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  1. mutronix

    Guyver Statue

    Thanks guys! glad you like him!
  2. mutronix

    Guyver Statue

    He's all wired up and finished finished.
  3. mutronix

    Guyver Statue

    Yeah i sprayed mine very dark grey first and it looked good like this. Just waiting for some varnish to arrive to finish mine up now. Having problems with the delivery people now though.
  4. mutronix

    Guyver Statue

    I've painted the spinal column and guts and am going to try and get the rest finished next week. I believe you can use pretty much any paint on resin but i'll probably be using tamya acrylic paints. Good luck with the milliput fix, if you need any advice working with it let me know and i'll try to help. Here's the guts
  5. mutronix

    Guyver Statue

    Thanks, i'll give you the tracking details when its posted. Pete
  6. mutronix

    Guyver Statue

    Yeap, they come with the two clear lenses, but the blank eyes on the statue need drilling and sanding out to add them.
  7. mutronix

    Guyver Statue

    Thanks Bio-Boosted Dude! Here is the list of extras for the bluray * The Film - Uncut Director's Cut Slideshow (1:49) Artwork Gallery (3:43) Interview With Producer Brian Yuzna (With Optional German Subtitles) (35:34) Figurine Slideshow (1:02) Behind The Scenes Slideshow (2:46) The 3D Futurepack (Packaging artwork Slideshow, 1:02) Cast Filmographies: - Vivian Wu (0:52) - Jack Armstrong (0:40) - Greg Paik (0:19) - Deborah Gorman (0:15) Alternate Title Sequence (5:55) US Teaser Trailer (0:25) (HD) German Trailer (2:26) Home Video Trailer (1:09) My statue was in the Figurine Slideshow and showed some pics of it being sculpted and then a painted version of it. Gotta say it an excellent blu ray disk and transfer of the film. The statue in the extras didn't have the clear eyes though, which brings me to a small update. Shinny eyes!
  8. mutronix

    Guyver Statue

    Brilliant! If you pm me your payapal email and address i'll send you a paypal invoice. I'll post lots of pics and the paints list.
  9. No problem, the molds will be good for a while.
  10. mutronix

    Guyver Statue

    Thanks guys! I got some clear paints for the lenses today. I'm looking forward to getting this painted up My statue being included in the bluray was totally unexpected, but very cool. I was a very happy.
  11. mutronix

    Guyver Statue

    The wallet is your friend, listen to the wallet. lol!
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