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  1. Yeah, we are gonna have US Agent on the show. He's gonna be played by Kurt Russell's son, I believe.
  2. Holy Crud, the Time Keepers...how the hell did I miss that?!? Now I have to see this.
  3. "We just don't know what to expect."
  4. That doesn't sound ominous at all.
  5. C'mon...what did you expect?
  6. Hey all, this has been rattling in my head for a bit, but I need to get this out there... With Marvel having recently re-acquired the rights to Conan the Barbarian (and having him as part of the Savage Avengers), I have been wondering...what do you think would happen if everyone's favorite Cimmerian suddenly ended up in the Guyver-verse? Now, before some of you would say "he wouldn't last five minutes," let me put this in perspective...we are dealing with a man who comes from an age where sorcerers, wizards, monsters, demons and Crom only knows what else were the order of the day...and h
  7. Something along those lines, here's a link to their website: https://www.atomicmassgames.com/
  8. For my next contestant, I want to switch away from the cosmic guys for a bit and try someone a little more down-to-earth...the Human Torch! Now before anyone says anything, I'm not talking about Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four, but rather -- Jim Hammond, the original android Human Torch from the 1930s. The original Human Torch possessed the mental ability to control ambient heat energy and the physical ability to transform his entire body, or portions of his body into a fiery, plasma-like state of will. He possesses the mental ability to control ambient heat energy and the ph
  9. "Am I dead?" "No! Why would you think that?" "Because you are."
  10. Don't know how many of you follow miniature games, but I've been getting into a recent one called Marvel: Crisis Protocol. And I wanted to share some of my painting efforts on the figures. I'll start off with the Hulk; rather than go green, I went with this Grey mode. Lemme know what you think!
  11. Wakanda forever. https://pagesix.com/2020/08/28/black-panther-star-chadwick-boseman-dead-of-cancer-at-43/
  12. Truth, justice...and the Black Adam way.
  13. "Who the hell are you supposed to be?" "I'm vengeance."
  14. I don't care how many demons he's fought in how many hells...he's never fought us. Not us UNITED.
  15. Still sticking around...something's gotta come up sooner or later.
  16. While we're still on the cosmic route, I'm going to revisit another "oldie-but-goodie"...the enigmatic Adam Warlock! Created by the renegade scientists called the Enclave, Warlock was created to be the perfect human being, the pinnacle of future human evolution. As he emerged, he sensed his creators' evil intentions and lashed out them. He then escaped, and went on to become one of the most pivotal figures in the Marvel Universe's cosmic pantheon. Much of Adam's powers are derived from his unique biology, which grants him vast capabilities and powers. These powers are also subject
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