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    Woooooow!!! I had no idea on either. Exclusive club we are in!! Woot!
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    Yep. 30 of Barcas and 40 of the processing tank. Considering they're 16 years old i'd imagine there are a even less now, what with loss and damage. It's crazy what they go for now!
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    That is so awesome!!! I didn't know there were only 30 made?!
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    Nice collection man! I was jealous of you having barcus until I lucked up yesterday and got a notification from Mandarake a week after scoring the adjustment tank! It must be fate!! It's from the same store as well! I will finally have it next week! Can't wait! It's hard to be believe there are only 30 of these in existence in the world!!
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    Good news everyone! I figured out that you can get the games running if you install the RPG Maker runtime package. I've linked to it in the first post and have added some screenshots. I also removed the small edits I made to get the game running (mentioned in the first post) so that these are totally accurate to what was released back in 2006. If you are in need of some Guyver content while the manga is on hiatus, well here ya go! There's a message at the end of the Guyver 3 game which mentions that the games were made by Unito Guyva, who was a member on the old Guyver Board - I feel bad for not having remembered this as he was a good friend. He became inactive I guess 10 years ago or so (wow!) so I hope he's well wherever he is.
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    I think tora wants to start a new "storm area 51". Heck, I'm in. ... Let's just storm relics point, they can't stop all of us.
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    So we painted the wall behind the shelf and I had to move it. By doing so, I was able to redo the placement of all the greatness...
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    Absolutely awesome! I have Barcas too. Took a long time to get him! I want more figures too. In the worst way!
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