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  1. Unless people with certain body types/genes are more suited to different zoanoid models. While it is true that some zoaforms have traits that bleed into their human forms, we have mainly just seen this in Hypers, Lords, and Lost numbers. One trait that we can confirm is their resilience to sickness. After X-day, Chronos advertised that getting zoaformed makes you stronger, and I believe if memory serves more resilient to sickness. Though does the strength come in the zoaform? Are you brainwashed into exercising? And is the resilience simply because of different protein coatings on the modified cells of the human/zoanoid no longer being compatible with modern germs? Tough to say, Guyver is not a tech manual The 2005 series is not the manga, and there were a few animation mistakes, but it did make the point that the whole body might not necessarily zoaform at the same time. Murakami for instance could morph only his hand to fire the big gun. Synevite morphed his legs to stand in the water. If zoanoids are only doing partial morphs to tap into abilities from time to time, it would make it even harder to answer this question. The anime isn't necessarily canon, but it's pretty close. I'd hold it for consideration. Some scenes in the anime were better fleshed out and expanded upon-despite not perfect animation.
  2. I prefer the physical copy. I like to choose it from my shelf. I like my library
  3. Why not take a light meter out and measure? Use experimental evidence to prove whatever hypothesis we come up with
  4. My wife hates super heros, but loves X-men. It took us a while to arrange seeing this movie, but it was great. The best X-men film yet.
  5. The first world war was inevitable because society was begging for it. In the century before, people were moving from the farms and into the city. People saw themselves as getting weaker, and saw war as a way to prove their strength. They glamorized it, recounted all the great military victories. They thought another great war would be a feather in their caps, and that it would only last 3 weeks tops. They were wrong. Stopping the death of one man won't stop the war. They would have simply found another excuse to fight. The alliance with Germany however... They guilt tripped Germany into backing them, pointing out they had an alliance with Germany, and Germany had never before really supported them. Germany was desperate for allies at that moment in time, and so they gave 'the blank check', which allowed the war to escalate to such a degree that it did. Technology was ALREADY developing. It was already making war far more devastating than what man could imagine. If you could stop the alliance with Germany from bringing them into it, and keep that particular conflict to just those nations, then perhaps you could use that one war to show people how things have changed. Based on how stubborn people can be, even this is doubtful, given how anyone opposed to war was call a coward at the time. But perhaps... The world wars were a game changer. It wasn't the wars that brought the technology, that was already being developed. But people saw how much more deadly it could be. Prior to these wars, the kill count was proportionally higher. And prior, technology had been used to attain even higher proportional death tolls. After this point in history, the proportional death toll begins to decline in war. We changed. What bugs me is when idiots like Bush jr say stupid things like 'This generation has never been tested', as if we NEED to go out onto the battle field. It was promising that we weren't tested in battle! It showed we were growing, that we could resolve conflicts without violence.
  6. Roberto Orci wasn't producing or directing the last two Startreks, only writing. As of the third he's directing
  7. I don't think the control metal can repair itself; well, not the Guyver control metal anyways. But all control metal tech we've seen seems to run under the principal of making the will of the host a reality within the constraints of whatever it's plugged into. The Relic had a unit storage and remover room. Why not have this room repair metals as well? Though to be honest, if the unit were still bonded, I think being in the command room would make more sense. That way perhaps the Nav spheres could control your armor while it repairs your metal. Possibly not possible though, I mean, what if the Nav spheres must interact -through- your metal? There is just so much we don't know, but speculating is fun
  8. If he had made it to Mina Kami, do you think the Relic would have repaired the control metal? I mean, creator tech has shown the ability to manipulate the metals when necessary. I wonder if there is an auto repair function in the ship. It somewhat makes sense. If Lisker had survived the battle with Sho, it would have been interesting if he were called to Mina Kami directly. He would have had first opportunity of entering the Relic, and securing it for Chronos.
  9. I can agree with what you are saying, but at the same time, for Tim Burton, it must be great to have a job where you can choose to work with people you love, doing what you love. To form your own acting troupe. What is wrong with doing that?
  10. Hey guys, here's my latest video, enjoy
  11. Just saw this yesturday, and I loved the feel of the movie. The only tone problem I had was the people cheering with the plane crash thing. The crowd cheers always seem so fake in the climax, and ruins it. At least it wasn't as bad as the first one. And the angle of the plane crash thing was a bit of a stretch. I have been hearing a lot of negative reviews about it, so i was skeptical going in. I was worried because I loved the first one. The points the critics made are valid, script wise a few things should have been improved. I mean, Electro is born by falling into a vat of electric Eels? That is so stereotypically cheesy. They did it in a really good style though, but the critics are right. There should have been a more grounded explanation for his origin... or merely leave his origin as a cliff hanger accident, where we only see glimpses of what happened to him. And the critics are right, a pocket protector? How stereotypically nerd were they making his guy? I liked Max, but they were showing no respect to the character. Fox portrayed him well though
  12. I always assumed the red orbs were a part of the head beam, and the Agito's were merely armored. My guess is that the red orbs gather and store the heat energy, and the green orb fires it. The head beam is after all a heat based laser, running off the Guyver's body heat (If I remember the data files correctly). Let us not forget the head beam arrangement of the Gigantic
  13. They're making a third Wolverine movie. It will be called 'Thee Wolverine'.
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