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  1. When it comes to defenses I.e. Warrior Thancrus, his Warrior Guyver form has the ability to stop 20megatons worth of damage, but his Full Battle form can only withstand 5kilotons. Will datafiles be updated to reflect the Gigantic Guyver’s power? Seems like an oversight when it comes to new data files.
  2. Love how he slightly included a finger gesture without quite noticing it, lol.
  3. Can't wait for feedback. Good luck @Azaar. @Sully@Matt Bellamy@JamesB
  4. You are still quite the artist Matt! I remember the first days and the drawings for the site. How you have developed and matured in your techniques,it is a sight to be hold.
  5. It does leave a lot of time of creativity...let us hope when he finally does put pen to paper, it is worth the read. I would like to think it will be.
  6. My recommendation is to have one story to rule them all . Ok ok ok...I will explain, I believe Allen had a pretty good build up to how he wanted everything before life got in the way. Have a story that interprets all the characters emotions, feelings, wants/needs in the ongoing transgressions with Anubis/Creators/Earth forces and go from there. Once you have that story, you can then write your continuation for GWOTG. I use to work with Allen in the shadows from time to time, datafiles and views on story lines. Even though it has been years, I could potentially voice opinions or story lines for the site to continue.
  7. Great to hear. I have been here since this website first started and I am sure there are more than five people hanging around. I have changed names over the years, but I have always been in the shadows. ~Primitive Guyver
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