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  1. There is the possibility that Takaya simply needs a year out to decide story and character elements, design and finalize where everything is going, not to mention he could also be working on a new VDF as well as everything else.
  2. Steve Wang has been making his own statues for a while now for companies like Cinemaquette, I'd guess this is probably another statue release and not a new film production if it means anything at all.
  3. Guyot kills Guyver III and takes his guyver with the remover he still has, Sho's gigantic cant stand up to him and Guyot kills Alcanphel. After his death imakarum is freed from Alcanphels mind control, he gets the remover from Guyot and Sho demands he uses it on himself Imakarum gets sho's Guyver plus the gigantic and takers on Guyot. But probably not.
  4. A few things about Aptom bioboosting.... He's already covered sho with himself without harm to Guyver one so he can turn his enzyme ability on and off and I'm quite sure the unit G would adapt to it though if he fused with one. Second if he got a guyver and then evolved again then next time e bioboosted it would reset him to his previous configuration. But if Aptom absorbed Sho could he summon the Guyver... there's a head scratcher. Lindsay, Aptom does have a barrier, he used it when Apollyon launched an attack at him at Guyots hideout he clearly absorbed the hyper with the barrier after it was killed but before it dissolved away. It would be interesting though to see him absorb a powered Zerebubuth. If he did he would have a counter to every standard Guyver weapon including the megasmasher.
  5. What happened??? Was that sphere Kurumeggnic or did that Sphere come out of Jabril? Ah... scratch that! It's the middle eye out of Jabrils head. Was that Kurumeggnic furious because Jabril chose to attack Gigantic whilst Kurumeggnic was still in his hand?
  6. Considering that the exceed control metal grows as well likely that everything inside is new, otherwise it would be just the standard gigantic inside the head of the exceed. in terms of the gigantic point for point the standard armour cant really fit inside of it perfectly and reach the end of the limbs, Guyvers arms would just about reach the elbow and even though we see gigantic perfectly wrapping around the Guyver something must happen to the Guyver for the two to meld that way. In the gigantic dark fight at the base of the fossilised relic we saw his leg get severed and inside was meat not the standard Guyver armour.
  7. The tubes at Guyvers neck and the bump connected to them is how he breathes. I dare say Guyver could easily extract oxygen from water and stay under indefinitely. As to how long he can survive space who knows but he could as others have said survive prolonged exposure....
  8. It was an entertaining film but ultimately fanboy lip service.
  9. I have no idea why a Navi alien would be blue when human aliens aren't pink, same goes for the pred alien, why did that crappy design have dreads and the predators mottled skin when a human born alien only carries over its humanoid shape as a base. Dumb designing.
  10. God forgive me I'm actually looking forward to it....
  11. Getting the impression after the critical failure of Prometheus and the success of the Martian Ridley is forcing this remake as some weird apology for the first. Hopefully the science will be more realistic as it was in the Martian.
  12. It looks like some weird pantomime or music video, nothing trek about it.
  13. Couldn't agree with Jess more regarding the look of Apocalypse, they screwed him up beyond belief. Bryan Singer has the worst taste in design especially when there are people out there doing fantastic interpretations of Apocalypse.
  14. I cannot believe how bad this looks; Eisenbergs Luther is a farce, yes they have a cave troll and that 'I thought she was with you' line is right out of the Clooney Batman. This film is not looking good now. Less was definitely more. Also Afflecks Batman looks good but he acts strange like he's nervous.
  15. Agreed, I also hope Kurumeggnic takes on more of a battleform.
  16. Sho and Cronos have made peace and he knows from Shin Apollon is some renegade, it can be to distract the one from the other. I'm not sure why Agito is after these guys, perhaps something he saw in the navi spheres when he interfaced with them or it could be simply because they are trying to get a guyver for themselves and so they are the next biggest threat after apollon. Could even be simpler than that perhaps Agito is trying to draw out Apollon by having this fight.
  17. Been a POF and okcupid user for over two years now and it's getting worse, people treat it like a sweet shop and wind up coming out with nothing. I also detest how people put up shopping lists of physicalities, I find a lot of self entitled women writing things like; 'Must have perfect teeth, taller than me, tattoos, no hair loss, I demand this, that because I am amazing!' It makes me sick to my bloody stomach, can you imagine the back lash if a guy wrote; 'No fat women with fat arses cause I hate that, no manky teeth, Must have XX size breasts because that's what I want.' Yet somehow this is ok with women on there.... There seems to be a mentality on there (at least from my experience which is a UK guy trying to date UK women) which is even if you're 99.95% compatible you still aren't Tom Hardy.... I've had plenty of dates on there but its getting harder and harder with most women not even messaging more than a couple of times before vanishing, never mind meeting up for a date! I also think a lot of women set themselves up on a massive pedestal and their wishes for a partner too, too many opening lines like 'Looking 4 white knight,' I get annoyed because online dating is the only option for me to meet women because my work is so male dominated and all my mates are single losers like me In the real world I find talking to someone a cinch but online dating feels belittling as you are told to perform like a dancing monkey and you find it harder to make that great first impression like you do in the real world.
  18. Sorry, not Advocacy, the new guys stuff. There's loads of fragments of grey in all the speech bubbles from poorly erased PS work.
  19. The typesetting on the latest chapter is very poorly done, badly photoshopped messes in those speech bubbles....
  20. I always figured at some point the Remover will be revealed again and Agito will have his armour removed, this will be given to Imakarum which will remove is mental conditioning and enable him to fight for the good guys again. I also think Alcanphel will die and Guyot too will get a unit G, he and imakarum will fight and then possibly imakarum will get a gigantic to help sway the battle. Or I could be talking out my arse and this is purely what I'd drool to see....
  21. Is there a translation for this and the last one?
  22. Masamune where in the hell did you get that profile pic? It's a beaut! I'm not sure about the translation I would need to see more but I think he has done a very slick job, I think his berating of advocacy is a little unprofessional but at the same time I can understand even though the pay thing makes sense someone will only see free as free and pay as pay. Little competition cant hurt and at the end of the day as long as translations are being done... I remember the day when there was practically nothing and it took me Drag and Maverick Guyver to get this on the move. I'm curious to know why there hasn't been any movement on Tankouban or new chapters.
  23. Guyot mentioned some kind of trump card way back when.
  24. If Guyot turned up now with then this could be a serious battle.... possibly one of the best.
  25. I can't help with that but these guys always can. http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000001/threads/
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