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  1. I don't believe they can be mind controlled as matt pointed out. The reason was mentioned in Guyver, that regular first stage humans, and Zoanoid humans interbred and eventually the Zoanoid lines thinned while Humans lost telepathic sensitivity. We know the creators could control regular humans too, but after so many years, the need for that genetic trait was probably lost.
  2. Everyone seems to keep forgetting about how some basic common Zoanoids cab handle most conventional weaponry. it took a Gregole getting a direct hit with an M1 Abrams tank tank shell to be taken out. Even so a single Gregole could take out an M1 Abrams on his own, and those that weren't hit directly were able to continue. The Guyver is way tougher than a Gregole by many fold, Money is on Guyver. For a tank shell to kill guyver, it's going to have to hit the Control Metal or very close. Body impacts are not going to do much because of how the Guyver armor is. the armor is pretty much stronger than a thick metal support beam, and even if you were were lucky to get a shot off, he has pretty much a weapon or ability to counter such a tactic barring WMD's.
  3. He was legitimately creepy in the first Guyver Movie.
  4. I was always thinking he was playing an obviously too stupid a person to try and stay under the radar. Obviously he kept giving himself away in the process, especially when he first transformed,
  5. Well, not too surprised with the results. Japan's movies are easily as hit and miss as Hollywood's when it comes to destroying source material.
  6. That explains most of the characters in the DB franchise. Most of them served a good purpose, and then no more. List the characters, and then think up the last time they did anything major, then narrow it down to if those that id anything major did anything recently. They feel like glorified background characters.
  7. Ya know, I wonder about the whole body modifying thing. I know that the official Guyver anatomy says it does change the hosts inside. But, as far as the 2 anime series are concerned, and what I've read of the manga, not all mind you, so correct me if I'm wrong, but we never really see that part of Guyver mentioned or shown in any media.From what I've always seen across the years, the Guyver is treated like a literal living armor. Has the body changing ever played a factor in the manga? Again I haven't read them all. But every time we see Sho transform, and the normal armor into Gigantic and then XD, it all just looks like regular armor wrapping around something. That said, I think it would be a little....much if Sho was actually 50m in XD. The regular Gigantic armor is pretty much a power up mode for the normal Guyver, armor for armor, and then that extra armor grows. To me, I've looked at the XD form more like a giant mecha being piloted by the normal standard Guyver. A giant exoskeleton. But that's me, I'm just going by what I see presented in the manga and anime. I was actually quite surprised to know that the Guyver changes the hosts insides. Before I discovered that, my only access to Guyver was the OVA, live action movies, and anime series, which just pretty much ignored all that. Especially the movies, since the whole armor storage is handled differently in those. From what I remember, the G Unit's organism fuses with all human cells, either it be bone, skin, or nails. From there it reinforces and infuses the cells with bio energy, preserves DNA from damage and speeds up metabolism. In this way a single cell is able to regenerate rapidly without problem for regeneration, and the organisms allows the fused cell to further add enhancements for durability and power. It's not exactly sound science, but it does help explain several of the Guyver abilities. Of course, how an alien unit can instantly bond and unbound from trillions of human cells is absurd. If your wondering, the average human body is 70 trillion, 1 trillion per kg.
  8. I'm still willing to give it a try. But that trailer, it leaves much to be desired. Feels very run of the mill with the ghost busters movie name just stamped on it. We'll see if this movie puts the majority of us to shame. On the bright side this might get a new generation of people to enjoy ghost busters. Then again, I only had to show the new generation the original to get them into the franchise.
  9. That's what I remember someone telling me from the Data files. Maybe it's my memory playing tricks on me. I would prefer it if he could function without the need to be near some gravity well. If someone remembers the science about it, I would be most grateful.
  10. Well, I'm certain the G-Unit was meant as a standard all around tool for space travel and protection. The human body can already survive in the vacuum of space for a period of time, several minutes in fact. The vacuum of space wouldn't freeze them, no heat to escape from their bodies. If they don't attempt to breath and properly hold their breath, they can prevent lung trauma and survive until they pass out. The radiation obviously wont kill us right away. Moisture on skin and eyes will boil because of heat difference but eyes can be closed and the skin issue will be burned, but not fatal. So with that, The Guyver unit can hold the hosts breath much longer I believe. It protects from radiation. Skin and eyes are protected by the suit. Body is insulated further from any heat loss. Unit unlike a human, can at least move around in space if near some gravity well like a planet or moon thanks to the gravity orb. Possible Guyvers can still move out in deep space, but the gravity will be weaker the further away from mass, so the effect of the gravity orb weakens. Note: There's a distinct possibility the G-Units have a space mode that we aren't aware of.
  11. Thancrus. partly because he was such a design that was both cool and silly. He's both deadly and impractical to the point that he can't open a door, a can, or even go to the bathroom without chopping someone off. Stick some pants on him, and watch him struggle trying to take them off while in Zoanoid form.
  12. We did see his arm severed recently. Didn't seem to have bone, just a flesh. I think the Gigantic Armor Exceed in the very least is like an insect in that it's an exoskeleton over muscle but no bones.
  13. They are really amping up the angel themes here.
  14. Aptom is a sentient creature and only ever reverts to instinct when he has no brain. The Bio-Booster creature operates on instincts and can only home in on a desire to complete itself. They are both very similar, and they remind me of the being from the movie "The Thing". The thing treads a middle line between Aptom and the Bio-Booster Creature.
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