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Found 3 results

  1. well here we go again a chapter of only 9 pages, good is better than nothing, is not whether it is better or worse but I like how will this fight, but is somewhat slow http://www.buenaisla.com/tema/manga-Manga-guyver-septiembre-2015-24264
  2. well, this chapter guyver July sleeve to make a small recap, the zoalords, Luggnagg of Jabir ibn Hayyan krumeggnic and are attacked by the army of the guyver 3 (lightning of Zeus) good chapter begins this month as usual are just 10 pages, this just gives me a sense, the gigantic fights and liked to mangaka, ONLINE http://www.buenaisla.com/tema/manga-Manga-guyver-julio-2015-21146
  3. is that this issue is out of place but I'm really sorry, but looking tomes manga omega zeroymer Volumes 1, 2 and 3, I got but the volumes 4, 5, 6 and 7 where I can view or download, Once again, I regret that this is not connected with the guyver manga, but I actually think Zeorymer worms as a prototype for guyver, to narratibo and structural level, for certain events, more than anything by the curious way to compare Zeorymer with the guyver the robot with bio armor thank you very much in advance for your feedback I almost forgot this is something a bit silly of me but I know many already have noticed, do not feel that there are many mangas very similar to both aspects of guyver as Zeorymer in these times, eg zetman, for me is a conbinacion akitsu mazato of zeryemr with murakami masaki of guyver, I know it's weird but zetman story reminds me of that of mazato, both body and certain fights reminds me murakami
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