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  1. SMOKE

    New guy longtime fan

    Thanks! what program do you use to open it? When I download it isn't in a zipped folder and can't be opened by any app I've picked thus far. It shows just as the blank white paper icon.
  2. SMOKE

    New guy longtime fan

    Awesome! What happens next? Where can I access the books?
  3. SMOKE

    New guy longtime fan

    Was the media size changed? Every picture I try to upload now says it’s too large
  4. SMOKE

    New guy longtime fan

    Picked up Guyver 1-32
  5. SMOKE

    New guy longtime fan

    Have you ever tried the SAL? I thought I struck gold getting the set plus shipping for $78. Then this shipping hit me like a ton of bricks lol
  6. SMOKE

    New guy longtime fan

    Any suggestions? Sucks that shipping has to be paid twice
  7. SMOKE

    New guy longtime fan

    I assume you all have bought from there? Any issues at all? Looking at the complete set for about $72. Different editions from what I can tell. Wouldn't know what was first, second, or third edition. All I know is the viz media lol
  8. SMOKE

    New guy longtime fan

    What are these buyee points that have to be used in order to bid?
  9. Nice! I just pre-ordered the Guyver III ultimate edition. I also caved for the exclusive sideshow gigantic dark. I wish they would have made Guyver III with the open mega smasher like Guyver I
  10. SMOKE

    New guy longtime fan

    Anyone know where to get the manga for a decent price? I saw the thread about where to buy. But Amazon.jp won't ship to me. The other option is eBay which is about $300 easy.
  11. Hello everyone, I just signed up yesterday and this website is pretty difficult to navigate, and find information on. Long time Guyver fan from back in 95 when I first rented the anime at blockbuster. Seeing Guyver I get killed by enzyme in the first grade was wild!!! Lol I'm just trying to get information and connect with some Guyver fans. For the English translation do you guys not honor digital copies? Where would I submit that I own the hard copy to? Why the hell did they cut the manga and anime off? If anyone could help me out I would really appreciate it thanks.
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