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  1. Okay, this may be controversial and the subject of name calling (or racial terms) is not why I posted this, but it is this conversation in the comments that people were having and things that were being said back and forth to each other that really was just mind-boggling and I've known quite a few people who feel this way too. I'm so sick of all this racism crap, people need to get the focus off of race and onto the situation in the White House (or main body of government). Stop focusing on skin color and focus on ethics, focus on the laws, focus on the political scandals. Racism serves nothing but to divide the citizens of the country. Don't play into those games. HAVING SAID THAT: I came across this and I'm just speechless. I can't believe what I have read, seriously people can't really think this way can they? I mean, no one can be THIS stupid and illogical right? Talk about ultimate hypocrisy and bigotry. So apparently, according to this person, every single white person is automatically racist, every single white person is responsible for racism, every single white person needs to die (or pay for racism) and no one can ever be racist to a white person, when white people whine about racism, they're mocking real racism against others...this really made me want to bang my head into a wall, because of how stupid this person is. Here is everything she said: (You can find it in the comments in the video) "White people have created the n word to dehumanize and degrade black people. The black community has come and reclaimed the slur and made it into a positive. Even if you think youre not a reflection of your ancestors, you’re a white person and that word carries weight. Non-black pocs can not say it either. And why the hell do you want to say a word that offends such a large population of people? You do realize that nigger/nigga was used to degrade a black person pretty much every time that they were beaten, whipped, kidnapped, raped, ect? No one's segregating you. Leave us alone. You whites have taken everything from us, you want our culture, slang, all of it, but I'm standing up for it and saying no, you can't. It's very inappropriate to use the term if you're not black. You do realize that the n-word was used pretty much every time a black person was beaten, whipped, kidnapped, raped, ect? You still want to see it? I can tell you lack sympathy. You whites are inhuman devils, I smegging swear. And yes, it is dehumanizing. You're definitely a racist. You're saying that n-gger isn't a bad word but as soon as someone calls you a cracker/honkey, you get defensive. smegg up. Don't you get it? It's a word used to dehumanize people, It's a racial slur. Please educate yourself. Doesn't matter if it's a word in Spanish, a mispronunciation or whatever the smegg you whites try to use as an excuse for saying it, you shouldn't be saying it PERIOD. You're ignorant. Dehumanizing means to degrade someone and basically , psychologically, strip them of their humaneness. The n-word was used pretty much every time a slave was beaten/whipped/raped ect. and I don't understand why you would still want to say it even though so many people are offended by it. I wonder why almost every single language has a word for "white devil". Because you whites are really sick and cruel, you lack empathy for others. Whites created the system, also known as racism today. Whites are the dominant race in america, they are the beneficiaries of white privilege, they are the only racial group in america that does not face oppression and they don't have a history of genocide/enslavement/ect that actively affects their daily lives. Whites are the ones that took us over to America, they are the ones at fault. As long as the whites benefit from white privilege they will always be at fault. Educate yourself, young man, google white privilege. Uh, unless you suddenly wake up and are black then don't tell us how the smegg we should use our words.  Do those white people have a history of enslavement, genocide, colonialism and oppression that still affects them to this day? No. Doesn't matter if you're poor, I don't wanna smegging hear it. Even me, as a middle-class black female in 2014, I make less than a white woman with the EXACT same credentials as me and I've probably had more jobs than her. Racism is an institution. I don't understand you whites. Don't tell me what racism is and what racism isn't, I'm majoring in racial sociology and minoring in racial theology. And some of the stuff that I learn is pretty smegged up. When I'm talking about racial struggles and drenn, you never hear anything about white people because you were GIVEN the privilege from birth, it's easier for you to be accepted into society because of the color of your skin. You never have to worry about being followed around in a store because of the color of your skin. You never have to worry about being stopped/frisked in the street because of your skin. You growing up in a "poor" neighborhood or being called a cracker/honkey/whitey in 6th grade does not compare to what POC go through. Me telling you that you don't experience true racism is actually a complement. Why do white people want to go through what we go through everyday? And before you guys say that today's white people have nothing to do with slavery, you guys are the beneficiaries of the hardships that POC went through in the past. And how are present-day POC (people of color) affected by the hardships that occurred in the past? They face negative stereotypes and oppression. 'Nuff said. If you don't understand by now, just smegging kill yourself. Honestly white people make me so mad. You're saying that black people didn't reclaim the word. You're telling me, a black person, to not be offended when other people say it because it's "just a word". That word carries weight when it comes out of a white person's mouth, it's seen as racist because white people have called us niggers for centuries. But when black people say it to eachother, it's like a term of endearment to us. We don't mind. You're saying that you despise racism, you think we're all equal, blah-blah-blah. But why are you trying to be so protective over "a word"? You probably do say the n-word and whether or not you believe it, it does make you a racist, and shows your lack of empathy when so many people don't want you to say it. Sure, I can blame all white people for slavery. As long as they are the beneficiaries of white privilege, which allows them to have more and greater opportunities than a person of color, I can blame them for slavery. White privilege is the result and benefit from all the hardships that people of color had to go through back then. And Muslims are killed, beaten, and sometimes abused because of stereotypes about them being the perpetrators of the 9/11 attack (when actually, it was an action performed by the U.S Government itself). It's not like you guys are being killed for slavery. You, saying that racism against white people exists, is a racist act in itself. Reverse racism is a social myth, created by white people, to ease their guilt of the troubles that they have committed against colored people for so long. You saying that reverse racism exists is basically denying the fact that you have privilege in this country and you're trivializing the experiences that people of color go through everyday. A black person saying that they hate white people is not racism. It is a natural response to the oppression and hurt that you bring to us. A black person calling you a cracker/honkey is not racism. It's just that person being rude. There's a difference between racism, prejudice, and discrimination. Racism is not "a hatred or intolerance for another race", like I defined it above, it's a system, created by white people to oppress non-whites, and racism is institutionalized into every fabric of today's society: the education system (ex. non-whites having to learn about white history as a core class instead of their own), the justice system (black and hispanic people are stopped/frisked in streets because of the color of their skin, George Zimmerman, a half white/hispanic man, killed a black boy and is still free today), and the media (white people being represented everywhere, in a positive light. on the other hand black men/women and hispanic men/women are represented poorly, with stereotypes of them being lazy, ect.)  Freedom of speech only protects you politically. Freedom of speech will not stop you from social events, such as getting your ass beat for saying the n-word. And I don't owe white people anything I smegging hate them all . It doesn't matter if I wasn't a slave, I still get the short end of the stick in the long run because I am black. White people are to blame for slavery because you guys are the beneficiaries of the racism/genocide that happened back then. As long as I am black, female, and oppressed, then of course I can blame all whites for what they did to my people . The Africans that sold the slaves to the slave traders were mixed. They where Portuguese and African, and dealt with internalized racism, therefore resulting in their own people being sold off. Besides - even if they were fully black, does it matter lol? Slavery that happened in Africa was much more pleasant than slavery in America. White people treated us like chattel for 500 years and enjoyed the commodification of my people. Anyways white people have been treating minorities wrong since they showed up on Earth. smegging white devils. White people act as if they're entitled to everything. Not being able to say one word is really going to change your life..Freedom of speech, or whatever the smegg you're proclaiming will not stop you from getting your smegging ass beat if you say it lol. take a shower , take a break from smegging your siblings and pets. smegg etymology. No one needs a smegging history degree to know that black people were degraded for centuries, being called the n-word by whites while being raped, kidnapped, beat, ect. Meanwhile, white people still want to say it.. Either way, Mr. Deli Cheese, say it around some socially conscious black people and yes, expect an ass-beating. If you honestly think not being able to say nigga is infringing on your right of speech, you are a terrible person. You whites are honestly inconsiderate as smegg. Also, stop shooting up so many schools. Stop killing innocent people. Stop raping women. Stop committing so many crimes. P.S: White people lack melanin. That's why you guys are so susceptible to skin cancer.m Ergo, when the ozone layer leaves, white people will be the first to die off. smegging cracker. There's no such thing as racism against white people lol"
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