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  1. Resurrection of Godzilla (Tanaka Proposal) ゴジラの復活 [Gojira no Fukkatsu] The Northern Alps are shrouded in dusk. In an instant, Mount Kiso Ontake violently erupts, and a huge, dinosaur-like silhouette is spotted by Shinpei Muraki, a photographer for the news company World Press. While investigating the incident, Muraki rescues a female hiker, who holds a large fern-like plant in her arms, and he snaps pictures of the silhouette as it disappears into the night. Elsewhere, a "UFO" is spotted above the skies of Shinshu-Matsumoto, and a Self-Defense Force jet scrambled to the area is destroyed by a pterosaur-like organism. Muraki learns of this incident, and after spotting the large creature in his photographs, comes to the conclusion that a giant monster is on the loose. While largely ignored, his theory is picked up on by the T University Ancient Biology Laboratory, and Muraki meets with Akiko Inamura, a female assistant biology professor and the same woman he rescued at Mount Ontake. She reveals to Muraki that the plant she was holding was an ancient species of fern from over 230 million years ago, and that more ferns like it were sprouting up around the Fossa Magna fault line. Later that night, Akiko introduces Muraki to her father, the brilliant Masao Inamura. Inamura is responsible for the creation of a "Laser Nuclear Power Plant" at the Kanto Atomic Energy Research Institute, utilizing a superatom called "Reikanium" in order to create a new generation of nuclear power plants without the fear of radioactivity. However, the super nucleus Reikanium could also be very effectively weaponized, forcing Inamura to keep his manufacturing method a secret. During their discussions, the subject of Akiko's mother is brought up. A woman of Chinese descent, "Reika" died while giving birth to Akiko, though Inamura sorrowfully refuses to share more details. Suddenly, news of the charter cargo ship the Shigefuku-Maru's disaster circulates on the news, as the ship vanished somewhere in the Devil's Sea triangle. As the ship belonged to the Kanto Atomic Energy Research Institute and was used for dumping radioactive waste in the Mariana Trench, Inamura becomes suspicious of the vessel's whereabouts. The ship was far off its usual course, causing Inamura to suspect it was dumping radioactive waste illegally. Meanwhile, Muraki and Akiko search for the mystery monster of the Northern Alps, and discover a giant sea dragon residing at the bottom of the Kuroyon Dam. After an assault by the JSDF, the sea dragon reveals itself, and the dumbfounded Akiko identifies the creature as the "Water God Beast", a creature she read about in Chinese literature due to her interest in her mother's homeland. The legend also described two other monsters - a "Monkey God Beast" and a "Dragon God Beast" - and all three beings were said to be controlled by the powerful magic beast named "Bakan". After the JSDF's failed assault against the Water God Beast, the creature mysterious disappears underwater and the Monkey God Beast appears out of nowhere. Soon after, the ape-like creature vanishes into the trees, only for the Dragon God Beast to fly into the skies, engaging Phantom units dispatched to the area and later retreating into the Alps. The appearance of the three monsters causes an uproar in Japan, and Muraki's scoop coupled with Akiko's comments end up gaining a lot of attention. Akiko and Muraki are later assigned to a "Monster Task Force" designed to hunt the three monsters. Meanwhile, Isao Kagami of the lost Shigefuku-Maru is miraculously rescued, and he describes a terrifying tale: after being swallowed into an undersea cavern, his fellow survivors were brutally murdered by man-eating plants and blood-sucking mites, while Kagami encountered the body of a massive creature sleeping in the sea. Upon seeing a sketch of the creature, Inamura recognizes the beast as the "Nuclear Incarnation" Godzilla, and he joins an investigative team to seek out the monster at the Devil's Sea triangle. Upon reaching the area, however, Inamura is targeted by a nuclear submarine of unknown nationality, the people aboard wanting his manufacturing method for Reikanium. But the submarine, startled by a regretful Kagami wishing to atone for his mistakes for illegally dumping radioactive waste, ends up colliding with the undersea cavern, releasing strong amounts of radiation and reviving the sleeping Godzilla. Elsewhere, the Monkey God Beast is discovered hiding in a canyon in the Alps. After being buried in rubble by the specialized VTOL aircraft Super-Weapon "Flying Angel", the Dragon God Beast appears, only to flee south towards the awakened Godzilla. The two briefly fight before disappearing into the ocean, and Godzilla eventually resurfaces at Kujuukuri Beach - its target being the Kanto Atomic Energy Research Institute. During an assault by the JSDF and the Super-Weapons Flying Angel and the submersible Giant Bus, the Water God Beast reappears as well, and in the ensuing scuffle the Super-Weapons are destroyed. Suddenly, the Water God Beast leaps into the sky, transforming into the Dragon God Beast, and after reaching land, the pterosaur-like creature morphs into the Monkey God Beast, confirming Akiko's suspicions that the shapeshifting monster was indeed the Demon Beast Bakan of Chinese legend. Bakan rapidly exhausts Godzilla, who collapses onto the Kanto Atomic Energy Research Institute's nuclear reactor's core, seemingly dead. But Bakan's victory is short-lived as Godzilla's body quickly absorbs the core's released radioactivity. With renewed vigor, Godzilla gains the upper hand in the fight, and Bakan is disposed of once and for all by a powerful atomic ray, its body disappearing into the sea. After Godzilla returns to the ocean, the world is once again in a panic, as Godzilla's movements have it heading towards Tokyo, and fears that a worldwide economic crisis have both Japanese and Western forces on Inamura's doorstep, appealing for the use of his Reikanium. Their plan is to turn Godzilla's body into a giant nucleus using the superatom, and fire a laser beam from the military satellite "Red Bird" to trigger nuclear fusion within Godzilla's own body. However, the bedridden Inamura continually refuses the appeal, even after Godzilla reappears and places his own daughter in harm's way, much to Muraki's dismay. Elsewhere, while retrieving her mother's photo and her father's diary from her family house in the path of Godzilla, Akiko narrowly avoids the monster's wrath, escaping into a drainage system with other survivors, and barely outrunning a deadly poison gas released within the sewers. Akiko and her group attempt to reach the summit of a nearby mountain using a ropeway, only to be stranded midair when a fire destroys the power generator. Just as all hope seems lost, Muraki arrives in a helicopter and rescues the survivors, dropping them off at a nearby safe zone, but ends up seriously injured after Godzilla blasts the helicopter with an atomic ray. Remarkably, both Muraki and Akiko survive, and after the pleading of his daughter and remembering fond memories of his wife, Inamura gives in to the government's appeal. Godzilla is successfully lured to the Bayonnaise Rocks using plutonium and away from Tokyo, and after being struck by small explosions of Reikanium, the military satellite Red Bird unleashes its powerful laser beam, causing nuclear fusion in Godzilla's body. The monster's white hot body explodes into a massive fireball, and it disappears from sight. And as everyone watching aboard an escort vessel cheer, Inamura sees the illusion of his wife, who nods at him reassuringly, as if to soothe his agony for weaponizing the Reikanium, and the scientist drops dead. Akiko learns that both her parents were victims of Hiroshima 35 years ago, and that her mother actually died due to radiation poisoning, while her father suffered with it for the remainder of his life, becoming a nuclear physicist and dedicating himself to finding a peaceful use for nuclear energy as a result. Muraki consoles the grief-stricken Akiko, and both read the final words of Inamura in his diary: "Godzilla is immortal. As long as there's a nuclear threat in the world, Godzilla will be revived however many times." Elsewhere, off the West Coast of the United States where nuclear power plants are stationed, the giant black body of Godzilla rises from the ocean. As if to prove that it will continue to live as long as there are nuclear weapons on Earth, Godzilla musters continuous, earth-shattering roars. the full story The Northern Alps are shrouded in dusk. Mount Kiso Ontake, a place worshipped as a sacred mountain, explodes with an earth-shattering boom, awakening from what's possibly tens of thousands of years of sleep, and begins showing signs of volcanic activity. To investigate this sudden wonder of nature, photographer Shinpei Muraki (31) of the big news company World Press rushes to the location in a helicopter. In the middle of collecting data, he finds and rescues a female hiker who was running away from the downpour of volcanic ash. Muraki carries the fear-stricken girl to a safe zone. Curious about the big fern-like plant the girl holds tightly in her hands, Muraki flies back up again for more data collecting. Suddenly, slipping in and out of view from the crater of erupting smoke jumps something huge, a beast resembling a dinosaur. Catching sight of it, Muraki clicks his camera shutter in a panic— "A monster?! It can't be..." Because of the approaching darkness and the helicopter running out of fuel, in the end Muraki is unable to confirm the appearance of the creature. Deep in the Northern Alps and completely wrapped in darkness, something huge can be seen in the developing photos, though not very clearly. It is disappearing into the dark while knocking down many trees. However, growing near the roots of the fallen trees are giant ferns, the same plant that the female hiker Muraki saved was holding. Then, that night— Because radar spotted a sudden "UFO" appearance in the skies of Shinshu-Matsumoto, a Self-Defense Force jet plane F-4EJ Phantom is scrambled to survey the area. Not long after, the plane crashes into a pterosaur-like flying organism. However, as the creature was unidentified, the incident and the pilot's death are treated as an accident via unknown circumstances. The pictures of the dinosaur-like "something" that Muraki photographed at Mount Ontake finally develop. While off-focus, Muraki is able to determine that whatever the creature may be was indeed captured in his photographs, and that it is absolutely huge. After hearing of the F-4EJ Phantom that mysteriously crashed in the Shinshu-Matsumoto skies, Muraki discovers that a giant flying organism was captured in the plane's gun camera, and comes to a shocking revelation. (It really is a monster...!) While worked up, Muraki cannot prove the existence of the monster with just his pictures alone. (Something is happening...) Following his intuition, Muraki strongly pushes for his story to gain attention at his place of work. However, no one at World Press news heeds Muraki's words, and his story goes unpublished. Muraki is prepared to fight alone when out of the blue he is contacted by someone from the T University Ancient Biology Laboratory, who takes his plight seriously and wishes to see his pictures. And upon seeing the assistant professor coming to retrieve the photos, Muraki raises his voice in surprise. The female assistant professor, introducing herself as Akiko Inamura (27), turns out to be none other than the female hiker Muraki rescued at Mount Ontake. Muraki's story about the possible existence of a monster is what Akiko showed a curious amount of interest in the most. According to her, the truth was that while she was performing series of tests herself, Akiko began to suspect something strange was happening at the mountain. As for where Akiko's research led her, she was holding it in her hands when Muraki rescued her: the big fern-like plant. From the Paleozoic-Permian Period to the Mesozoic-Triassic Period, the earth was covered with fern-type plants. The ancient plant from about 230 million years ago was, somehow, beginning to grow in the modern day, but only at one particular place. The Fossa Magna fault line, which runs from Shizuoka to Itoigawa, is especially prominent near the mountain district of Mount Ontake, all the way up to Mount Shirouma in the Northern Alps. It was here where the ancient fern could be spotted. Moreover, in this particular area plenty of dinosaur fossils have also been previously excavated. With the ancient fern's rapid increase in numbers, Mount Otake's explosion, and the sudden appearances of a dinosaur and giant organism resembling a pterosaur— Muraki and Akiko promise one another to further investigate these puzzles that share such common ground, and to discover what else ties them together. That night, because he saved her life, Muraki is introduced to Akiko's father, Masao Inamura (61), a nuclear physicist representing Japan, and once again Muraki finds himself surprised. In the pine forest of Kujuukuri Beach where the Kuroshio Current washes ashore, a futuristic city filled with groups of buildings spreads all over. As part of a future energy policy, the government gathered its wisest minds and built the "Kanto Atomic Energy Research Institute". With a nuclear power plant and various attached facilities, the Kanto Atomic Energy Research Institute performed its business using a large number of the latest researching equipment. Marking the start of a new generation of nuclear power plants, this research institute first made waves by experimenting with a "Laser Nuclear Fusion Plant" - a project carried out and advanced by Inamura himself that captured the world's attention. Laser nuclear fusion - in other words, hitting the nucleus of deuterium, tritium, etc. with a powerful laser beam to raise a mild nuclear fusion, and using this reaction to power a safe nuclear power plant, free from the danger of explosivity and radioactivity. The key to the success of this "laser nuclear fusion" process was the nucleus in the middle, made possible by the long-time research of the not-yet-invented superatom of Inamura's design: the one new material that led to the success of the laser nuclear fusion plant. Inamura named the superatom nucleus "Reikanium", but refrained from making the manufacturing method public. This was due to his fear of what the military would do, as the laser nuclear fusion plant's research could be used to create a "laser hydrogen bomb" - a weapon far more powerful than conventional nuclear weapons. In fact, there were already movements starting in the military forces of every nation, pressuring Inamura to make the manufacturing method made public. However, Inamura firmly refused to give into these demands, taking his own research of the laser nuclear fusion plant, and devoting himself to "the peaceful use of nuclear energy". "Aiming for an absolutely safe source of nuclear energy—" Knowing the true form of the nucleus, Inamura also kept watchful eyes on its continued peaceful use. Looking back at movements commonly against the construction of nuclear power plants at various locations, the Kanto Atomic Energy Research Institute was constructed on the basis of understanding of its local residents, and the reason the facility and the locals could coexist so peacefully was due to the trust the residents had in Inamura. Akiko introduces Muraki to Inamura— For quite some time, Inamura's way of life, with his unshaken composure and firm stance on the peaceful use of the nucleus, has had Muraki hold deep feelings of respect towards the scientist. That night, father, daughter, and the daughter's savior have fun and lively conversations, and open their hearts to one another. Among their discussions, the topic of Akiko's mother is brought up - and, for a moment, Inamura's face shows deep sorrow. Seeing this, Muraki changes the subject, though he still had questions about it. Afterwards, Muraki is told about "Reika" from Akiko's own lips. Her mother, a beautiful Chinese girl who had been tied in a deep love with Inamura, died while giving birth to Akiko, but Akiko herself didn't know many details about her mother. While the three are sitting in a circle, news of the Kanto Atomic Energy Research Institute's charter cargo ship the Shigefuku-Maru's disaster bursts into their location. Not long before this— On the Pacific Ocean, while sailing over the coastal waters of Iwo Jima, the Shigefuku-Maru encounters a sudden giant whirlpool accompanied by thick fog. The ship is swallowed up by the watery vortex, which resembled the leaves of trees— Before long, the hull breaks in two just as an "SOS" transmission is sent, and the wrecked ship sinks deep into the sea while carrying her crew. The place where the ship sank is referred to as "Japan's Bermuda Triangle", or the Devil's Sea triangle, and is feared by sailors. The news of the Shigefuku-Maru's disaster reaches the ears of research institute staff and citizens, shocking everyone. Because of the Kanto Atomic Energy Research Institute's construction, many of the ship's crewmembers were locals who gave up their poor fisherman lives to aid the institute's cause. In addition, the cargo consisted of radioactive waste, which in accordance with an international agreement was to be dumped into the Mariana Trench at a depth of nearly 11,000 meters. And because the ship's disaster site was way off course, Inamura gains suspicions like "Illegal waste dumping?" as a possible reason. Inamura appeals for a large-scale investigation from the government, in order to search for the disaster's cause and to collect the radioactive waste as soon as possible. However, despite the investigation being started immediately after the disaster, no traces of the Shigefuku-Maru in the area of the ocean around the site could be found. Meanwhile, while chasing the monster of the Northern Alps, Muraki and Akiko discover the silhouette of a giant organism from their helicopter, a strange silhouette residing at the bottom of Kuroyon Dam. Surprisingly, the shape of the silhouette at the bottom of the dam is totally different from the one Muraki saw at Mount Otake, or even the one that attacked the Self-Defense Force's Phantom jet in the Shinshu-Matsumoto skies. The mysterious creature appears to be some kind of sea dragon. A third monster?— A formation of Self-Defense Force's F-4EJ Phantoms come flying in after Muraki's report, and they swiftly launch a missile attack at the giant silhouette at the bottom of the dam. The giant silhouette resembling a sea dragon squirms out of the bottom of the dam, eventually letting out a sharp roar, and finally reveals its disgusting form on the twilight surface. It has a length of over 60 meters, green slimy skin all over its body, a face somewhat reptile-like with a wide-opening mouth, and hands with fish-like fins for swimming— "That's the Water God Beast! A monster that appeared in the legends of my mother's country - the Water God Beast!" Akiko, standing dumbfounded, lets out a voice almost like a shriek to Muraki upon seeing the beast. With Chinese blood running through her veins, Akiko held a deep admiration for her mother's homeland. Akiko's interest in ancient Chinese literature was indicative of this. Amongst her many books was a religious-type legend called the "Chu Ci", which described the appearance of the "Water God Beast" - and, at that moment, the creature revealing itself on the Kuroyon Dam's surface was exactly the same thing. The legend had it that there were two more monsters named the "Monkey God Beast" and the "Dragon God Beast", and that which ruled the three monsters was the powerful magic beast named "Bakan". At Mount Ontake, the one Muraki saw was none other than the "Monkey God Beast", while the flying monster above the Shinshu-Matsumoto skies was the "Dragon God Beast". The Sidewinders launched by the F-4EJ Phantoms are sucked into the dark waters of the dam by the Water God Beast's giant body and eventually burst. The Water God Beast, enraged by the assault, turns to counterattack with a sharp roar. A liquid beam bursts forth from its mouth, striking the Phantoms one after another as they attack in waves. Touched by the liquid, the Phantoms' wings start to melt as smoldering white smoke rises from the fuselage, and the supersonic jets finally explode in a burst of flame. And then, in the middle of the battle, the surface of the dam's wall starts to crack, eventually collapsing with a loud noise, pouring forth huge amounts of lake water-turned-muddy waves as it slowly swoops down towards the residents living downstream. In the middle of this disaster, the Water God Beast is swallowed into the muddy rapids and disappears. Soon after this, the Self-Defense Force's tank unit carrying evacuating residents on the road along the downstream canyon are attacked out of nowhere by another monster. With the features of a Tyrannosaurus, and the body of a pithecanthrope— It is undoubtedly the "Monkey God Beast", as told in the Chinese legend, and the same beast that Muraki saw at Mount Ontake. The Monkey God Beast, with swift movements, breaths flames at the transport truck unit and the convoy tank unit, causing them to blow up in blazing flames. And just as soon as it had appeared, the Monkey God Beast disappears elsewhere. However, moments later and up in the skies, a fierce aerial battle was beginning. The Phantom fighter unit that had come to reinforce the transport truck unit attacked by the Monkey God Beast suddenly comes into contact with another monster, a flying creature rising from the ground. Retaliating against the Phantom unit's air-to-air missiles and Vulcan cannon attacks with a lightning beam fired from its mouth is, undoubtedly, the "Dragon God Beast" of legend itself. And after downing several Phantoms, the Dragon God Beast retreats, leaving behind a sharp roar before disappearing into the night sky of the Alps. With the appearance of the three monsters - the Water God Beast, the Monkey God Beast, and the Dragon God Beast - the people of Japan are in an uproar. Monsters that couldn't be defeated by the Self-Defense Force's conventional weaponry— Pictures of Muraki's scoop decorate newspaper pages every day, while Akiko commentates from the viewpoint of ancient biology: About 230 million years ago, the Japanese islands weren't like the current island formations, but were instead connected to land, right at the coast of the Asian continent. The Fossa Magna was exactly where the coastline used to be. The coastline was thickly covered by a fern-type plant, and for creatures walking the path of evolution from amphibians to dinosaurs, this was exactly the place they needed to thrive. Among these, there were some that by total chance went into deep sleep while still alive, dinosaurs that ended up being shut deep underground while their relatives moved more inland. The birth of the Japanese islands was caused by a change in the earth's crust, and while those above ground went extinct, the traces of those who survived sleeping within the earth were eventually passed on as legends. However, the dinosaurs that fell asleep underground were awakened from their slumber due to the shifting of the earth's crust. And upon awakening, the ancient fern multiplied due to the abnormal weather of the present day environment. And now, the three monsters currently awakened are most likely hiding somewhere near the Fossa Magna due to following their homing instincts. These comments from Akiko are picked up by the government's "Monster Task Force", and Muraki and Akiko are invited to become a part of the task force's members, and ordered to divulge more detailed information regarding the three monsters. In the middle of all this, Isao Kagami (28), a crewmember of the doomed Shigefuku-Maru in the Pacific, is miraculously rescued, and his mysterious personal experience yields a truly astonishing testimony. It is exactly as Inamura feared. For the sake of profit, the Shigefuku-Maru had been going to that area of the ocean a number of times to dump radioactive waste illegally. Moreover, in the undersea cavern he was brought to by the big whirlpool, Kagami claims to have seen something horrifying. A giant cavern with faint gas drifting around the whole screen— As part of the undersea cavern is connected to the outside, clear blue seawater steadily flows in, and a light coming from this hole in the water faintly illuminates the cavern's insides. Kagami, who was washed up on the rocky area of the undersea cavern, confirms the survival of several other low-ranking crewmembers, and the surviving men regroup and rejoice with one another. However, the bizarre plants growing on the cavern's beach come swooping down on them with countless whip-like, long tentacles. In this sudden attack, one of the crewmembers is caught by the tentacles, strangled, and dies immediately. His body starts to melt due to a mucus secreted by the plant, and a hole like a mouth near the plant's trunk begins to feast upon him! It was a giant meat-eating plant. At the cruel death of their companion, and with the countless tentacles of other meat-eating plants aiming for their next prey, the surviving crew flee the beach in a panic. Not knowing what to do, they eventually arrive at a rocky area where the meat-eating plants are not growing. However, at this rocky area, another terror is waiting for them. They are arthropods as large as cows. These mysterious mite-like creatures pounce upon the men retreating to the rocky area, sucking up all the blood from their bodies. The unfortunate victims shriveled into what look like mummies and perish— With a picture of hell unfolding before his very eyes and unable to do anything, Kagami runs desperately from the mysterious creatures and arrives at strangely zigzag-shaped rocks sticking out from the water's surface, and is startled. The row of strangely-shaped rocks move slowly up and down as if breathing, and further down something that looks like a giant arm— "—!!" Kagami is left in shock, realizing he was standing on top of a giant monster. The blood-sucking mysterious creatures were sticking to it as well, and begin closing in on him. Kagami takes a deep breath and, to escape from everything, dives into the water and heads towards the light under the sea. "Giant monster-?!" Everyone present is stirred by Kagami's story, and the monster Kagami sketches is something totally different from the Water God Beast, the Monkey God Beast, and the Dragon God Beast. It has hideously burned skin on its charcoal-colored body, with sharp claws and dorsal fins similar in appearance to strangely-shaped rocks. Inamura, who is holding the sketch, mutters in a low voice. "It's Godzilla!! I can't believe it's sleeping in a place like this..." Years ago, because of accumulated nuclear tests over time, the tests awakened from ancient sleep "Nuclear's Incarnation: Godzilla"— As if condemning the illegal dumping of radioactive waste, Godzilla has now made it clear that it exists. Moreover, if Godzilla were to awaken, it would pose as an immense threat, for the nuclear civilization that humanity has peacefully built up would be targeted. Wanting to confirm Godzilla's existence himself, Inamura joins an investigative team heading to the Devil's Sea triangle and departs. Meanwhile, the search for the three hiding monsters continued. Centering around the Self-Defense Force and Akiko, after noticing the increased state of the ancient fern and the instinctive behavior of the creatures, it is deduced that the monsters are lurking somewhere in a canyon in the Southern Alps, and a team is sent out to investigate with the help of Muraki. It doesn't take long for the search to yield results as, inside a zigzag-like crack in the canyon, Muraki and Akiko find the Monkey God Beast hiding within the wide-open trench. Hearing this, the Self-Defense Force once again launches an assault, this time using the Japan-US Army joint development Super-Weapon, Flying Angel. With an angular airframe, Flying Angel is a VTOL support fighter that looks like some kind of sci-fi vehicle, contrary to its gentle name, and carries with it an assortment of powerful weaponry. Passing through the zigzagging canyon with great speed, if there is anything that can effectively attack the hiding body of the Monkey God Beast in the lengthy hole in the earth, it is surely none other than Flying Angel. Upon finding the ape-like monstrosity, Flying Angel begins launching its Super Napalm Bullet attack against the Monkey God Beast. At the same time, the government-dispatched investigative team heading towards the Devil's Sea triangle falls into danger near the undersea cavern where Godzilla sleeps, as a teardrop-shaped nuclear submarine of unknown nationality starts attacking them. Their aim was Inamura— Since Inamura won't publicize Reikanium's manufacturing method, the unknown perpetrators resort to desperate measures: finding and capturing the scientist. The only person willing to risking his life to save Inamura is the Shigefuku-Maru's survivor, Kagami. Kagami, realizing not only that he committed a conduct violation by the illegal dumping of radioactive waste, but also how he betrayed Inamura's trust, was filled with deep regret. While screaming "The doctor's nucleus is to be used for the sake of creating peace for humans!", Kagami rushes towards the perpetrators and, because of this action, startles them into turning their submarine the wrong direction. The nuclear submarine crashes into the undersea cavern, causing a huge explosion. At that moment, a huge amount of strong radiation is released into the cavern. And almost instantly, from the water's stirring surface, a huge black body stands up. A piercing roar shakes the air. Godzilla has been revived. Another roar— Flying Angel's Super Napalm attack is concentrated on the hole where the Monkey God Beast resides, covering the canyon's insides with the exploding napalm's flames. And, suddenly, the Dragon God Beast leaps out of the hole and rushes to the Flying Angel's formation. Flying Angel, with fast movement being its specialty, immediately flies away to safety - but why was it not the Monkey God Beast but instead the Dragon God Beast?! In that moment, as if feeling some kind of presence, the Dragon God Beast heads south while roaring aggressively over and over, breaking away from Flying Angel's attacks. Right then, south from that area, Godzilla begins moving. The radioactivity of the destroyed nuclear submarine is washed up by the Kuroshio Current towards the Pacific Ocean. The destination of this spilt radiation is the Japanese islands— And now, Godzilla is once again lured by the radiation... "Human's greed has now revived Godzilla." Inamura's words resound hollowly. In the skies above the Pacific Ocean— To search for Godzilla who is supposedly heading for Japan, a small twin engine plane seating Muraki takes off. All of a sudden, dark clouds appear in the sky, and with the striking of lightning comes the form of the Dragon God Beast, who attacks Muraki's twin engine plane. Diving down while sharply turning, the twin engine plane evades desperately while a lightning beam from the Dragon God Beast's mouth closes in. The twin engine plane narrowly escapes while grazing the surface of the sea— The sea ahead violently starts to ripple, and the sea level suddenly rises. A roar shakes the atmosphere! Standing there is Godzilla. Godzilla, with its pure fighting instinct, shoots an atomic ray at the Dragon God Beast as it pursues the twin engine plane. Disengaging from the plane, the Dragon God Beast returns fire at Godzilla with a lightning beam attack while in the sky. But in their brief duel, Godzilla eventually catches the Dragon God Beast by its wings, firmly wrestling with it and plunging with it into the ocean. And just like that, the two monsters disappear into the sea and don't resurface. "The Dragon God Beast in the sea...?" Muraki has a bad feeling in his heart about the Dragon God Beast, the Water God Beast, and the Monkey God Beast. That same day, Muraki makes the scoop yet again with pictures of his near-death encounter with the flying monster filling up pages, and a report about how Godzilla is definitely moving closer to Japan. However, Akiko expresses her dislike of Muraki's reckless data collecting through tears of distress. Around this time, a flame of love towards Muraki had already started to burn in Akiko's heart. "The three monsters - the dragon god, the water god, and the monkey god... Why do they never appear at the same time?" This question puzzles Muraki. While peeking through a microscope, Akiko mutters an answer. "Bakan holds the answer, I'm sure of it..." The cells magnified under the microscope are those of the Monkey God Beast, and yet, when exposed to water or air, the cells change subtly. "...?!" Akiko's face strains. The next morning, a floating wreck resembling a nuclear submarine washes up on Kujuukuri Beach, and from the seawater, high concentrations of radioactivity are detected. Along with giant claw marks left on the floating wreck, various objects from the submarine of unknown nationality that exploded at the Devil's Sea triangle have made the Kanto Atomic Energy Research Institute's staff and local residents familiar with the incident fall into despair, as they believe Godzilla is definitely coming closer. Kuroshio Current arrives carrying radioactivity— Lured by that radiation, Godzilla heads to Japan— And soon, Godzilla will be setting foot on Kujuukuri Beach, no doubt prepared to assault the Kanto Atomic Energy Research Institute, Japan's symbol of nuclear civilization. Inamura's worst fear is about to come true. Thus, at Kujuukuri Beach, led by the Flying Angel unit, the Self-Defense Force's elite - their strongest line of defense - is deployed, while offshore, the Trident submarine's support submarine Giant Bus hides its super giant hull. With its strong giant arms, Giant Bus is used to holding Trident submarines with a total length of 200 meters while underwater. The underwater Super-Weapon spreads out its arms while waiting for Godzilla, like a sea anemone waiting for its prey. The defensive line's gun barrels are all pointed to the coast, where finally Godzilla's slow, heavy, stomping body appears. All gun barrels fire, while Godzilla's atomic ray counterattacks. At that moment, both of Godzilla's arms and legs are clamped onto firmly by the extended arms of Giant Bus from under the sea. The arms, capable of holding a Trident submarine of 200,000 horsepower, don't even flinch at Godzilla's desperate struggle. And so, with Godzilla unable to move, the Flying Angel unit's Super Napalm Bullets engulf Godzilla in a blazing hot fire. Then suddenly, the sea surface nearby violently bubbles and rises, and the Water God Beast somehow appears. The Water God Beast proceeds to spit a liquid beam from its mouth - a beam capable of melting anything and everything it touches - against the immobile Godzilla. The atomic monster's body begins bubbling with white smoke as the skin struck by the beam starts to melt. At the same time, the Flying Angel unit's Super Napalm attacks strike both Godzilla and the Water God Beast. However - the Water God Beast's liquid beam also melts Giant Bus's arms. Godzilla roars as it immediately destroys Giant Bus and proceeds to wrestle with the Water God Beast. During their bout, Godzilla's atomic ray and the Water God Beast's stray liquid beams take down the Flying Angels one by one, until finally the entire unit is wiped out. With Godzilla having the upper hand in the fight, the Water God Beast finally retreats into the sea, and for the moment the battle appears to be over. The Water God Beast suddenly leaps from the ocean and takes to the air, and its face and body transform quickly, somehow shapeshifting into the Dragon God Beast, which launches its attack against Godzilla. People watching nearby stand still, dumbfounded— Godzilla falters for a moment from the sudden attack from the sky, but then fixates its gaze on and starts making its way toward the Kanto Atomic Energy Research Institute. The Self-Defense Force's gunfire concentrates heavily on Godzilla— The Dragon God Beast also fires its lightning beam at Godzilla's body. At last, Godzilla's atomic ray takes down the Dragon God Beast, and it flies towards Godzilla - but as everyone watches, the creature's form somehow changes into the Monkey God Beast! The Monkey God Beast, with its quick movements, uses its flame attack on Godzilla repeatedly, to the point where Godzilla is forced back into the ocean. The Monkey God Beast's form turns into that of the Water God Beast moments later as it pursues its foe, continuing their fight at sea. Akiko tells Muraki while shaking in fear. "That's Bakan! The three-form monster Bakan!" The "Water God Beast", "Dragon God Beast", and "Monkey God Beast" thought to have been three monsters were in actuality one monster - "Bakan". The one as told in Chinese legend, the ruler of the "Water God Beast", "Dragon God Beast", and "Monkey God Beast": the Demon Beast Bakan— That Bakan is, at the moment, fighting against Godzilla while transforming its body into its three forms, one after another. In the water it turns into the Water God Beast, on land it becomes the Monkey God Beast, and when ascending into the sky it transforms into the Dragon God Beast... Bakan's fighting instinct allows it to freely transform its cells of its own will, changing its form and even its special characteristics - truly a magical beast. The grand battle continues. However, due to the constantly-changing and repeated attacks from Bakan, Godzilla is rapidly exhausted. Even so, the atomic mutant continues to be guided by its instincts towards the Kanto Atomic Energy Research Institute, all while simultaneously fighting Bakan. The Self-Defense Force's gunfire continues. Wounds cover Godzilla's body— And finally, just before the research institute's nuclear reactor's building, Godzilla runs out of energy and collapses on top of the facility. The nuclear reactor breaks into pieces— Seemingly dead, Godzilla doesn't move a muscle, and Bakan roars triumphantly over and over. The Demon Beast Bakan has defeated even Godzilla— Before the rampaging Bakan, the Self-Defense Force's desperate, futile attacks continue. At the nuclear reactor's building where Godzilla collapsed, the still-functioning "radioactivity detector meter" does something unusual, right around the time the building crumbled. The deadly radiation that should have burst forth destructively instead disappears while dispersing into the atmosphere, as if being absorbed by something, while the meter continues to detect it. Suddenly, the unmoving Godzilla's dorsal fins, which look like strangely-shaped rocks, begin to luminesce strangely. And then, amidst a piercing roar, the giant black body covered in wounds moves! Because it collapsed on the nuclear reactor's core, it absorbed the radiation into its body. Godzilla is revived once more. Godzilla and Bakan's grand battle begins again— Because Godzilla absorbed so much radiation into its body, the battle progresses in Godzilla's favor, and finally Bakan's giant body is taken down by a powerful atomic ray. Bakan, whose entire form is flooded by the intense ray and covered in white smoke, sinks into the sea. Godzilla has defeated the Demon Beast Bakan. Godzilla, too, disappears into the sea, as if to tend to its wound-covered body. And so Bakan, who struck fear into the hearts of Japan's people, is defeated by the revived Godzilla. However, this time a new fear in the form of Godzilla weighed on people's hearts. The Japan Self-Defense Forces and Western forces were now totally powerless as their Super-Weapons were lost in the fight against Godzilla, a monster who could appear again anywhere at any time. The Self-Defense Forces eventually discover Godzilla lurking at the bottom of the entrance to Tokyo Bay, healing its wounds and seemingly aiming for Tokyo. If Tokyo were to be attacked... It would be catastrophic for not just the Japanese economy, but for the worldwide economy, leaving humanity in a crisis. Because of this imminent threat, an appeal from the Western forces through the Japanese government is made to Inamura, who at the time was bedridden from a sickness of an unknown cause, requesting for his research regarding the "Laser Nuclear Fusion" system and that of the super nucleus Reikanium, so to be used as a weapon against Godzilla. Making use of the special characteristics of the super nucleus Reikanium, Godzilla's body would be turned into a giant nucleus and fired at from earth's orbit with a laser beam from the military satellite "Red Bird", triggering nuclear fusion within Godzilla's body itself. Against the immortal Godzilla who can withstand the explosions of atom and hydrogen bombs, to trigger a nuclear fusion using its own body — It would indeed be an ultimate weapon beyond imagination to defeat Godzilla, and the last hope for humanity. However, Inamura stands fast to his beliefs, using them as an excuse not to go through with the plan and stubbornly refuses the appeal. Though Tokyo is still safe, Godzilla's movements continue to be observed, and the many criticisms from people against Inamura's decision are handled by Akiko, who pitifully apologizes for her father's attitude. While the Japanese government continues to persuade Inamura, trajectory changes and preparations are made to the laser-firing device equipped to the military satellite Red Bird by the Western military. Then the worst case scenario occurs: Godzilla rises from the depths, its target indesputably being Tokyo. After setting foot on the Miura Peninsula, heavy damage is sustained, and the bodies of many victims begins piling up. With Godzilla on the move, Akiko returns to her family house on the Miura Peninsula to get her mother Reika's keepsake, but is put in imminent danger as Godzilla draws ever closer. But even with the knowledge of his daughter being in imminent danger, Inamura remains in one of the research institute's rooms, standing by his unwavering decisions through his own stubborn determination. Inamura's attitude makes Muraki jump to the conclusion that this stubbornness is a result of Inamura wanting to monopolize his research and the new substance. Muraki hurls insults at the man he once respected, then rushes out to rescue Akiko alone. Burning wooden houses with an atomic ray, and using its powerful arms, legs, and tail, Godzilla mows down skyscraper buildings and other structures in its way with ease! And in Godzilla's path is Akiko. Godzilla approaches. While roaring flames engulf Akiko's family home, Akiko finally escapes while carrying her father's thick diary and the picture of her mother, Reika. However, the whole neighborhood is already in a sea of roaring flames, just like in the air raid 30 years ago. Flames become like the wind and travel the ground, burning people trying to escape. Godzilla slips in and out of view inside of the flame— Akiko, in an attempt to evade the burning flames and the approaching Godzilla, escapes through a manhole leading into a sewer tunnel, joining other people who have already taken refuge there, all of whom wait while half-praying for the hell on earth to pass. However, the devil's arms are reaching out towards Akiko and the others. A large number of rats gather out of nowhere, running through the sewage hole like they're terrified of something. Then, from behind, there is the loud whooshing noise, and a yellow gas approaches. The rats that fail to escape the gas are engulfed by it, and lay twitching on the ground as if slowly dying. The yellow gas was leaked from an industrial complex that Godzilla destroyed - the deadly poison gas was now flowing freely into the drainage pipes. The gas closes in on Akiko and the others taking refuge in a corner of the sewers. But as she was able to sense this danger before the others, Akiko manages to escape with the least possible causalities. Accompanied by a handful of survivors, Akiko proceeds deeper into the sewer system— The drainage pipes are like a maze— Behind them, the yellow gas keeps closing in, while on the surface, Godzilla's destruction continues. However, through hard work and a collaborative effort, Akiko and her group manages to escape the ensuing danger, and finally reach the surface safely. The place they are now is the starting point station of a mountain-climbing ropeway to 〇〇 Mountain, which overlooks the whole view of the Miura Peninsula. A totally undamaged neighborhood— However, the roaring flames engulfing the city are gradually closing in on the place where Akiko and her group escaped to. The group decides to use the ropeway to cross the mountain. And so, with the generator's power, the ropeway Akiko and her group ride starts to move towards the summit. Burning down the untouched town, the flames move closer to the foot of 〇〇 Mountain — Slowly, the ropeway continues climbing towards the summit. The fire approaches— And then, the fire finally engulfs the power room with the generator, and the ropeway stops dead in its tracks, leaving Akiko and the others stuck hanging in midair. The locked room stuck in the middle of the ropeway offers no escape, leaving everyone trapped inside. Before long, the flames that burned down the power room gradually begin spreading to the mountain forest. It's a desperate situation. A child cries while being held by their mother— (If only father bit the bullet and used the Reikanium, these people wouldn't have to die...) Her father's face, her mother's face, and Muraki's face all flood Akiko's heart. The fire spreading to the mountain forest slowly but surely approaches the suspended ropeway box. Akiko and her group prepare for certain death. Suddenly, near the ropeway's window, a single rope ladder smoothly unfolds and drops down. The rope ladder dangles from a helicopter hovering in the air—, And the one flying the helicopter was Muraki, who had come to rescue Akiko. One by one, people climb up the rope ladder and enter the helicopter. And finally, one last person— At that moment. GOOOH-!! A booming roar shakes the atmosphere. Before the hovering helicopter stood Godzilla, who had circled around 〇〇 Mountain. With one last person about to climb, the helicopter is unable to move the dangling rope ladder away from the suspended ropeway. Godzilla's giant body slowly approaches the hovering helicopter. An instant later, as Muraki's helicopter rescues the last person, the chopper barely manages to escape Godzilla's reach, narrowly missing crashing into the monster's face. Muraki immediately lands and drops Akiko and her group off in a nearby safe zone. But just as Muraki is about to exit himself, Akiko screams as the helicopter is caught in Godzilla's atomic ray and explodes into flame. Caught in the explosion, Muraki flung to the ground and left seriously wounded, on the verge of death... Delivering her father's diary and her mother's picture to Inamura, Akiko reports about the increasing casualties while in tears, begging her father to consent to the army's appeal — to use the Reinconium and the laser nuclear fusion as a weapon against Godzilla. "Father please, Mr. Muraki might die. But, he saved us with his life on the line, so don't let his sacrifice be for nothing—" Akiko breaks down crying while speaking. In Inamura's heart, he recalls those happy days he spent with Reika. And in that moment, the world goes silent, and something that had been heavily weighing on his mind dramatically crumbles away. Finally, Inamura accepts the appeal. Godzilla, who was heading to Tokyo, is lured by plutonium carried from the Kanto Atomic Energy Research Institute, and begins changing direction from the Tokyo harbor back out towards the Pacific Ocean. Around the same time, in space, the military satellite Red Bird focuses its laser cannon onto one point: an area on the Izu Islands on the Bayonnaise Rocks. And then, with three spots on the earth's surface used for making a triangular shape based on that one point, the laser cannon's reflecting device is set up. Despite his sickness, Inamura works day and night to the point of exhaustion, all while keeping watch from the escort vessel's bridge, which patrols the waters where the plan is set to take place. With the plutonium bait set, Godzilla finally arrives at the designated point. As Godzilla is enveloped in small explosions of the super nucleus Reikanium, in that instant, a button on the switch Inamura holds in his hands is pressed. The three spots on the earth's surface are concentrated, fired, and reflected as they converge from a single point from space into a long beam that surrounds Godzilla. While the laser's light forms a beautiful pyramid-shaped triangle, in the center the Reikanium's reaction begins, transforming Godzilla's body into a nucleus and turning the monster white-hot. A tremendous nuclear fusion is occurring inside Godzilla's body. And then, Godzilla's body turns even more white-hot - an instant later, its generates a massive fireball, which rises into the sky before everyone's eyes. A giant nuclear fusion explosion occurs at the Bayonnaise Rocks. The explosion terminates Godzilla, along with everything in that area of the ocean— On the merry escort vessel's bridge, everyone onboard is cheering. Meanwhile, Inamura sees the illusion of his wife, Reika... Bending his strong determination, Inamura took his own research for military use as a laser hydrogen bomb. As if understanding his agony, Reika's phantom nods gently, reassuringly at him. Suddenly, Inamura collapses to the floor, and a nearby military physician raises Inamura's arm - and is shocked to learn that Inamura has already passed away. 35 years ago, Inamura was exposed to the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, and that same radiation continued to eat away at Inamura's body throughout his life. His wife Reika, too, was a victim of the Hiroshima atomic bomb, and the true reason for her death during childbirth was due to an atomic bomb disease. Enchanted by the great energy that is nuclear power, Inamura started walking the path of nuclear physics. But the radiation that continued to invade his body and that had consumed his wife's life, he hated it more than anything. Akiko, feeling deep sorrow for her parents, holds her father's diary tightly to her chest. "That's why father couldn't allow Reikanium to be used as a weapon. Nuclear power took his beloved wife, and he wanted to investigate its true form. Aiming for a truly peaceful use..." Akiko, breaking down crying, is held gently by Muraki. And then, on the last page of Inamura's diary, the following words are written. "Godzilla is immortal. As long as there's a nuclear threat in the world, Godzilla will be revived however many times."— On the spot where the laser hydrogen bomb exploded, Muraki and Akiko toss a small bouquet from their hands. And then, elsewhere in the Pacific, on the West Coast of America—. The surface of the sea suddenly begins to ripple. Water rises, a great splash ensues, and a familiar giant black body emerges. It's Godzilla!! A tremendous roar!! A nuclear power plant stands on the coast— Godzilla, as if to prove that it will continue to live as long as there are nuclear weapons on Earth, tenses all the muscles in its body to the point of trembling, and musters continuous, earth-shattering roars.
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