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    Japan's pop culture, except most J-Pop music stars, though I'd like Hammy's actress (Kyuranger) to... Lets just say reveal her natural beauty.
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    I knew of you guys for years, I was going around Looking up Guyver, then found you. Sure your site has changed of the years, but us Guyver Fans gotta stick together...
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  1. Nothing... I just used Guyver1's Captain covers.
  2. I'll try to get confirmation, but no promises...
  3. Are there any Shonen Ace Covers that feature the Guyver prominently? I know you Have Shonen Captain Covers, but I wish you guys had a decent scan of a Shonen Ace Cover With a Guyver (the franchise) on it... Maybe there was one in 2005 featuring the then new anime series. Maybe there was one with it's arrival. Who knows?
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