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  1. i am well aware of how aptom heals i but it is much different then how a guyver heals as it is still reitivly limited by his need to "eat" to do it and really its more like him taking over a healthy body rather than really healing .if he absorbed a guyver it would become near unlimited like there's so long as a peace of him exists. further more the guyver unit is a living parisite the only inorganic part is the control metal and is not just an armour and since it is jacked into the wealders brain it is part of them . but this brings up a good question although aptom cant consume guyver due to the control metal couldent he still copy his weapons and powers through touch like he did with with bio freezer since all he needs is a genetic sample. further more in theory he could also copy guyver gigantics enhanced ability's by absorbing some of its dna.
  2. well actually technically aptom only had a set amount of modes at first to if enough unus (or similar bio fusion enabled zoanoid) equipped with different weapons were to fuse with a libertus (or similair mode changing zoanoid) its possible each one would act as an additional new mode and if enough were put to gather it might equal or surpass aptom
  3. thats true but even if he did get a g unit (or a copy of one) its possible the unit would be useless to him remember in aptoms first apperence he had the ability to copy dna and transform into a copy of the doner which he used to copy guyver. although his copy guyver form was way weaker then a true guyver this means that aptom does have guyver dna inside him already and once bacus upgraded him he was likly able to become a perfect copy and just forgot he had that dna in the mix. infact his ability to upgrade zoanoid powers that he absorbs likly stems from a g-units power to refine its host. so if a guyver were equiped to aptom it would likly do nothing since aptom gets new powers from dna and getting more of of the same dna would do nothing. the only thing that would happen would be aptom getting guyver regeneration from the control medal. mind you this does raise an interesting question since aptom was using guyver dna in that first fight and his arm was blasted off does that mean that theres an aptom version of the bio boosted beast running around the forest.
  4. i was wondering if aptom is still considered a lost number i ask because the critical trait for being a lost number is the inability for a zoanoids powers to be duplicated but the libertus and unus models both use a version of one of his origanal powers the ability to transform and the ability to fuse. so if they were put togather it would add up to aptom lite wouldent it what do you guys think?
  5. sorry to say but aptom literally cant use a g-unit he is part enzyme 2 remember so he has an enzyme in his blood that would melt any guyver unit that tries to equip to him its unavoidable.
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