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  1. I haven't had any luck finding them either, and it's rather frustrating to be honest...Especially since the Matter of Britain allegedly deals with the original tales of King Arthur. I would love to read that or find it but no luck with that; or the other Matters. It's frustrating because all I can find on Charlemagne, Arthur etc are added tales, stories and newer "modern" fairytales. I'd like to see the original story though.
  2. I'll never forget this moment...it was so tragic...I was six when I saw this. There are thousands of scenes I could cite or share, but I'll start with this one... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrFUjbB6FPg
  3. I Don't consider Aptom to be a Lost Number. He is beyond that at this point, and has become something else entirely. Lost Numbers may be genetic mutations and have unstable abilities, but they are still technically Zoanoids; Zoanoids that can never be replicated or controlled fully by a Zoalord. But Zoalord's still can communicate with a Lost Number telepathically. Guyot did this with the Lost Numbers as did Barcus. But Aptom freed himself from even the telepathic wave lengths of Zoalords. Aptom was a lost number but became something more. A new entity all together. He is not a Zoanoid, Lost Number or any Zoa-type for that matter. He's as he refers to himself: "The ultimate battle creature".
  4. So I've been trying to find a way to read the actual three matters of medieval literature for some time now, but I haven't had any luck whatsoever with finding them. Anytime I try looking them up online, all I can find is the wikipedia pages talking about them, and some websites discussing their subject matter. Either that, or some thesis and articles talking about them, but where can you actually go to read them? I haven't found them in my library, I can't find them online either. Is there anywhere you can go to read them, or do you have to be a special someone in order to have access to those pieces of literature?
  5. See I was raised on a military base, so I never saw this "rigged" system or "systemic" racism that everyone talks about. I grew up playing with all kinds of people from various ethnic backgrounds and genders and we were fine, we were a family, and we were Americans. We didn't have any type of racial problems we had each others backs and were patriotic. Maybe because we were children too, we didn't have a full grasp of what was going on outside. But whenever we were taught about racism in school, they talked like it was some archaic thing of the past, now it's rampant everywhere. I don't believe for a second that our nation is still racist (at least systemically racist) like everyone tries to make out. There are no laws prohibiting people like the Jim Crow laws. Jim Crow was systematic. Jim Crow was an actual law that we could point to and examine, and agree that it was racist. But simply saying there's racist "White Privilege" somewhere out there in the universe, doesn't do anything or help anyone. It's just a way for people to excuse their own bigotry and justify their hatred. If I see someone who is behaving in a racist manner, or people can point to an actual law that is racist intentionally or discriminating then I will agree, but simply blaming people as racist because they happen to have white skin (which is racist in and of itself) doesn't help anyone.
  6. I'm happy to announce, that the game is now fully funded! We're actually almost 20 dollars over. If anyone from here pledged something, thank you so much for doing so! The game should be out by Christmas and we currently ship to U.S., Canada, U.K. and Japan.
  7. Well what do you think of this video rebuttal I just shared? Do you really believe that something like skin pigmentation genetically and inherently makes someone a racist? That by default, as soon as their born, even if they don't want to be, they're racist; just because of how they look? If so, please explain why. You make good arguments in your debates Sal, I'd like to hear your opinion on this.
  8. Yeah, I saw this when the trailer first came out. I'm super excited for it. You even see Kumonga in the trailer! This is the biggest we've seen Kong since his first battle with Godzilla and King Kong 76. I'm so glad they went with the 76 style for Kong. That was the most terrifying and scariest form of Kong I've ever seen. In fact, he gave me nightterrors and nightmares as a child lol.
  9. I have mixed feelings about him honestly. I was so excited to finally see the images and then was somewhat disappointed in it. I don't like his weird eyes, and head. And I likewise don't like his deformed arms. I also don't like his tail or his spikes. But I've heard the movie's been one of the best adaptations of Godzilla ever, and even beat the 2014 Godzilla. So I'm still gonna watch it, don't get me wrong, I just really don't like his design. I can't wait for Kong: Skull Island though and then Godzilla 2 and finally Godzilla vs Kong! I've been waiting for that remake my entire life!
  10. I came across this video today. Although it makes me sad that such a video needed to be made in the first place, it makes me feel a bit better that I'm not the only one who thinks this and that I'm not going insane. The video is a rebuttal to the Yes All White People Are Racist video which I also watched a very long time ago.
  11. There's a lot going into this. You can also enter into this sweepstakes to make your own Galatune character, that will be made into an official playable champion and be made fully canon into the story. https://www.facebook.com/galatune/app/143103275748075/
  12. Hey guys! i'm currently assisting in the creation and production of an up and coming card game called Galatune. It's inspired by anime, scifi, and fantasy and the game is both really fun and completely new in terms of game mechanics and format. In order to mass produce the game we need $20,000 and we're about 91% there on kickstarter. We have 9 days left, and I'm trying to reach out to every person I know, seeking support. We've worked very hard on this project. And if you have any questions I'd be more than happy to answer them. There's some videos on YouTube about it, I've been constructing the official Galatune wikia, we also have several social media outlets and Mike DeCarlo has been hired to illustrate the comic book. If you can pledge anything at all, even one dollar, it will help us out immensely. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1129443823/galatune-action-packed-anime-battle-card-game-and
  13. Two other videos in regards to the Missing 411 books, the tragic missing peoples' cases and Paulides's work. Again these stories are very tragic and chilling. Listen at your own discretion.
  14. I remember when I first heard about this case two years ago. To this day it still haunts me. I wish I could find the original version that I heard. But here's the story of it. Listeners discretion is advised. Dwight McCarter speaks in an interview about Dennis's disappearance.
  15. Ever since Oct. of 2013 I've been following, listening and reading these cases and stories. I have some of his books and always love listening to new interviews by him. I also look forward to the documentary. It's incredible. If you haven't taken a look at this, I strongly recommend give it a try. It may change your perspective on the outdoors. It's incredibly tragic and sad. I have a lot of respect for him and what he's doing. The first interview I heard from him on the subject back in 2013
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