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  1. Saw this through @odin Definitely fits me perfectly!
  2. I know it's been ****ing forever, but my God the memories. Is the Guyver Manga still on hiatus?
  3. I find this crossover random as hell. At least if Guyver crossed over with Warframe, that would at least make sense.
  4. Just saw this about a month ago. It's so good.
  5. Hopefully, they re-issue Guyver 1, 2F, and 3 as well.
  6. I still use the DVDs I have but I do have to eventually upgrade to Blu-ray.
  7. What the smeg? You already got George Michael on ****ing Christmas, NOW Princess Leia. Seriously, I think we need a horrible hair metal band massacre instead of this.
  8. I wonder what the Xenomorph looks like now with that new 'transformation' burst.
  9. Been a while since I've posted. Anyhoo, I dove straight in Final Fantasy XV with no regrets so far.
  10. Well the video demonstrate multiple screen usage, so I think that can take care of the split-screen. I don't think it will replace the 3DS too......unless it does even better than the Wii and PS2. The original DS wasn't supposed to replace the Game Boy Advance, that is, until it sold like gangbustas.
  11. If only I could buy Blade's Rouze cards as regular Bicycle Poker Cards as a cheap price.


  12. So what are everybody's thoughts on this system? I'm definitely intrigued myself, but I'm concerned that it won't have the hardware specs that third parties are looking. Plus the battery life on the portable screen is key. I love the fact that cartridges are coming back, and I wonder what the cases will look like. And I do like the emphasis on local multiplayer/couch co-op. Now I hope this list of third party supporters stay this big(or get bigger) throughout the console's lifetime. Side-tangent: I don't even know why Konami is on this list. Are they coming out with a pachinko peripheral, or....facebook style game? Though, I would like to play pachinko at some point in my life, though I won't give Konami money.
  13. Good video, also..... STANTS!!
  14. I would prefer is it was on Death Battle. Guyver would lose on Super Power Beat Down since it's purely a popularity contest.
  15. It's a shame they are forcing people to pay for another streaming service just to watch this show. And the ship is fugly.
  17. I forgot to mention. I really like/find it interesting that they have sentai weapons. Oh and the fact the Castle of Lions is a ship.
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