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  1. Email received, thank you very much! Great work guys : D
  2. I've thought of the same thing as regards to immunity and immortality. I was under the assumption that the reason Arkanphel wanted the unit himself was to alleviate his own sickness and to seek out the Creators. However, I suppose he could achieve this with the armour always active- I don't think there has been a reason suggested that the host cannot equip the armour indefinitely? Since the Guyver draws energy from the other dimension I don't think it would be necessary for the host to need to eat periodically. I was also under the assumption that the Creators were able to shape life on earth for billions of years because of an extended life span. Of course, whether this is because of the Guyver or because they are naturally long lived, or even immortal, cannot be proved. Or maybe they did it over generations of their own species. It could be suggested than human beings were created with limited lifespans due to their disposal weapon status and can't be compared to the Creators in that respect. I actually think the biggest source of confusion for this and the other questions regarding Sho's humanity is because of how vague the descriptions of the Guyver are. It's bothered me for years to hear it sometimes implied to be an external armour source. Thanks to this site though, there's a Data Files book which explains it a little better. The Guyver strength is tied to new bulbous organs it creates (shoulders, arms, legs etc) that are connected to the gravity orb. It's a gravity enforced strength which is why the Guyver can still have such a compact body, and why Sho would no longer be strong without the armour. You guys should check out these pages, not least of all cuz they're really neat; http://www.japan-legend.com/guyver_advocacy/mangas/Visual%20data%20files/00%20-%20visual%20data%20files%20book/vdf-007.jpg http://www.japan-legend.com/guyver_advocacy/mangas/Visual%20data%20files/00%20-%20visual%20data%20files%20book/vdf-026.jpg It seems the biggest advantage over processing for a Guyvers host is that the transformation doesn't affect the original body so severely. I remember it being mentioned somewhere that processing into a zoanoid can affect levels of aggression and it does seem to affect the subject in physical ways, changing their entire DNA pointed ears, Derzerbs head bump, eye colour etc. None of this helps really with how the host body is affected without the armour equipped : \ Though I did always feel that Sho irrevocably tied to the control medal. When enzyme pulls it from his head in the original series we get a brief flash of an xray image. I always took that to mean that 'Sho' was detached from the Guyver and was now part of the Control Medal. What was left still alive was the Bio Booster creature, unchecked by the Control Medal. That it is, the hosts essence or 'spirit' is tied to the medal so just growing a new body would have all of that information, memories, scars reapplied. So while his body is a clone, he himself, kind of isn't? Does that make sense? If I have to ask, maybe it doesn't!
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