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  1. I bet the timeline Thanos left from and thus became a branch ("the universe without Thanos") was wiped out five minutes after he left by the TVA. He did not have to be wiped from the 'sacred timeline' after that since he was definitively destroyed by the Avengers about an hour after he arrived in the future, along with all his minions. Aha! I just realized why not! Everything that is wiped out, is not really wiped out - it is sent to "Beyond the end of time", let's call it Limbo, to be destroyed by Alioth. I think He-Who-Remains was not confident that even Alioth could defeat Thanos and his minions, and rather than risking it, leave it to the Avengers.
  2. What is the question per se?
  3. (spoilers) You got it.. although they made Immortus' ultimate evolution He-Who-Remains. The guy's like a Digimon. It is in line with the MCU's tendency to fold things into eachother. It should be interesting to see how Jonathan plays Kang. I hope he will make it a very different performance.
  4. Saw it last night. It was good. Could have used a few more home life flashbacks. Some people feel Taskmaster was 'done dirty'. I liked it though. And that's the end of Marvel as far as I am concerned.
  5. If I understand it correctly alternate universes (maybe not 'alternate') were always separate, like siblings, while alternate timelines branch off from a universe.
  6. So... is Mobius going to turn out to be Kang, while the whole thing is run by Immortus. or not?
  7. The Abomination? Geesh. Marvel has begun eating itself, then.
  8. In the comics the Eternals really never did interfere, even when the Deviants enslaved humanity. To them it was like a war between two species of animal. You may not like it, but what are you supposed to do? It's nature. Only when the Deviants attack them or threaten the machinations of the Celestials do they retaliate as a people. Of course, individual Eternals may feel for the humans, but that is their affair.
  9. I don't see good portents for this. 'Eternals' was Jack Kirby's last great Marvel project and was not initially meant to be part of their superhero comics universe. Only later was it folded into the main continuity and it almost never works. The Eternals are supposed to be guardians of the planet but are rarely anywhere to be found when it is in danger. "We never interfered"? Right after you are shown to do exactly that. I have read the synopsis of the movie thanks to the wretched hive of scum and villainy that is 4chan, and frankly I am not impressed.
  10. I only got into it last year and knew it was one of the great unfinished manga. I am sorry to hear he died.
  11. Well, nature and nurture haven't been kind to him. Thing is, at this stage there really is no reason to not simply give him what he wants, except that if he finds the Uranus and fails to impress them, they will realize Earth still exists (odd that they never checked up on it before... and when they did, with Apollyon apparently, they chose this low-key op instead of hucking another asteroid at Earth now that Archanfel can't stop it). How many Zoanoids can the Ark even sustain? A million? Ten? I bet you could get that many volunteers even if everything were revealed to the public. But maybe Apollyon wants to see whether hanging out with the Segawas might mellow him out a bit.
  12. This looks like it might be very sweet. Whoever made this - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Waldron - Oh, this is shaping up to be very nice.
  13. So 'Guardians of the Galaxy'. I'll watch it, I think. But it was always a weird timing choice, like all of DCEU's timing has been off. The Suicide Squad once started off as a special ops team of costumed heroes, but the more famous one is of course the one made up of villains conscripted by the government, specifically scary black ops woman dr.Amanda Waller. Obviously they have to have Harley Quinn in it again because apparently someone at WB thinks she has to be (although for my money especially this version of this pointless character really doesn't) but the rest of the choices are a little more puzzling. Peacemaker seems to be in there not as a reformed villain but as a sort of new version of Rick Flagg from the previous version - ie, a government black ops agent there to keep the others in line. Peacemakes originally was not a DC character, but from Charlton, a comics company DC ended up buying and integrating its characters into the DC comics universe around the mid-Eighties. (Around the same time, Alan Moore was asked to write a story featuring Charlton's heroes for DC, but it ended up so radical they told him to change the setting and characters and it became 'Watchmen'. The Peacemaker became The Comedian. Yeah.) Bloodsport was two different characters, both with the same 'power': a cybernetic implant which enabled them to teleport weapons to themselves from a seemingly bottomless arsenal. The first one, who was black, pretended to be a traumatized war veteran out for revenge on the government that sent him to die on the battlefield, but it turned out he had dodged the draft and his brother had gone in his place, getting horribly maimed; Bloodsport himself ended up breaking down mentally. The second one was a white supremacist, a member of the Aryan Brotherhood and racist terrorist; they faced off in prison after Superman apprehended them both. Both ended up dead as a result. This guy seems like neither of them. There's King Shark, but I'm not sure what they're doing with him. He's not a mutated human, he's a literal shark person. And Starro... oh well. Starro's thing usually is mind control. We'll see. I dunno. Seems this is going to be mostly banter.
  14. Fully agreed. I hope they do eventually get to the other classic villains like Brainiac, the Star Conqueror, or even Darkseid.
  15. Saw it. It was good. Some people claimed it was better than 'Avengers', which in some ways it was and in other ways it was not. The characterization remains skewed compared to the source material (Except Gal Gadot who was perfect), the epilogue was cringy and Jared Leto cemented his position as World's Worst Joker. But damn if it wasn't a hunk of film. I really feel something happened. And it really does have a je-ne-sais-quoi that the Marvel movies lack. That is good. The franchises don't need to be identical, and DC always had a little more grandeur than Marvel. And the Snyder cut is of course infinitely better than the Whedon cut. But I don't blame Whedon. Hindsight is 20/20.
  16. Holy god ...I can't think of anything adequate to write I only write this as an acknowlegement
  17. I feel cheated. Pic related.
  18. It still might happen. If the WandaVision Vision and the Ghost-Vision merge, he should have all of his memories back. Also, his mind came from the Mind Stone, which also gave her her powers...
  19. I don't think so. It would be strange to introduce the villain in the final episode. Ultron always comes back, but we haven't seen hide or hair of him in anything since AoU. Also, in the comics Ghost-Vision was not Ultron - he was just Vision without emotions, without a soul. Agatha is very different. I do not like her characterization one bit. It's cheap to have the villain act like a complete smarmy douche. Of course, there could be one more twist for Agatha. We now know she was from the seventeenth century, and once Vision broke her out of her trance she asked whether she was dead. We assumed she was centuries old because she's a witch... but what if she actually is dead and Wanda resurrected her?
  20. Well that looked familiar...
  21. Well..... it could be Jason Wyngarde pulling the strings maybe... I heard they teased the big M for the final episode, but I am sceptical. Also: this is the MCU and they love synthesis; I have also heard rumors about Mephisto. It would not be difficult at all to meld Mephisto and Cthon into one character.
  22. You suspected correctly. Agatha Harkness! She is not a villainness in the comics, but a wise old witch who helped Wanda learn to use her powers more effectively. But that book that was emphatically shown might be the Darkhold, so maybe she is in turn being manipulated by the sinister Cthon. (In the comics universe, the Earth was initially inhabited by the Elder Gods, immense, etherial life forms who fell to war and strife, devouring each other; Cthon is one of the most cunning and cruel and one of the few to survive, by taking shelter in another dimension. In order to facilitate his eventual return to Earth he left behind a batch of indestructible manuscripts of magic spells, which would draw evil people to them, hungry for the power they promised and would intentionally or unintentionally open the door for his return. Those scrolls were eventually bound into a tome known as the Darkhold. Wanda has a mystical connection to Cthon because her powers come from the same source as his, If I remember Correctly.)
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