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  1. Just pre ordered mine! I really hope they do a 1/6 scale version. That would be so sweet!
  2. Meh. I am stoked for this one. I think it'll be like fight club with a superhero. Oscar Isaac is cool, I dig the mummified look of the costume... it could be horrible, but it could also be pretty kick ass too. Either way, I'm glad MK is getting some love.
  3. My condolences to his family and loved ones.
  4. All 3 busts from K-Soul. Pretty badass. I just preordered Guyver IIF as well.
  5. All I know is I made the mistake of watching this before bed the night of release and I couldn't fall asleep for 2 hours because I was so hyped... "Hello Peter." This is going to be so... amazing!
  6. I got the k-soul Guyver3 bust they just released. Pretty sweet! Can't wait for Guyver1!
  7. The link to buy is below. I just ordered one. Will be out next March. https://www.ksoul2013429.com/products/the-bioboosted-armor-iii-bust
  8. I just scored a 1/1 Guyver2 head. This is so awesome! It matched my Guyver 1 head bust. The same artist that painted it did this one too.
  9. Offense is truly subjective. Emotions are as well. We all have the right to live as we like. Barring hurting others, stealing, killing, or sad to even have to say, harming children. As we all have that right, others have a right to disagree. The issue is not in disagreement, but with the thought process of feeling the need to voice or act upon it. The truly boring care what others do as they have nothing to focus on (apparently) in their own lives. Then, on the opposite side people feel the need to rub in the face of society their beliefs or lifestyles. All this division is merely distraction. Distraction from leading your own life and being happy. My view, as small as it admittedly is... is that I don't really care what others do or say. To care one way or another is to accept their beliefs or give credence to their nonsense. The day will hopefully come when we can all agree that it doesn't matter. Offense, preaching, philosophizing... everyone be good to everyone. The ones you can't be good to, steer clear of. Life's too short to be spent worrying about the vast majority of people you will never know, their opinions or anything else. Wait... what happened? What I meant to say was Guyver is awesome and I cant wait for it to come back!!
  10. Welcome to the group!! I find that re reading the manga is good for a yearly treat. Still awesome every time. But it does stink knowing there is no end or anything in sight. Hopefully one day we'll get a continuation and eventual end to it. Until then, we can all lean on each other to keep it barely alive!
  11. I think he just pushed his experiment too far, beyond even his own knowledge and suffered the consequences. Up until Aptom, they had never had a zoanoid like him developed. Hence his lost number status. Even the best of genius can succumb to error... especially since we all know Dr. Balcus has a bit of an ego from living so long.
  12. This came as a complete surprise and got to me more than I can say. Wakanda forever indeed.
  13. Surprisingly, I didn't hate the trailer. Not a huge fan of Pattinson but for some reason, I am intrigued to see this one.
  14. I would think any of the new merch at this point. But they are pricey statues and I'm not sure it would matter with regards to the manga.
  15. Woooooow!!! I had no idea on either. Exclusive club we are in!! Woot!
  16. That is so awesome!!! I didn't know there were only 30 made?!
  17. So we painted the wall behind the shelf and I had to move it. By doing so, I was able to redo the placement of all the greatness...
  18. Absolutely awesome! I have Barcas too. Took a long time to get him! I want more figures too. In the worst way!
  19. Awesome! I have one and it is pretty great!
  20. For sure! It will be a bit but once I get to them I will message you.
  21. I actually have 2 sets of these. If I can dig them out of storage I will sell them as I don't need 2 sets.
  22. Same here. I've been hooked for years and will wait for the newness without worry. If we get new chapters and an eventual end, sweet! If not, I can always re read and re watch the content. This is my favorite manga. Love it all. At least we can say "damn, this is good! Can't wait for more!"
  23. Thanks! I don't have all of them but maybe 2/3 or so worth. Really cool art on them.
  24. Finally got this. I already have the figure built and on my shelf, but did not have a box for display. If anyone is looking for an unbuilt Aptom 4 message me. I now have all of the models and boxes for them! Aptom 4 is for sale with no box and unbuilt for $95 usd.
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