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  1. for once I know what series that is (Kemono Michi) as its just finished its anime run and is written by the creator of konosuba. Alas poor princess Altena or as everyone calls her after said wrestling move princess buttocks
  2. That would mean I would have to support universe 8. As for 77 fantastic start to the new arc all coming about cause goku got bored, dammit Goku. Loving the new intro and hoping the arc keeps to this level of pace and quality looking forward to seeing Goku assemble the team.
  3. Interesting really am looking forward to this arc though just realised in theory if they wanted to the 2 zenos could perform the fusion dance if they ever really wanted to scare people with their power that female super sayianreally does seem to be brolly inspired
  4. I am loving the 10 man team that we are getting so glad to see 17 there and Gohan is looking like his training has had results still the fact that Roshi is there and not yamacha does that mean Roshi is now stronger then him, after he did quite well against freezers men
  5. Cannot wait for episode 66. 65 was another fantastic episode with some excellent animation. I would agree I reckon zamsus break down is due to black Goku being ssj rose when they fused and old kai saying do not fuse in the ssj state back in Z. Looking forward to seeing ssj blue vegito in action he should be very powerful
  6. well the super dragon balls were stated to have no limits on the power of the wishes they could grant so they might just be able to affect the other timeline, though if the same rules apply to them as other dragonballs it might just be easier to seek out the dragon god that made them and ask him to restore them assuming black didn't kill him as well
  7. loved the ep, the future trunks saga really has been by far the best of super so far But as of now I hoping for the return of Vegito and for him to kick Zamasu's ass
  8. I am hoping that goku and vegita will fuse, after all super has been dropping hints through this arc regarding the focus on portara earings
  9. Fully agree Matt it had such a promising start but the cracks for me started to show after the soul society arc finished. The series has fantastic art but the pacing and story telling got beyond a joke. At least with a one piece chapter you tend to get a lot of content in each chapter while blech wasted so much page space with splash pages the rate of story proression was beyond slow. The end fight of bleach was a huge let down and boring as hell. The final bad guy was just not that interesting. Its a shame as there was some cool stuff in that last arc like when Ichigo reforged his sword that the series then failedto follow up on in any meaningful way. Jeez there was how much filler, as you know I cannot stand filler only filler episode I have ever liked was the driving episode of DBZ
  10. those 3 guyvers from europe really had no chance of wining at all
  11. Its the Zoacrystal which prevents aptom absorbing a zoalord, just like a guyver control metal stops him absorbing a guyver, though as shown with guyver 1 he can interface with the guyver and use it to enhance his attacks ala the freezing smasher. The only confirmed zoanoids with the aptom anti virus were neo zektole and enzyme 3, its unknown if he could absorb a libetus or if their super metrobolism would protect them. No reason aptom as Sully said couldn't just steal a full zoacrystal and get that added into his body after all it worked for Waferdanos as he was never designed to work with a zoacrystal either No reason a unit g would not work on aptom, the only thing it could prevent him from doing is keeping any more zoanoid dna he absorbs after he bioboosts since the current theory is once you put the armour on it puts you back to how your were when first bonded example being the scare on sho's arm still being there after the guyver regenerated him from scratch, same reason fans think if a female guyver got pregnaut she would have to avoid bio boosting until she delivers the child
  12. Yep Steve sounds like a bit of a slave driver but for all the right reasons
  13. http://www.forbes.com/sites/olliebarder/2016/05/11/david-hayter-on-voicing-snake-in-metal-gear-and-the-joys-of-being-covered-in-goo/#3beac59659aa Forbes do a rather extensive interview with David Hayter starting with metal gear after which he moves on to guyver and how he got the role etc well worth a read
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