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  1. It will be good to have some new material
  2. Built this guy. In preparation watched a lot of Gundam I had not seen before, specifically The Origin, IGLOO, 8th MS Team, War in the Pocket and Thunderbolt. All very good and highly recommended. Also watched the compilation movies of the original show but that was not so good. And now I have finally started in on 'Victory'. Also, tomorrow I am watching 'Gundam Zeta - A new translation'.
  3. Ohhhh boy. I don't think a band-aid is going to fix this.
  4. A plasma is ionized and the electrons move freely through it. That means any chemical properties the original material might have had are null and void. Also, organic molecules like enzymes are typically too large to occur in a gaseous state. They break down before they can do so; heat is not a friend of large molecules.
  5. These have such small-but-weird history.
  6. This hurt me more than I would have expected.
  7. We'll be looking a bit longer than we had been hoping.
  8. I think it's more that they want to control the world to their own benefit. But who is 'they'?
  9. About a month... well, well, well. A hoax? Or does someone know more than we do?
  10. I wonder if, when it finally returns, they'll have Valkuria on the cover.
  11. I don't think I agree... they were wiped out, together with the Avengers no less, when they went up against Korvac after he had been evolved by plugging his cybernetic half into the database of Galactus' ship. Korvac was insanely powerful, but not THAT powerful; I mean he was ipso facto not as powerful as Galactus himself, and I would compare him to Archanfel. Which, of course, does make him a valid addition to this list!
  12. There are at least two different dubs to my memory... You 're not the first person to think it's Hayter: https://www.reddit.com/r/Guyver/comments/atqven/waitdavid_hayter_voiced_murakami/ Unless you're the same guy though.
  13. Currently watching 'Beast King GoLion' (which is hilariously awful), 'Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood', 'Is It Okay To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon', 'Neon Genesis Evangelion', 'Gundam Reconguista in G', 'Armored Trooper VOTOMS' and 'My Hero Academia' on a weekly rotation. Finished 'How Not To Summon A Demon Lord' a few weeks ago and it's worth a watch, but no more.
  14. Ghost Rider's penance stare is ALWAYS nerfed and NEVER works when it really has to. It's an outrage and infuriates me, but there you have it. This is an obscure one... Zeta was the leader and most powerful member of the Pantheon, a group of humans who had been transformed by the power of the Living Diamond and the Tree of Life of which it was a seed, in order to unwittingly accomodate the conquest of Earth by a race of aliens who used the tree to move their entire civilization when it had exhausted their world. The origin of the tree is unknown, but it transformed the seven people - who called themselves Rho, Epsilon, Delta, Mu, Omicron, Sigma and Zeta - into forms of devastating power. Zeta in particular, who gestated in the tree the longest - partially while it was feeding on Superman's power - displayed an incredible array of powers of seemingly infinite potency, capable of defeating the entire Justice League with practically zero effort. He was capable of trumping the magic abilities of Zatanna and the elemental powers of Firestorm; he could even strip Superman of his powers with a thought. He was not, in fact, defeated; Superman and Batman managed to convince him not to destroy a world or toy with the fate of its inhabitants, but instead become the god and caretakers of the helpless aliens who sent the seeds of the Tree of Life, and guide them to a new way of living that did not endanger anyone else. Zeta is indescribably powerful; he called himself a god numerous times, and it is difficult to challenge the notion. He could change reality at his whim, transforming entire planets and raising the dead if he so pleased. He was never used again in any comic, because he's simply too formidable. Another example where Archanfel seems to be the underdog.
  15. Really difficult to say. Lobo's power is 100% physical, but oh boy, there's a lot of it. Plus he has the ability to regenerate himself from a single drop of his blood... or become an army of himself. Plus he is a murderous brute, but he can be clever if he needs to be... he created the plague that exterminated all life on his homeworld himself, after all. ...Did we cover Doomsday yet? Doomsday... the supreme survival machine. Created hundreds of thousands of years ago on the then-savage world of Krypton to be the ultimate life form by simply placing a child in the incredibly hostile environment, retrieving the remains, cloning it, and repeating it thousands of times, a being emerged that could adapt to anything. If killed, it regenerates - but altered, so it cannot be defeated the same way twice. Killing him at all is hard enough, though; when he first appeared on Earth, he was as strong as Superman and the two fought each other to death after he had torn through the Justice League. He obviously kept returning, each time more powerful than the last. Sometimes, his evolution makes him stronger in one way, but gives him a vulnerability he did not have before; he developed intellect on three separate occasions, for instance, and the first time it caused him to feel fear, leading to his defeat; the second time he decided he did not want to fight at all; and the third time it made him into 'Doomslayer', a being who made it his life's purpose to destroy all versions of Doomsday that existed. But survival is stronger, so his intelligence faded over time to turn him back into a nearly unstoppable killing machine. He eventually evolved into something so lethal it killed all life in its vicinity, just by being there. When Superman destroyed him and absorbed his remains, he then started to turn into a new version of Doomsday. To be honest I think Archanfel is the underdog here.
  16. Hello, Dave. Welcome to the board.
  17. They're not worried in Japan. Their normal behavior is pretty ideal to prevent spreading viruses. Except for the subway.
  18. I rate their chances as 'pretty good'. The fact they are a team allows them to attack in several different ways at once. Individually their power is not great compared to Archanfel, but they comprise psychics and strategists, as well as one of the universe's strongest warriors in Gladiator, and even one warrior who is literally a miniature star (G-Type). Archanfel was created to take on armies, but mainly by leading armies. So... good choice. *** How about this one? Rose Quartz might make for an interesting opponent because they are similar and yet so different. Rose Quartz was the leader of a rebellion against the alien empire of the Gems, who planned to conquer Earth over a period of a thousand years, and transform it into a Colony - a planet-sized Gem base where no organic life could exist. Although Rose was a Gem herself, she had decided that life on Earth was worth protecting, and she laid everything on the line to defy the Gem conquerors. As such, Rose possesses an impressive array of powers, including immense, even Hulk-level strength, resistence against injury, levitation, the ability to turn plant life into formidable warriors, shapeshifting, telepathy, projecting her mind into someone else's body, healing any injury or material damage with her tears and manifesting an almost-impenetrable shield. It's even possible she has the ability to (subconsciously) mentally manipulate people to do what she wants. Fortunately what she wants is freedom, for herself and everybody else. She is probably not a match for Archanfel in the raw strength department, but she might convince him to chill out a bit.
  19. Salkafar


    Welcome, 2young. Well... unfortunately we have hit a similar wall. The manga is on indefinite hiatus.
  20. Well, I finally watched all of it and I have to say it was wretched. You can't do this on a low budget. And the acting was... awful. At least there was a consequence, of sorts... several Earths were fused into one, although there are still several other universes, including the Titans one, the Swamp Thing one, the Doom Patrol one and the upcoming Stargirl one and Green Lantern one. Oh, and Arrow is over since its protagonist is well and truly dead. What with Disney+ moving into Marvel TV features this year I wonder how much time this franchise has left.
  21. Finally watched it and it was a lot better than I had expected.
  22. Spawn's power is unquantifiable since it's infernal magic. And he is dead; his mind may be inaccessible to Archanfel. Can he even be killed? This would be a terrible battle. Does Archanfel have a capacity for horror? *** Captain Britain was mentioned. So here we have a twofer: Sir James "Mad Jim" Jaspers... And the Fury. Jim Jaspers was a British mutant with reality-altering powers on the level of, say, Franklin Richards. If his power hadn't driven him insane he would have been completely unstoppable. Anything he wanted he simply made reality, in the manner we imagine God would. Fortunately his imagination was rather infantile and limited, and his mental faculties noticeably degraded over time. It is possible he would have become completely senile before his power would have reached total fruition. The Fury, on the other hand, is all focus and total direction. The creature, called a 'Cybiote' - apparently a more profound melding of flesh and technology than a cyborg - was made by Jaspers when his mind was still quite clear, and for only one purpose: destroying super-beings. On its world, it had killed all superheroes and supervillains. It has no real free will or much of an imagination, but it's not entirely a robot, either; it operates on roughly the mental level of a not-too-smart dog, so smart enough to hunt and kill, but unburdened by issues like "What is the purpose of my existence" or "Is this really the right thing to do". It also never gives up. Jaspers apparently gave it a small portion of his reality-altering power, allowing it to freely change, adapt and upgrade itself. It can absorb resources and integrate them into itself. Its only real limitation is its limited intellect - it cannot apply complex strategies or tactics, but it's so powerful that usually doesn't matter. Jim Jaspers - the original - died when his entire universe was erased from existence by a higher power, but the Fury had already left by that time, having taught itself to travel across dimensional barriers. It met with another version of Jaspers whose powers were even more developed and they fought; the Fury's programming compelled it to attack him, and in the end found a way to defeat and kill even someone who can alter reality itself by travelling to a place without reality. Archanfel might find himself outmatched.
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