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  1. amazing couple of chpts, can't wait until they're translated into English at any rate, Mizuki and Tetsuro surviving on Silha against all manner of prehistoric and legendary creatures is pretty damn awesome in and of itself, but now they have what could possibly be an ancient breed of zoanoid following them around! It'll be interesting to see if he's native to the island like everything else or if Archanfel brought him in to keep an eye on our heroes.
  2. Thanks Ryuki, its one of my faves as well, the artist, Vanheist, does amazing work He did a great job on Priscella, and Duronel is the one Hyper Zoanoid OC I have that I'm completely satisfied with (the others I've had commissioned look great too, I'm just not sure if I'm tinkering with them & their overall designs yet).
  3. Thanks for your thoughts on Priscella, Bio Boosted Dude and Salkafar Here's another pic of Priscella in her human form, standing alongside her Hyper Zoanoid minion, Duronel >8D
  4. I dunno what to make of Agito's change of heart to be honest...I mean, I kinda liked how black and white the differences between Sho and Agito were if ya know what I mean. Agito was smarter, more athletic, and aggressive than Sho, seemingly the ideal host for the guyver, but Sho was more pure of heart and determined to protect those he loves than Agito, giving him a sense of inner strength that Agito lacked and couldn't comprehend. Agito was only interested in power and control and how he could use the guyver and others to his advantage, whereas Sho, who never wanted to be a guyver, only wante
  5. It could depend on the intensity of the blast, the stronger the setting, the less of a mess left behind. I mean, if the guyver can lock on to a target's sonic frequency, they're supposed to be able to shake any unshielded target apart. However, if a guyver doesn't have time to find the specific frequency or doesn't fire a full sonic blast, it makes sense that they'd just blow the target apart rather than disintegrate it.
  6. Hi everyone, its been a while since I posted here on the forum so I figured I'd remedy that and give back to the Guyver fan community by sharing some artwork I've commissioned from some of the best artists on deviantart.com! First up are two images of my female Zoalord OC Priscella Westenra, a British Zoalord who controls Europe in my own personal fanverse lol. She was drawn by the VERY talented Inspector97, do yourself a favor and check out his gallery when ya get the chance. As you can see, her Zoaform comes in two different colors, and while I'm partial to her blue and white version, I'd l
  7. I wasn't disappointed persay when the Exceed was introduced, BUT, I will admit I was kinda like "what the hell? Seriously? Megazord Guyver?" XD I guess my fear at that point was that the story was going to become too outlandish or that Sho was going to become far too ridiculously powerful for any of the remaining Zoalords to pose a serious threat or challenge to him anymore, I mean, the Gigantic seemed plenty powerful enough at the time, but I got over it and feel that he's still got his work cut out for him since we have no idea what Imakuram, Arcanfel, or Apollyon have planned for him just
  8. I was honestly surprised by the arrival of Apollyon, I had expected either Aptom or one of the male guyers to show up, instead the most dangerous wild card in the Guyver Universe so far is here and I think Guyot's finally run out of luck!
  9. I have to agree with much of Super Existence's reasoning concerning Apollyon's identity being that of Archanfel or Imakuram as opposed to an Advent agent, especially the part about if the Advents really returned and wanted earth gone, they could easily just hurl more meteors or moons at it until they get the job done as opposed to dispatching just one agent to go around stealing Zoacrystals.
  10. Awesome! Found my way here at last lol. Excellent job on the translated comic Amika, thanks for sharing it with us I must admit I was caught off guard by ALOT of what's happened recently...Natsuki's fall & undertermined fate, Shizu's arm, Valcuria being knocked out, & Guyot coming face to face with Apollyon of all people! Guyot just can't seem to catch a break can he? Returned from the grave and already his master plan is falling apart XD I agree with what others have said that Apollyon is probably after Guyot's unit remover, however, since many of us suspect that Apollyon MIGHT be
  11. Hannibal Cannibal Barcus it is then >:3 XD At any rate, the new council is gonna be a mix, some Zoalords will be modeled after past Zoalord models, only upgraded in some ways, perhaps compensating for their predecessors weaknesses and/or with anti-guyver combat in mind (Imakuram is proof you can take an older yet still successful Zoalord design and make it even better than before) whereas others will possess new designs and abilities we haven't seen other Zoalords utilize yet. Gotta have a few originals or near originals in there afterall, though knowing my luck the remaining Zoalords we h
  12. I know what ya mean, its kinda unavoidable not to think of Hannibal Lector when ya hear the name Hannibal, even though it was originally a great Carthagian General's name. Naming the son of Barcus has been a challenge (can't just call him Bob or Billy Barcus or something XD), I liked the sound of Dominic before but had to change it for the reasons I mentioned before...I like the sound of Hannibal Barcus since it has the historical connection just like his dad's, but I'm also considering the name "Fulton Barcus," basically name him after the main villain from the Guyver live action film, but he
  13. Oh heavens no, Barcus Jr would never shirk his duties in such a manner "meanwhile, on a private island in the tropics, Barcus Jr. is busy enjoying some fun in the sun with Valcuria" XD Anywho, I added a bit more to the teaser, basically gave the new zoalords a chance to speak and what not, may end up editing it again and skipping straight to the meeting if the conversations between the council members come off the wrong way, still working on how they should all act and how they'd behave casually and formally. Oh, Dominic is now called Hannibal, basically named him after the son of the real l
  14. Thanks, glad ya like it so far, Takaya is an amazing guy for thinking up so many Zoalord characters, it was INCREDIBLY hard to imagine up the few I have even when I had past zoalords to influence them somewhat lol. Glad ya liked Barcus and Imakuram's interactions, and as for Barcus Jr's current whereabouts...You'll see, bwahahahaha! >8D What ya think of Imakuram being head of Chronos Japan and Commander in Chief of Chronos? I figure since his territory is smaller than that of the other Zoalords, who have multiple countries to watch over in some cases, it wouldn't take up as much of his ti
  15. Guyver: Age of Chronos The sun could be seen rising ever higher in the morning sky over the ominous pyramid fortress that was Chronos' Dead Sea Base, the Supreme Zoalords Hamilcar Barcus & Imakuram Mirabilis patiently awaiting the arrival of their fellow Council members while their various zoanoid minions patrolled the area by land, sea, and air, hard at work to guarantee their masters safety. To some they might have appeared like royalty dressed in their regal cloaks, to others, cold-blooded tyrants, and to be honest, either description would have suited them quite well as they gazed ove
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