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  1. This looks amazing! I cannot wait to get my hands on it! Depending on what issues or limitations you're running into due to Gigantic XD use. I can only think of trying to control certain locations where Gigantic XD isn't permitted, but at other locations where you can control the flow and/or number of players, it might keep the game from crashing. Or maybe have missions that are Gigantic XD only and when the players goes to the mission location a cutscene plays where the player's character transforms into the Gigantic XD form and are then "transported" to a miniaturized version of the map that is separate from the main world. Hope this helps or inspires you. Also, would every player have a standard "human" form that transforms?
  2. Planet X Cinema in San Antonio, TX is screening the first Guyver movie on the 22nd of February. Not the kind of news we are hoping for, but who knows, maybe this will spawn more Guyver fans. You can find further information here: https://www.sacurrent.com/ArtSlut/archives/2019/02/06/planet-x-cinema-strikes-again-with-free-screening-of-body-horror-comedy-the-guyver Plus it's free!
  3. This is most likely the optimist in me talking, but maybe just maybe, the prolonged hiatus is him actually finishing up the series. Like actually planning out the rest of the story and then getting it done in one fell swoop instead of doing the month to month pace, which could have been a hindrance? I know I am being foolish, but all I have at this point is hope.
  4. After translating the page where Guyver is located I get "Genital Armor Guyver" as the translated title. ...not sure how to feel about that...
  5. Still here! Hit-list videos for me, was going through my super sentai phase and saw the cover of the second Guyver movie. Got the first movie(so I could go in order) and fell in love with the concept. Needless to say my next rental was the second move and loved it even more. A couple of years later I saw the 12 part Guyver OVA anime in Suncoast videos and with my young and uneducated mind at the time I was like "There is a Guyver cartoon?!". Bought the first VHS episode for like...$12 I think and just couldn't stop
  6. I'm getting to the point of sending Yoshiki Takaya a clip of Striker's rap from the first Guyver movie. ...That's how bad this is feeling to me right now.
  7. It reminds me more of Bloody Roar and the Zoanthropes. Still it is intriguing.
  8. Bio-Booster Armor Guyver, based on the real-life events of Yoshiki Takaya.
  9. At this point, I can't help but feel that we have now created a religion where on a monthly basis we reconvene with hope and faith to see if our savior has returned, only to be disappointed and wonder if we're not praying hard enough?
  10. Fingers are crossed that we get SOMETHING! Also, one interesting bit of news is that sometime today, the Guyver anime has now been added to Crunchyroll so...that's a thing now.
  11. As much as I would love for the anime to continue, another anime adaptation probably won't be considered until after the Manga finishes(which hopefully will be before the 40th Anniversary). I'll still sign it to say that there is a loyal fan base, but we probably won't see anything anime in a good while yet if at all.
  12. True, thought the Guyver unit might try to adapt to Superman's physiology, but it would probably just fail in the end. Thanks for the info.
  13. Yeah, safe to say that unless the Guyver gets stupid lucky, the win will go to Doomsday. Though I am almost certain that Superman equipping a Guyver Unit would be a guaranteed victory for the man-of-steel(man-of-bio-steel?).
  14. If an American Live Action Television Series adaptation is made, I feel that it should follow the characters and story of the live action movies, maybe a reboot. I feel that no matter how much we may want it, the source material can only be truly conveyed rightfully in anime form. The live action movies is something that most if not all Guyver fans are familiar with and have accepted as a part of the Guyver fandom. The movies reached incompletion very early on and so if it was rebooted and continued, it would leave some room for creative freedom for like the story and it's progression, character development, and possibly introducing or foreshadowing more characters and events down the road. Also, Guyver: Dark Hero had done some world building and had unresolved loose ends that someone could very well add on to and continue. Imagine remaking the fight between Guyver Sean against the Fulton Balcus Zoalord and the Guyver-Zoanoid.
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