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  1. I don't see how he could become more powerful at this point. Plus the manga is on indefinite hiatus, so...
  2. Barkas is still working on his, I bet. Probably incorporate anything that ever worked on a Guyver into it. Vikarr's sound waves, Elegen's electricity, the enzyme... He'd be nuts not to do some 'paperclipping' as the other Zoalords had some interesting ideas... Like, maybe he can combine with a bunch of Zoanoids, but they don't get incorporated permanently like with Cabral, but can integrate and peel off as he decides - like a giant, walking beehive. But combining does make him, or them, exponentially stronger, like the Unus. An Enzyme type IV that has that quality? Plus electricity? Galenus turns into a volcano. That simple. Because how do you beat a volcano?
  3. There is also the practical aspect of reproduction. I wonder if female Zoanoids breed in litters. That would make sense. Anyway if Archanfel ever beats Apollon (or if Barcas manages to organize the others into a task force capable of taking him down) maybe he can use the recovered Zoacrystals to introduce some new blood. Heh. I made these ladies in 2008, but they inevitably remind me of the vampire queens quartet from 'Castlevania'.
  4. Black Adam indeed gained - and lost - his new family over the course of '52'.
  5. You misunderstand, Durendal. Desak is from Thor's own comic. Not even that long ago.
  6. He's a ripoff of Desak the God Slayer, which would be less offensive if that character wasn't so recent. Seriously, they have the exact same backstory. Aaron is trash.
  7. Saw it. It was good. One spoiler: No alternate universe Iron Man, so you don't have to wait for him.
  8. Just one, As far as I know.
  9. Not much character development is what. Tell me something about Sho that is not related to being the Guyver. Tell me anything at all about Mizuki. Tell me anything about any character that does not relate to their role in the story. As is, 'The Guyver' is about things that happen to people. And if we amend it a little, it becomes people fighting other people, or even monsters fighting other monsters. But we know more about the workings of the Guyver, or why Zoanoids exist, than we know about the characters themselves. Is Sho's mother dead? Or did his parents get divorced? What did Agito's parents even look like? Who is Guyot besides being the villain? What formed the Zoalords as people? What makes them suitable for their role, and how would Archanfel even know? How does the immense social upheaval, the greatest in human history, affect ordinary people? If they knew the whole truth, would they be horrified? Is this deal not worth it, this one world government, which offers world peace and prosperity, in return for maybe a million people - who may well volunteer if they learn the truth? Why did Jabir, Kabral and Kurumegnik rebel? Do the other Zoalords actually care about Archanfel's mission? Are they worried about what the Ouranos might do? It could work... but it would require some radical rewriting.
  10. Well, maybe Leto will succeed at Marvel
  11. I do not believe so. Raijin is a mischief maker, not a vengeful god (I would sooner think of Susanoo for that role). The Zeus / Chronos / Uranos (Apollo?) connection seems derived wholly from Greek mythology.
  12. I wonder if they will wait to introduce Miles Morales until Tom is a few years older?
  13. I watched the original show (That is to say, King of Beasts Golion ) in 2020 and I was stunned to find how bad it actually was. Just the weirdest combination of childishly dumb plots with shockingly bloody violence. That this was made several years after Mobile Suit Gundam was most shocking. The reboot was pretty good, IMHO, but I only watched it up to the point where they introduced Lotor. I hear the finale was GOT-levels of disappointing.
  14. ..It already is. It probably won't make it to two billion, but... In fact, taking into account that there is a pandemic going on (I missed it in the cinema for that reason) it probably would have made even more.
  15. What's in it for him? Say he actually becomes ruler of the world. What then? Spend his every waking hour ruling the world? Be a slave to his absolute rule? He'd have to delegate, but then you are already surrendering some of your power. How could he be an absolute ruler? Knowing full well anyone might be the one to betray him? Feared and despised by all? No, he can't be killed - maybe he can't die - but I don't think he can live, either. He might become ruler of the world, but as an enlightened despot. Maybe even as just a sort of super-Batman - he doesn't rule the world, he just makes sure nobody else does, either.
  16. Hmmm. But Aptom is an adaptive life form. Once he evolves past their immunity... watch out. If a mindless virus can do it... Also what you describe is a psychopath, not a sociopath. Could Agito rule the world? Is such a thing possible? I say 'no'. He can't make people absolutely loyal to him the way Chronos can. And ruling through fear would be incredibly foolish. A stratocracy carries within itself the seeds of betrayal.
  17. Well... in Earth X it turned out that he's unkillable because he has in fact been dead ever since he was resurrected the first time by the power of Khonshu.
  18. It's deeply personal. Jack Kirby created the Celestials to illustrate that humans can have a cosmic destiny, but that they have to choose between good and evil. Jason Aaron claims humanity exists because a Celestial died on Earth from a literal infection and its vomit, blood and pus oozed into the biosphere, and the other Celestials permitted Earth and humanity to continue to exist because they hoped they could make some kind of vaccine from this mess. It is so petty, hateful and ugly that it convinced me there is something very, very wrong with that man. (He did something similar during his run on 'Thor'. Kirby created Odin as a wise, strict, but ultimately kind and loving father figure to basically the universe. Jason Aaron turned him into a pathetic, literally alcoholic abusive tyrant. His relationship with his own father was pretty bad.) Marvel used to be run by storytellers who either wanted to uplift us or just have fun. Now? It's a frickin' asylum. The only lights left are Al Ewing and, on a good day, Kieron Gillen. Both of whom are British, by the way. Probably not a coincidence. Almost all of Marvel's best and most lauded comics were penned by Brits.
  19. Yes, I remember that garbage story too. It was just another example of Jason Aaron expressing his hatred of and contempt for comic book creators and -fans. He revels in destroying and defiling classic storylines and heroes; so does his factotum Donny Cates. It it hard for me to believe this is not part of Sana Amanat's evil plan to leave Marvel comics in such shambles it can never really recover.
  20. Originally, in the sixties, 'mutants' were simply a phenomenon. In pulp novels, the term 'mutant' meant 'the sinister future race of superhumans with mysterious powers who will replace us all because they view us as animals', cf. 'The Power' by Frank M. Robinson. Stan Lee took this and went 'Yeah but what if they weren't sinister, what if they were just like us, only with superpowers', and created the X-Men. Except some of them still were sinister and evil, like Magneto and his followers. In 1976, Jack Kirby (PBUH), after already creating Thor and the New Gods, and heavily influenced by Von Däniken's 'Chariots of the gods', created the Eternals as their own thing. They were not part of the Marvel universe; in fact, in their world, the heroes of the Marvel universe did exist, but they were fictional, like in our world. In 1980, however, the Eternals and the Celestials appeared in 'Thor' in a story which firmly entrenched them in the Marvel universe's ancient history. Now, in Kirby's original story, the Celestials had created intelligent life on Earth. They had taken Homo erectus (Kirby describes it as 'an ape') and from it first made the Deviants, who were deemed 'a failure'. Then they made the Eternals, who were like immortal, perfect gods. Finally they created humans, to be Earth's true inhabitants. Just like with Goldilocks and the three bears: humans were not 'too hot' like Deviants or 'too cold' like Eternals, but 'just right'. There was no suggestion they had been given special powers or abilities; to the contrary, it was even suggested they had not been altered at all, but had been left to evolve naturally. [ Kirby basically picked up where he left off with his New Gods stories - the Deviants were very much like the evil gods of Apokalips - they possessed advanced technology, but their society was staggeringly brutal; cruel oppression of the weak and the casual sacrifice of their lives by a vicious tyrant was the norm. The Eternals were very much like the good gods of New Genesis - beautiful, pure of heart, serious and playful, in love with life, empathic and supportive of humanity. And, again, humanity was caught in their struggle, with the Celestials as the new element. ] However, in 1980 it was also established, in an issue of 'What if?' - not written by Kirby - which told of the hidden history of the Marvel Universe, that the Celestials had in fact altered humanity so that they would eventually develop super powers; in effect creating the so-called 'X-gene' which makes someone a 'mutant' when it activates. Much later, in the monumental series 'Earth-X' which attempts to reframe and realign all of Marvel's history, it was revealed the Celestials did this to outfit Earth with a planetary 'immune system' to protect it from alien threats and natural disasters, since an embryo of one of their own kind was gestating inside Earth and would destroy it when it hatched. (Side note: I don't understand why. Celestials are large, in the comics, but not that large. At 2000 feet, there is no reason why a baby Celestial could not just emerge from a volcano or something, and leave Earth otherwise unharmed.) All in all, in my opinion, this retcon has not been a positive influence on the Marvel universe. It throws everything off-kilter. But Marvel is greedy about Kirby, I guess; and I suppose they hoped to ensure this way that the Eternals would remain their property.
  21. Kirby never intended for the Eternals to be part of the Marvel universe. And these Eternals... they just took the concept and warped it, and the characters, to suit their ideas and it does not work. It's all so obvious. And it makes me sad.
  22. The comics are why the movies exist in the first place. You can change some things, but if you change the ESSENCE of them you have failed, and that is what has happened here. Quite apart from the fact that making an MCU movie for the Eternals was a mistake in and of itself. No, the Eternals are not the basis for the origin of mutants... and they are unnecessary to that purpose.
  23. Okay. I finally watched it. It is much worse than I thought. Neither the actors nor the director, it seems, had ever taken a look at the source material. The sense of grandeur, of ages of ages, of the cosmic incomprehensible, is missing entirely. The Eternals attempting to fit in with humanity? Only Sersi ever trifled with that, and only as a diversion. Eternals defying the Celestials (something which they are biologically incapable of doing)? The Deviants reduced to mindless animals, with the only one striving to be more having his character arc clumsily severed without any payoff? And the Celestials... specifically Arishem... one of the factors that make them so imposing is that they never speak. This serves to illustrate meaningful communication between them and mortals, even Eternals, is as absurd as between a human and a germ. Celestials are mysterious, their means incomprehensible, their ends unknowable. Instead, in this movie, Arishem is an exposition device. The movie does not fit into the MCU, just as the Eternals never really fitted in Marvel comics (Although Kieron Gillen is doing good work with them right now. I just wish he wasn't so eager to accept Jason Aaron's garbage. But he has always been polite that way). How will the world deal with a mountain-sized alien statue sticking out of the ocean?
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