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  1. Does Barcas even need to eat food? I was always under the impression that Zoalords get all the energy they need to function from their crystals. Though if I had to say, they probably are unaffected.
  2. Well the whole thing use to be here before some asshole came with threats. Now we just have to get the volumes ourselves and show proof of it with a picture or something else. After that, we're able to gain access to the scans.
  3. Imagine if Aptom absorbed the Ark. I think that should be his next target.
  4. Perhaps there are Galactic laws that prevent the manipulation of life that currently exists as well as laws that restrict conflict between with races that have Uranus level technology. Then it would make sense that they would have to recreate life from scratch. The Creators might have tried to find a loophole. As for Zoalord power difference compared to basic zoanoids, I don't think the size of the difference matters. They could be millions of times stronger but I think Zoalords would be relevant even if they were weaker than basic zoanoids. (Not possibly thought) I always saw it as a chain of command. Before I read through the manga and watched the 2005 anime, I thought Guyot and Barcus were actually very weak compared to zoanoids. I thought they just had the power to control them with psychic waves and nothing else. After reading through the manga several times, I wondered why the creators didn't have deterrents or other weapons (since they were forced to use Archanphel) that would prevent a failure like Guyver from happening. They must have really been confident in their mind control. If humans get intelligent enough, they would create their own army of warriors and command them to fight for the humans. It could have been a chain of command possibly like Other> Uranus > Zoalords, Zoanoids, and Humans > Other. Since creations would naturally follow their creators and time wasn't an issue, the creators seem to be on to something grand. They may have wanted to conquer the multiple galaxies by having their weapons create new weapons. Either way, they failed when they the unit bonded with a human host. Damn, now they have to start from scratch again.
  5. At the start of the series, we had simple empowered infantry units along with some bio-blaster type zoanoids like Vamore. Now it seems like zoanoids keep on getting stronger with new abilities like the Unus. However, Chronos still seems to be using their gregoles and ramotiths. Wouldn't stronger processed types be more useful to Chronos and does processing have a limit in terms of strength? I thought that maybe zoanoids could never do as much damage as the guyvers and zoalords at the beginning of the series. I'm pretty sure they were meant to be fodder, but we've seen zoanoids with the hi-frequency blades, barriers, sound weapons, regeneration, and bio-blasters like Zektole's that could do as much damage as a mega-smasher. I may be wrong but it seems the only ability the guyver's have that the zoanoids don't have is gravity control. That being said, all the zoalords seem to have it but that may be due to the zoa-crystals constantly supplying them energy. The guyver's megasmasher cannot be used as frequently as the gravity controller so energy might not even be the issue. However, the guyver may be a entirely new realm of conception from zoanoids where their gravity controller is too difficult to manifest within a zoanoid body. Neo- Zektole and Enzyme 3 are both similar in that they have a diminished life span. In exchange, they're given new perks that normal zoanoids shouldn't have such as Zektole's overloaded ability pool and Enzyme 3's regeneration. If Chronos developed zoanoids strictly to defeat a current foe instead of processing them to serve for life, couldn't they spawn enough overpowered zoanoids to take care of the Guyver's or maybe even the rogue zoalords (if they are immune telepathic waves and they still listen to the non rogues). Would 100 Neo-Zektole level zoanoids be enough to defeat a zoalord or even exceed? How about 1000 since Chronos seems to like pumping out random fodder like they clone humans. I know their loyalty is definitely questionable if they are immune to telepathic waves of zoalords but if we disregard that, how many would it take? How many Neo-Zektoles would it take to defeat the stronger characters in the series?
  6. Guyver was the first anime I've watched and it definitely was the only time I saw a hero getting brutally ripped apart like that when I was young. It definitely still gives me chills today especially when Sho is screaming in pain. There have been fights in other animes that were more bloody but it didn't give the same feeling of brutality as this since we were led to believe that Sho was going to die (for good) if the CM was removed from his forehead after we saw Guyver II's demise. After Sho's arm was bitten off, the fight went downhill for the guyver. Even as a child, I knew that the he was going to die in the fight but I also wanted him to somehow overcome it. I hoped but all I saw was that scene when Sho was coughing blood out of the guyver's exhausts followed by Enzyme's slow murderous walk towards the incapacitated guyver. Definitely agree that it is the most brutal.
  7. What if Apollyon is not just Murakami? It could be a union of Murakami and another being just like Sho and Aptom. If an agent of the creators was sent to Earth, it would probably have been in response to the activation of the Uranus ship. If the launching the ship sent a signal to the creators, they would come to the conclusion that the Earth survived, and that there was another "guyver". This agent could be another creation of the creators who was to be sent to Earth to record its sightings. Using a cloaking/ stealth technology, they stayed hidden while watching the past events unfold. However, once Sho created the gigantic and used it in battle, the agent would have immediately alerted the Uranus about the growing power of a human "guyver". As a guyver is considered a dangerous being (enough to make the creators want to destroy the Earth), the agent would not have been allowed to take any direct action against the guyvers. Instead, it could be ordered locate Archanphel and use him to dispose of the gigantic or worse, incapacitate and capture him for the Uranus to reprocess the "free will" of the human guyver. Once locating Archanphel, the agent discovers that the first Zoalord is in a grim condition, with his health on decline. There, Murakami would notice a disturbance and attack it in order to protect his lord. However, the agent communicates with Murakami and tells him whose orders he is following. Murakami who saw Archanphel's memories, understands his relation to the Uranus, even though they left him to die. Through an agreement for mutual gain, (Murakami to protect Archanphel's body and authority, and the Uranus' will to dispose of the guyver) they bond to become one being called Apollyon.
  8. IT'S MORPHIN TIME!!! Probably Adapt because I always found it to be the most fitting. I probably won't say bio-boost though.
  9. I too hope he has another form... Maybe he becomes a cube this time.
  10. Oops, sorry about that, I should have definitely checked before posting. Regardless I still love Derzerb.
  11. Derzerb was the strongest hyper zoanoid by strength. I think I can say he's stronger than Zerbebuth who claimed to be 10x gregole strength in the anime who could lift a tank. I definitely choose Derzerb.
  12. Does Sho's body grow when he exceeds or only the gigantic's body? I've heard about all the complications between volume and surface area which limits human body growth. If Sho's body had grown that large, it should be difficult even to stand. Then again the Gigantic should have no problem supporting his weight either.
  13. Where is Guyot right now? I could imagine Agito winning only to be blasted by the remover when all his forces are worn out.
  14. I think it's cool to assimilate and become Draglord like Cabral but since his form requires so many zoanoids, I'm going to go with Li Yentsui.
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