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  1. Yo, guys I'm back with new content... granted it isn't fanfiction material (I've been busy with that RPG system I was working on before I went dark). I have just added new pictures of my female Zoalord (or should I say Zoalady ) Harmonia Sel'estra. https://www.deviantart.com/ultimatewkar/art/Harmonia-Inked-757515462 https://www.deviantart.com/ultimatewkar/art/Harmonia-Colored-757515245 https://www.deviantart.com/ultimatewkar/art/Harmonia-Colored-and-Shaded-757514616 I also have varies pictures featuring Breast expansion, GTS, as well as some test images I've been doing sin
  2. Pretty much, have console that can also function as a proper handheld system is pretty ambitious. I myself am more curious on how the Joy-con work, especially when being used for split screen local multiplayer. It looks like each joy-con functions with only six buttons plus analog sticks from what we can see of them in the pictures and the trailer that have been released. I am hoping they have a better set of release titles than the 3DS did at launch. You've probable notice that Nintendo Switch game carts are noticeable thicker than the 3ds' (the 3DS game carts can have up to 8 GB of data), So
  3. So... exactly how bad is the current wiki code? I mean is it a total mess and what version of, I'm assuming it was written in Html or html with some php was it, written with. if it just need to be written with the updated codes that could a while, but I wouldn't think it would be that much of a problem, unless it is a total mess. In which case would it be easier though really time consuming to just write it from the ground up or is there enough code the would be salvageable to use in building a new version?
  4. Really, you would do that Sully~sama? That would be AMAZING!! You know I actually wish I older to have been able to view the 1998 version WarriorGuyver site with Joe who was the one responsible for introducing me to you and your site via the datafiles of all things. I am so glad he did as I probable wouldn't have found this site when I finally was able to get on the internet myself in high school. I wish he was still around, I bet he would be as static about hear this offer as I am. I just hope I can make a lot more headway with the coding of the Legend of Fire Guyver Episode 1 fanfiction thi
  5. I'm kind of mixed between the Sefer Sephiroth boss fight from FF VII and the Galamoth optional super boss from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Also, on the subject of Optional Super Bosses, I HATE YOU Ruby and Emerald Weapon.
  6. I don't recall, if I mentioned this before or not here, but I've been in college for a few... um... several years now. So despite spending many semesters in a CGP (computer graphics and Programming) Degree I've only now taking a Web development class. Those of you who were part of the warrior guyver board before the merge with Japan Legend might remember that for a while I had a rather horrible organized fanfiction site made with the template system provided by Tripod.com and I did mention back in 2012, that I was working on a version of the site using Microsoft sharepoint designer 2007 (yo
  7. I know this kind of sounds weird, but I view you guys as my friends, granted I haven't been on this forum in a while between college and my RPG project I've been working on. I am honored to have met everyone here. Thank you jedi-guyver, Zeo1234, and Zeus Thunderbolt for the comfort it means a lot to me.
  8. I know I have talked about my older brother Joe a little on here and on my deviant art account, he was a big fan of warriorguyver.com and great war of the guyver back during its early years and it was that inspired him to create his warrior wizard guyvers. I have been working with him for several years now (as some of you may remember I had wrote a fanfic based on his characters, that I need to continue now more than ever) discussing what his ideas where and sharing my thoughts. You know trying to prepare myself to write his main character Seph Star and his organization the MBS in a way that h
  9. It would be really nice if GWOTG could continue, though the idea of anyone trying to finish the story does make me wonder if Allen ever had a... um excuse the D&D terminology... Settings bible or something like it? It would make it a bit easier for any writer who took over to keep the character in their proper personality set.
  10. Well, I would like to be the first say that this incredible news. Congratulations on 17 years of GuyverC, Matthew.
  11. Congraduation, . I know what you mean, I haven't written any kind of story for a while. though I've done plenty of paper prototyping, after all my CGP degree is in game development. I'd love to read any new stories that you write and hey if you do something in fantasy you could use it to encourage your students to read and write more, just a thought. But honestly, its good to hear from you, lord allen.
  12. I'm sorry to hear that you guys have been really busy alot. I hope that every settles down for you Sully, I really enjoyed the rewrites to the time war saga and I also hope every thing is good with everyone else here too. I'm will most likely be graduating from my associate's degree in a two weeks myself. I'd love to show off some of the stuff that I've been working on too.... except the best I could do is screen shot *sigh*. Next Up, bachelor time!
  13. Give it a few months and it will probably pick up for a little while. Maybe at the very lest one or two new treads will be made or some more of us will reply to this one . High Drowic Godly = W'kar.
  14. Ultimate W'kar would like to be the first to congratulate you. So that is what Sully looks like, wouldn't have never figured. but, congratulation.. again. Leema Har'gachi out.
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