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New Chapter status?


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To echo the sentiments of others, yes, this is indeed getting tedious now. It's gotten to the point now where I can't even be bothered to check if he's actually done anything each month. The guy's got no excuse for his silence on the project. Sorry but, "busy with action figures" just isn't a good enough reason anymore. Shame.

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Pretty much that. And the statues being made by prime1. I feel like he could do both honestly. I get taking time off for health or mental reasons. I do from time to time on my comic, but almost 2 years is kind of nuts. If he would only get to it and finish it properly then he could design all the merchandise he wanted. I am a huge fan, but it is much past time this was continued and concluded.

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3 hours ago, PowerofGuyver said:

"busy with action figures"?


That's been used a reason for the author going silent? What did he mean by that? The Figma stuff?

The BIG problem is, we don't know. Because no one has said anything. At all.

We are only assuming that is why he has been busy.

We only know he is even alive ( or was) because of those pictures taken with Steve Wang. ( It has been said that Steve Wang is writing a script for a new Guyver movie... But a script doesn't mean a movie is being made at all.)

So yeah, we can assume we know what he is up to... But I hardly think a few figures/statues and a few meeting should stop a creator for this long. I would under stand maybe a chapter every 2 months ( even his small ones)... but nothing? Yeah, it's kind of heartbreaking to think that it seems the creator of his series likes it less than you do.

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Yeah I doubt the Prime 1 and Figma stuff could keep Takaya from the manga this long. 

But a movie? A major reboot? A push into American media? I bet that could take some time. But that would be too good to be true.


I stick to my original theory that Takaya is moving full speed ahead with finishing  the story, getting everything lined up so manga release can be consistent.


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I am still in the dark about the role of women in Chronos' world. Because we still haven't seen a single undisputed female Zoanoid transformation. Maybe they don't turn into super-warriors but super-breeders, who can give birth to twelve children every time...

...I am only half joking. It would make absolute horrible sense. One of the qualities the Creators desired in humans was rapid reproduction, after all.

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3 hours ago, MegaMcTaco said:

Is there absolutely zero chance that it moved to a different magazine?

It's still on the Shonen Ace website: https://web-ace.jp/shonenace/

And is definitely not the sort of thing that would happen quietly. You could be sure that at least the Relax Point would post something about it. Speaking of Relax Point, the guy who runs it posted a reply to an inquiry he made to Kadokawa:

"I got an inquiry to KADOKAWA about the situation that Guyber was closed for more than a year and a half and got an answer. 
I also posted it on Twitter, "It is being adjusted for the series and the timing of restart is undecided." 

It is unknown why the holidays have continued so far and what is being adjusted, but we only hope for good news. "


Bad translation aside, it still seems quite vague and the hiatus is still indefinite. But at least they've acknowledged the series.

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Damn.....I really don't want to think the worst, but i'm starting to worry that Takaya is pulling a Hagiwara!!

Hagiwara's last Bastard!! volume dropped 2012 and it's still on hiatus...............

I remember being excited when Tecmo announced the MMORPG back in 2005, then announced it's cancellation in 2009.

3 years later the series entered an indefinite hiatus mid story and hasn't come back......that was 6 years ago.

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