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  1. Wow, this looks cool! Seeing as I'm a fan of both Digimon & Kamen Rider, I'm pumped!
  2. No idea why they didn't do anything about that.
  3. He sadly passed away earlier this month... I don't know what'll happen to Berserk. *Also nervously eyes Guyver & Yoshiki Takaya*
  4. Thank you for both your compliment and critique. ^^ I'll try slowing down the tempo. If that doesn't succeed in making my recording more comprehensible, I'll just record a new take.
  5. Good news everyone!! I feel I nailed Kevin Seymour's Zoanoid Data File voice!! Due to an adjustment failure.wav
  6. Yep, it certainly does suck; and we deserve some sort of explanation!
  7. Ah, I see, that makes a lot of sense.
  8. Seeing as how Team 5 accompanied Guyot to Chronos Japan in the OVA series. I wonder how the OVA series would've handled Aptom's newer forms with all of Team 5 dead in the first half of it.
  9. I read up on her when I found out, which got me thinking that her son could be disguised as Pietro.
  10. I suspect Agnes might be more than she seems.
  11. I'll be posting them there one by one when they're done.
  12. As you can see, I uploaded my video making progress, but something screwed up. Is it possible to get rid of the broken video files in the chat?
  13. You're welcome, it's pleasure to have ya here! ^^
  14. Hey there, welcome to the fourm! ^^
  15. In no particular order: "You killed Ramocheez..." The delivery of it cracks me up. XD "And now, you face the strongest Hyper Zoanoid!!! I AM ZX-TORE!!!" "NOT THE LIQUIDS!!!" "You think I'm caught, but I'm free to fight!! I will never give up my life and surrender to Cronos!!" Everything the Scottish Cronos Soldier says. I also love Guyot's scream in the dub of OVA ep.6, it sounds like he's trying to mimic Tarzan! XD
  16. Thank you, it sure will be! ^^
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