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  1. Another note...I find myself coming back to the Zombies episode a lot lately. Must be something to do with it being October...
  2. Okay, refresh my memory, what is the name of the magazine that the story was featured in?
  3. Played mine on a regular SNES. Took me years, but I was finally able to beat the thing. And whenever I think of that game, Green Jelly always springs to mind.
  4. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance -- final battle against Doctor Doom!
  5. Well, they are featuring the JSA in the movie, and Doctor Fate is in the roster. Maybe he can provide an advantage...
  6. "It's not just a signal...it's a warning."
  7. On a related note, I am gonna crack up every time I hear this now...
  8. Well, Season 1 has wrapped, and I for one found it fun. Can't wait to see what Season 2 has in store. Personally, if they're going to explore the multiverse, I wouldn't mind seeing them cross over into other Marvel shows (i.e. Spider-Man and X-Men TAS, Avengers EMH, Spectacular Spider-Man). Hey, if DC can bring back John Wesley Shipp's Flash and Michael Keaton's Batman, there's no reason the MCU can't do something along those lines.
  9. Saw the movie last night, had a good time (but no Green Jelly -- DAMMIT!!!!) However, that mid-credit scene...THAT rocked.
  10. No match this time around, but I caught the season finale of "What If...?" and it kinda occurred to me...the battle between the Guardians of the Multiverse and Vision/Ultron looks kinda how I envisioned a fight between the Avengers and Archanfel... I mean, granted yes, there'd be some differences but the basic gist would be the same. What do you think?
  11. No Tora, it is not. Case in point:
  12. Let me spare you the trouble...
  13. Same guy who plays the Candyman.
  14. Trust me, there is good stuff in this show. It may take awhile, but it is there. Last week's ep, though...I'm not spoiling anything but let's just say "insane" does not do it justice.
  15. So...we're eight episodes in, and the season finale is next week. Who's watched it, and what are your thoughts?
  16. Fun fact -- Venom is being voiced by Tony Todd.
  17. "You're Hawkeye!" "Who the hell are you?"
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