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  1. you mean a good guyver video game. Otherwise, you could easily, and most probably, end with what happened to the likes of Superman etc.
  2. And no one has touched upon the fact that Guyver is underrated (or may be not underrated at all, it may even deserve its current state) simply because the story doesn't go anywhere. People grow up. Get old and die. They need to do stuff quickly. Guyver's creator seems ot have a different idea altogether. No amount of details or whatever, justifies this amount of inertia.
  3. oh man, why did you have to say that anime is for kids primarily. I was very content with my bubble that i had above average intelligence and that is why found these series so straight forward. Please take that back because i would like to think that i am watching something that is serious and not aimed at kids. But coming back to why I like guyver. I like it because guyver is perhaps the only series i have seen where the hero, who has a lot of power available, isn't un-killable or holding back in battles. watching naruto, i always thought that man why can't naruto just do away with punks early and fast with his most powerful attacks. I found the same problem with cowboy bebop. The 4 protagonists always have something up their sleeve and are never pushed to full capacity. They always outsmart their opponents and rarely put a foot wrong that has lasting consequence. With guyver, they come into battle and sometimes blast away enemeies with megasmasher. But sometimes that megasmasher doesn't work. They get their back sides kicked and have to come back with another plan, some other day, with some permanent losses such as show's father. or the creator ship perhaps. WHen i look at for example, street fighter. I always think that why is ryu or ken or bison holding back their big attacks. Sometimes making fights unnecessarily tough or prolonged. ANd lets not even talk about marvel or dc. Superman holds back in all battles. So does flash and other people.
  4. okay and you also mean to say that 'this guyver series' is, even with the faults (present or not) you have mentioned, isn't a universe better than retarded farts like one piece or naruto? Frankly, Guyver is an unfortunate soul. I searched for best anime ever and came up with alchemist series. I watched it and it was good, but if that is 'the greatest anime of all time' then alchemist is garbage. Predictable story line and too much unnecessary drama. but then again, may be that is the best anime/manga can deliver. In comparison to great movies or tv series, anime series are as dumb as f-u-c-k .
  5. yeah i second that. But what i really want is a tv series. It would be swell to see Gigantic Guyver fighting or guyver xd fighting badass zoalords.
  6. I mean, i just loved a tiny tiny guyver going up against these monster ass zoanoids. Now, the tv series never went to far to show us Gigantic (just a 30 second fight scene with zextole) or Gigantic xd in action but I think it wouldn't look as spectacular. ANd if you think about it, Archanfel isn't that big either, neither is guyot. So i wonder how Gigantic xd would compensate for that. Certainly not stomp them or something.
  7. has it ever been explained why guyver 3 has 2 blades on each arm while all the other guyvers have one?
  8. Okay. What i got from your post is this. Guyver can kill 90 percent of what chronos can throw at him. Guyver needs a bigger guyver to kill the rest of the 10 percent chronos throws at him i.e zoalords and alkhenfal (though the prospect of alkhenfal fighting are becoming ever so unlikely.)
  9. Actually i have been a huge guyver fan. I have watched both the tv series like a zillion times. and i still do agian and again. The manga is a bit hard to read. I try to read it from place to place but it is colorless and the drawings don't give you much in any case or may be it's just me. But i did know most of what you said already. I was just curious if the new forms of guyver mean that the original form is redundant or useless now. Judging by your answer, I think it is.
  10. a more relevant question would be why did Archanfel need a guyver remover in the first place. its not like guyver 0 had a gigantic xd available to him. It was a simple tiny guyver. Why couldn't archanfel just go up to him in his battle form and rip his control medal out like he did with Guyot's crystal?
  11. Wow. Just wow. Can someone else come up with their detailed ending? Just reading a hypothetical one made me feel like i already watched the ending.
  12. Not a Gigantic Guyver and certainly not a guyver xd. i am talking about a simple guyver. Can a simple guyver beat a zoalord or archanfel or someone like apollon? and if not, then what is the use of such weak form of guyver. Why not just launch into gigantic straight away. Doesn't the unit itself know that its base form is too weak.
  13. salkafar, That would be an ending that just doesn't happen in entertainment business. Otherwise, I think that would be the best ending. Everything gone except for a handful of people and ofcourse guyvers.
  14. are we all sure that there are only 3 (or 4 units) units of guyver in the whole of the universe? What if the creators came back with an army of guyvers?
  15. i would say "Praise be to God"
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