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Found 2 results

  1. So I went over and contacted Viz about whether they still have the rights to Guyver. Although I didn't get a definitive answer I made some progress. Thanks for writing in! Unfortunately, VIZ no longer publishes Bio Booster Armor Guyver. If you'd like to suggest Guyver to be published again in the future, we are currently accepting series suggestions over on our contact page here: https://www.viz.com/company-contact Simply select "Series Suggestion" from the drop down menu and you will be brought to a form where you can suggest any series you’d love to see VIZ publish! So I'm guessing they do? Either way I'm going put in a request via the link under Series Suggestions, wanted to share the details in case anyone wanted to do the same. If anyone wanted the details for the form... Via Wikipedia I got the following... Title: Bio Booster Armor Guyver Creator: Yoshiki Takaya Japanese Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten I've gone a bit further and sharing it in Guyver and Anime groups and starting a petition to gain momentum. https://www.change.org/.../guyver-bring-a-full-english...
  2. Hello all, I am a long time fan of this series since I was a child. I have recently created a petition that will (hopefully) show FUNimation, a group that worked on the 05-06 series, that us fans are interested in a conclusion to the series in the form of either a second season or even a movie to finish off the story. I invite all of you loyal fans of our bio-boosted heroes to help myself, and everyone else that loves this anime, the conclusion we deserve. Thank you so much for your signature in advance. The link is below: https://www.change.org/p/funimation-finish-the-guyver-anime/nftexp/ex48/control/844068269?recruiter=844068269&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=autopublish&utm_term=share_for_starters_page&utm_content=ex48%3Acontrol Cody
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