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  1. Its been a while since I posted but here are my thoughts. As mentioned earlier, there are other manga authors that are still continuing their works like Kentaro Miura, Yoshihiro Togashi, George Morikawa, and others who are famously known for their slow pacing or long hiatus periods. Guyver is no different, it has small periods where all the chapters that we have were done in a small period of time with long idle unproductive time in between. Since Guyver is Takaya's only major work, I believe he's just dragging the series out for reasons that he only knows (could be that that series is his
  2. Just curious if anyone knows about any technological progresses made so far on hoverboards?
  3. That's a great point Jess, about the existence of pi (Philosophy of Math). Circles I would guess exist because we observe them but they do not exist in the perfect mathematical sense in the Physical world (depends how you see abstract objects, like Plato or Socrates). Physical reality and nature is really dynamic, and there could be an infinite existing in the real world, like Zeno's paradox, but we haven't yet found the infinite to exist, even in math (except in set theory). The fact that circles and pi have limits means that there is a strong possibility for pi to not be an actual infinite b
  4. That is fine I hope that your day went well! I am really glad that you shared your thoughts and helped me with my question, I actually learned a lot more from your help than that from a lot of philosophers that I talk to. I apologized for adding to your work, (I threw a lot of information and it's difficult to follow all of the stuff that I say sometimes, not because its difficult but because of all the information that is there ) because I know that aside from real life obligations you have this entire site to run, but at the same time I am very thankful for your interest! I am very sat
  5. This duality and triessence is not only in us human, but also in everyday life or in the most fundamental aspects that I learned about reality. Now, this part might be a little tricky (I divided my response in 2, because they are different) but I think it would be a good idea if I presented this part now and then afterwards you give me your insight and I might respond accordingly. I did say that based on all of the information we know, we know more about ourselves and we know we are real as opposed to the outside world, nature. So there is this duality, the outside world and the inside world,
  6. I understand, we all work differently, not that one is smarter than the other or anything like that, sometimes our minds are geared differently and we all have our specialties but you did understand me for the most part Well in my response, I expanded on the idea of duality, that in nature and the fundamental areas of nature, duality is there like energy and matter are the same thing, but everything that is material in our universe are different shades of energy and matter. But there is a reason why black and white are related, matter and energy, 0 and 1, being and non-being and so on. W
  7. So I am still sort of new to these forums and I was never really a member of forums, I just liked visiting them. Well I did a piece a while back and I haven't worked on it. Its about some of my favorite animes themed with anti-heros, well except shinobi because that's a video game, but it did have a comic book at one point. Here's the list of those anime/game (If you guys haven't checked them out, their pretty good); Berserk, Devilman, Guyver, and Shinobi (the Arcade and PS2 game series). These are the references if you guys happened to be curious Well about the pic, aside from
  8. Thank you Jess for sharing your philosophy and perspective :^) I apologize for the confusing read. So I guess you're view is a heavy dualistic one, and that is that there are two degrees of the same thing, for example if there is good, evil is implied to exist, or if there is a state to be, then there is a state of non-being (black and white view). Even if there is some grey, that grey is always either more white or more black. Something about that grey though, I share a similar view like you Jess and that is that in philosophy, whenever you have two related things, you always need somethi
  9. Thank you Jess for the great question! Before I address your question, I thought that it would be a good idea if I expand further on the relevance of my question and a question that I had recieved from others. It's true that this question seems random from the blue, and that I didn't really show how values (like emotions, aethetics and ethics) are exclusive from logic, maths and other abstract entities in terms of whether they are human inventions or not. I will follow this up with the response that I give along with further explanation "Well if you accept platonic objects to be real,
  10. I'm new to these forums and I started to study philosophy recently and I got really interested in it (although I'm a system's engineer major, I'm getting really hooked on philosophy, don't know why many of my colleagues don't know what philosophy is or why they hate to talk about it?) Anyways this is a major question that I've always had and maybe I'm not using the proper philosophical jargon to ask it accurately (I apologize ahead of time). I aknowledge that this is the guyver forum and I may not get higly academic responses, but I'm interested in hearing the opinions of members from this fo
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