to escalate further. Cadia, the citadel world which for ten thousand years had been guarding the gigantic Warp rift into the realm of demons known as the Eye of Terror, was finally destroyed, allowing a Warp tear, tens of thousands of light years long, to effectively split the galaxy in two. Around the same time, on worlds across the galaxy, skeletal zombie robots known as Necrons began to activate; it turns out they are interred on countless planets, including a lot of human worlds, where they have been dormant ever since the War in Heaven, six thousand millennia before. They consider the galaxy theirs and intend to expunge everybody else. Also around this time, a titanic invasion force of insectoid monsters is entering the galaxy from intergalactic space; these Tyranids fly organic space ships and seem to intend to consume all organic matter in the galaxy, adding any useful DNA to their already impressive collection. Their numbers are impossible to estimate, but they may outnumber everyone else in the galaxy several times over. And all this time, the Emperor sits on his Golden Throne, motionless. His body very slowly decays. Around the 'present' of approximately the year 42,000, he is little more than a skeleton. But he is not dead; his spirit is very much alive and more powerful than ever. Unable to communicate directly, he animates his will throughout the galaxy; keeping the Warp gate on Earth closed, protecting the souls of dying humans from the demonic terrors of the Warp and empowering the miraculous abilities of the warrior nuns known as the Adepta Sororitas. He is the most powerful being in the galaxy, more powerful even than the four great Chaos Gods, who hate and fear him as their counterpart, their anathema. And yet, nobody knows what will happen when his body finally dies. Will it be catastrophe, or apotheosis? The end of humanity, or a new begin? Will he be destroyed, or emerge as a new God, a God, perhaps, of order? Anyway, I think he is one of the few people who could face Archanfel in his own area: psychic power.
  12. Agito is shown destroying tanks with Enzyme-1's in them, remarking that 'these could have been troublesome'.
  13. Went to see it. Eh. More of the same. I sure would like to watch a Transformers movie some day that isn't just dumb spectacle.
  14. Watched Macross 7 last year. That was fun
  15. Watched it. I was very happy. The strong elements more than made up for the weak ones. Connecting Rocket Raccoon's backstory to the High Evolutionary is, with hindsight, incredibly obvious and elegant in an old-school MCU way. It's nice to enjoy a Marvel movie for a change. Chukwudi Iwuji performed in DC's Peacemaker series, which was directed by James Gunn, who was apparently impressed enough to have him play the High Evolutionary here - to my delight.
  16. I'm going on monday, with some trepidation.
  17. I was going to as well, but now it turns out this guy is gonna feature in this movie and now I guess I have to go just to see him on the big screen.
  18. Unfortunately and to my bitter regret I have to add that this is not only not a reboot, but meant to lead back into the first five movies. https://www.seibertron.com/transformers/news/transformers-rotb-confirmed-to-not-be-a-reboot-by-lead-producer-focus-on-character-arcs/47657/
  19. This seems to suggest good things.
  20. That's what I meant. The critics deemed it rotten. I don't understand how the audience gave it 83% with that box office result.
  21. The original Blue Beetle run featuring Jaime Reyes (The third Blue Beetle) was incredibly acclaimed, and deservedly so. I hope they manage to transfer that magic to the screen, although it should have been a TV show.
  22. I maintain they should have folded Riri in with Shuri's character. They did it anyway for the first BP; Shuri in the comics was a wildly different character. It could have worked very well: have the council refuse to let her pick up the mantle of the Panther due to her age (or god forbid, gender) and have her, out of frustration, build the Ironheart armor to prove she is capable. The Ironheart identity is to conceal her own, to reveal it after she has proven herself, and also to honor Tony Stark's sacrifice (she was initially not taken with him as he represented everything she dislikes about Western culture, but his death won her over). At the end she can exchange it for the Panther identity, maybe keeping the armor in modified form. Boom! New armored hero from the world's most technologically advanced nation.
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