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  1. I am not sure how comforting a few words a stranger on an obscure anime forum on the Internet can be, but you and your family have my most earnest of condolences, Ultimate W'kar. Be strong if you can be and seek help if you can't.
  2. Since it is a big ask to assume his current blessing on this, Allen did post this a few years ago http://warriorguyver.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=4507, So long as he is credited, and he can step back into things if he feels the need to, I am OK with the continuation of the Great War. It would be nice to have him as a consultant with whomever volunteers for this task. Now that he is a teacher, he could even grade you...
  3. I love the new updates that are up on the website. I can't wait to see them added to the datafiles when the time comes. Any chance of a Striker picture?
  4. On the audio rabbit-hole that is Soundcloud, I found someone who remixed some of the 12 ep. Guyver series music. They're all pretty much have a smooth hip-hop beat feel. If you're into that sort of thing, I thought you could find some enjoyment out of this playlist. https://soundcloud.com/bluerobotsocks/sets/guyver-remix-playlist Those are the remixes I could find on Soundcloud. Should I look for more? or could you post any that you do?
  5. I first watched John Wick after finding out about him in the Payday 2 DLC he came as a playable. The movie is a better representation of the man than the game. Solid for the most part. Maybe not one for the bluray collection, but something to add to your 'watch later' equivalent on any streaming service.
  6. I can see the error too. On the PM page, I typed in a few names of members and a few worked, like Matt's and James', but it didn't work for Sully nor you, McAvoy. I either get "Some users couldn’t be added as they have disabled private message receipt." or the name doesn't copy over from the 'Find Member' popup form.
  7. *Original Post edited. Shall I add the rest of the Stellar stuff now, or wait for the bits to be written? **Added Preparations part 1 and 2 placeholders since I realised I was being lazy. It didn't take too long, McAvoy. Once I had the 'problem' in front of me and had an idea of how to solve it, all I did was look at each story and ctrl+c and ctrl+v. Quite a few stories are a bit difficult to pin down on the first pass (what you see now). I think some of what Matt and Andre wrote could be placed better (in relation to where they fit in during 7DoH). Any input on this regard?
  8. After reading the new re-writes of the Warrior Guyver, I got a bit bored and cobbled together a ham-fisted list of all the fics on the main site and put them in order in relation to where they fit with Sully's main Warrior Guyver story. It is no way definitive and is quite open for change since some of the parts have notation on where they fit and some don't. I reasoning I've done this is this: Reading each writer's bit, from part one to whatever they have written up to is good, but can lead up to spoilers on another writers story. A list of what to read next without exposure to 'major spoilers' was my motivation. Any help on what changes are needed will be a great help. Also, I forgot how to use a BBS, so everything is in quotes and full urls ATM since .txt or word formatting doesn't match up here. Any help on that would be great too... WG.com Fan Fiction Reading Order List [Order] [sUBJECT]: [sUB-HEADING] [LOCATION IN RELATION TO] [PART NUM/RE-WRITE/NON-RE-WRITE][HYPERLINK] In The Begining Union of the Guyvers Time War Revenge Rescue All Things Change Meeting of the Warriors Strange World Seven Days of Hell
  9. It was around 1998 when I found this site through the web links on BioWeapons.com using my secondary schools lab computers. Because i didn't have a computer back in the day, and the computer lab supervisor was a dick with the printer, I used to half-hitch his surplus floppy disks, convert the fan fics to .txt and print them off on the art departments old dusty computer, the one lost in the storage cupboard. I loved watching that old printer go, you know the ones, the kind of ones with those hole punch things on the side of the paper (dot matrix?).
  10. Remember that Guyver Zoanoid vinyl kit I bought when Me, you (Sully) and Xtro Guyver bumbled around the Birmingham NEC in days gone past? Yeah, that kit is still unpainted.
  11. Congrats on the gainful employment and responsibility, Allen. Does the Mrs know of your writing background or are you dreading the comedy of errors telling her about it? A new story from you will be greatly appreciated from everyone here. Guyver or Non-Guyver. Maybe a Guyver story with a genre twist. Detective mystery, spy thriller and chilling psychology horror are genres that could make for a welcome change to the Avengers Summer Blockbusters we're used to around these parts. Downton Abby with Guyvers? Heck, any of those genres without Guyvers are great too.
  12. We all know that Sully is working his butt off with editing all ~500+ pages of the main wg.com fan fiction site. It would be safe to assume that most of those pages are datafile's and most of the editing would be updating various statistics and some display formatting and other such laborious tasks. Something that is distracting Sully for his main responsibility around here...saying "No Comment " at every instance and writing more fan fics. So in order to facilitate Sully in doing his main job, I propose that using a wiki-style database would be an apt way of helping out in managing datafiles and even the fan-fics themselves. Sure, it would take a bit of work setting the thing up and learning the wiki "in's and out's", but I do believe that the final pro's do outweigh the initial cons. You don't need to have everyone here enabled to edit the wiki-database, just a few people could transfer the datafiles across, using a pre-determined style guide, and Sully (after spending most of the weekend playing on his xbox (or writing more fics) and other such pursuits a man of hard work and leisure would get upto) can come along and do some polishing up before allowing the datafiles to be published live. the cons of doing a wiki would be: 1) time: to learn how to set up a wiki and how to optimise it for the wg.com 2) effort: to do 1) the pros: 1) time: improves the rate in which datafile's can be created, edited by the fanfic writers, and searched and viewed by the viewing public 2) effort: once the general knowledge of wiki style rules are known, the effort of making wiki entries is reduced compared to doing the same thing using html. The back-end of the site work shoulnt be that different from managing a phpbb system (plus it could add another string to Sully's computer techie bow(think of the possibility of promotion and/or more money for knowing something that one of your other colleagues in the workplace doesn't know how to do!!) 3) collaboration: wiki's are tools for collaboration. From my experiences at going to Uni (twice), groups using wiki's (or other such collaboration tools) not only boosts output, but depending on its purpose, the groups creativity too. 4) creativity: Not only datafile information could be on this wiki, but some of us could contribute speculative datafiles regarding newly seen zoaforms (speculative being the keyword since it would be the main fanfic writer's having the final say so), reports about various fic characters that the military would be making about each of the main cast. 5) the datafiles section is meant to mimic something that a clandestine organisation like Chronos or the ACTF would use. A wiki is a more logical way of representing such information since it is more likely that in these days, governmental organisations use such "secure" wiki's to hold vital information about people, other organisations, locations and technologies. 6) There is a way of making the css stylesheet for the database look more like the wg site we all know and love, so there is not a big problem in that regard. I would go as far as saying that it would make the datafiles page look more like something a military organisation would use. 7) the web-standards that wiki's employ would make the site more usable without much effort (even usable on iPhones and other such mobile devices) (*it would also remove that black-on-black problem on the w'kar site in a pinch*) More likely than not, Sully would not have the time or inclination at the present for such an undertaking, but its something to think about for the future after he has finished re-editing all of the fics up to Seven Days of Hell...
  13. LOSTUDE GUYVER, there is not a sharp bit on him...
  14. Another WG unit... Maybe you could ignore the references to "stellar guyver" in the pm I sent and replace it with Stealth WG unit? Should I post what I pm'd you, Sully? ***** Edit
  15. From the looks of it, I think you should use either 3 , 5 , or 6 . The colouring of the 1 and 4 look too "busy" (if you know what I mean, and no. 4 more so), the colour of one section of armour should not necessarily be totally different from the immediately adjacent section of armour. And with option 2, I think would work too, but in my opinion Sho has pretty much "trademarked" his colours and having WG's colours would not follow previous form. Anyway, the discussion of any Warrior Guyver colour is quite academic since they can turn "chameleon" and have all of their armour match that of another Warrior Guyver.
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