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    yes, anything else you want it to have?
  2. sure, I will see what I can do, great job on the design btw, you have improved a lot.
  3. The writer of this series is the one who wrote Akibaranger so we may get a more mature theme than it lets on, maybe..
  4. Finally saw The Wolverine, very predictable but extremely enjoyable. 8/10
  5. I have to say, this series is the best transformers incarnation I have seen so far, I would definitely recommend it to anybody, saw the last episode of the last season today and it left me on the edge of my seat, supposedly there is going to be an epilogue movie released in October detailing what happens after season 3 which is good but I hope they don't do more than that, this series ended on a very good note, it is a shame I did not get to see my favorite bot Jazz on this season but I guess it is for the best, they really wanted to give some spotlight to Smokescreen.
  6. odin


    I have not done a Sig in ages but I can do it for you if you'd like.
  7. they are heroes so it would make sense if their colors where bright to give that positive feel, it is not always the case but considering that their theme seems to revolve around fruit I would say that the colors where spot on, not feeling comfortable with Baron tho, his design just feels lackluster. here is a synopsis of the story as well as the casting choices and additional details: here is a better picture of the 5 riders with their names from left to right Kamen Rider Griton, Kamen Rider Baron, Kamen Rider Gaimu, Kamen Rider Ryugen and finally Kamen Rider Zangetsu
  8. now here is something interesting, according to sites like Jefusion there is a rumor that this series will have 5 riders instead of the traditional 2, very unexpected...the red and silver one is rumored to be called kamen rider Baron and Gaimu's name has been romanized to Gaim, here is a poster showing all 5 supposed riders. Edit: it is confirmed, there are 5 riders, the names so far are Gaim (main one), Baron (red one) and Ryugen who I don't know who is.
  9. I certainly hope you are wrong, I actually enjoyed Fourze cause it had an interesting premise and story even tho the costume design was lacking a bit but wizard did a whole 180 with me, the costume looks amazing but the story, character development and most importantly in a rider series the supporting characters AND villains have been all extremely bland and I can't forgive that with the villains, a hero is only as good as the villains and they are not threatening in the least, wizard just goes infinity style and it is already game over....ugh...i don't want to go off topic so I will continue my thoughts about Gaimu, it looks interesting to say the least, we have not gotten a Samurai themed Rider so maybe this one will be a bit more serious, it all depends on who will write this series.
  10. and so it begins, here is the real reveal of Kamen Raider Gaimu's design, like or dislike?
  11. So from that description I take it that Kumonga and Kamacura will appear in the movie and possibly mothra although I doubt it. here is a video showing footage of the godzilla encounter event with a better look at the big G himself. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmzr09AK6VA when i get a better HQ video of this I will post it, enjoy.
  12. Super Hero Taisen is one of the most recent Toku movies where Riders and Sentai fight against each other with Decade and Marvelous in the center stage, a lot of riders got nerfed (powered downed) in order to make sentai look like they stood a chance specially Captain Marvelous, some scenarios did not even make sense and it was pretty much a disappointment, oh and Den-O keep being a plot device just because.
  13. It all depends on the writer, to me Riders are capable killing machines when looking at it from a perspective of the showa series (showa riders started as killing machines for shocker), kabuto, decade and fourze, riders could easily take out zoanoids, as for the sentai world if anything has taught me is that by the time of Gobusters humans are capable of facing powerful monsters since their morphers and weapons are all made by human technology and not a mystical energy or magic. the problem with this type of crossover is that each series needs to be balanced in power appropriately and not make mistakes like it was done in superhero taisen. Guyvers have the advantage thanks to the HF blades and probably their megasmasher but still they would have a hard time against a rider specially if it is a Kabuto era rider cause they don't have the speed and some riders are as strong or stronger then a guyver physically and their reflexes and eyesight are the same, sentai have the advantage of bigger numbers and teamwork as well as having lots of gadgets and mechs.
  14. Yeah but I wish they would at least get the rights for King Ghidorah,or at least their own version of mecha godzilla.
  15. I for one don't mind where they are right now, they are easy to reach and user friendly.
  16. weeeeeell I think it is about time to see some more images regarding the Legendary Studios film and here are some set photos and posters I managed to find. also it is confirmed from Comic-Con's Schedule for july 20th that Godzilla will be facing multiple monsters the official facebook is here: https://www.facebook.com/GodzillaMovie twitter is here: https://twitter.com/GodzillaMovie official site is here: http://godzillaencounter.com/
  17. I could not have said it better myself. So I saw Pacific Rim today, it was a very enjoyable movie that delivered exactly what i was expecting and a bit more, a highly action pack Giant Monsters vs Giant Robots movie, I may be a little biased since I am a big Godzilla fan but trust me when I say this, it is worth watching, it has it's flaws but it is a very enjoyable movie specially if you are a fan of Daikaiju movies or Tokusatsu in general. on a additional note: The CG in this movie is very well done, I was convinced that there really where Giant robots and monsters, I also enjoyed the little tribute they did to Mazinger (if you know the series you will know what i am talking about) my only complaint is the cliche duechbag goverment that did not want to fund the Jeager program after the kaiju started to adapt and evolve, I mean they mention something about another project that would replace the jeagers but we don't see it even once, also that the movie played a bit too safe but i don't mind.
  18. I am really hoping it is good, I don't like to judge based on the trailers but the advertisement campaign has been going very well and you can see the dedication for this movie, I don't expect it to be a very deep movie storywise (not many Kaiju movies are) but I do expect it to be a very fun experience with a lot of heart and not depressing and stupid like Eva is, sorry to any Evangelion fans but that it is just how I feel about the series, I acknowledge it's contribution to the anime industry and stuff but I really don't like the series and don't want Pacific Rim to be like it.
  19. Well, I have a change of heart with this series, sure it has it's flaws but it has a lot of heart, 2 of the 3 makai knights are already growing on me with their character development and the conflict with the madou horrors are interesting, I do miss the interesting and original horror designs that where in the first and second season but it makes up for the story, this season is very emotional as well compared to the other two seasons with a lot of the deaths going around and the knights actually smile this time around. XD so far i am hooked with this series and I am patiently waiting for more episodes to come, it is certainly one of the best tokusatsu series I have seen this year.
  20. Looking at it a different way I am actually glad Man of Steel has such a mixed reviews and opinions, it means that the movie is worth talking about, The only thing I did no like about Man of steel was the death of Pa Kent, I seriously think it should have stayed a heart attack cause the scenario in which he died could have been fixed in so many ways without revealing Clark's identity, the heart attack was meant to humble Clark into knowing that he is not all powerful God and there are things that even HE can't stop, other than that the movie was a fantastic experience to me. Sure Henry Cavill is no Christopher Reeve but he does not have too, he brings his own unique performance to how a modern superman should be, a rookie one at that which was handled well.
  21. you guys remember the guy who i showed you that made very high quality video reviews about Rider movies and the first Guyver film? well, he left his internet persona and is now just doing video logs to talk about anything related about tokusatsu, he mostly talks about godzilla toys but he does not keep it on that series alone, the reason why I bring this up is because he soon going to release a video talking all he knows about the Guyver series, from the original 1980's anime to Steve Wang's Guyver 2 movie. Here is a preview of what it is to come: http://monstrosities1138.tumblr.com/post/54360347895/talking-guyver-cant-wait and here are some videos he made from his Monstrosities series:
  22. I have decided that Wizard is by far the worst series I have seen so far (I have not watched all of them tho), the series really lost its potential with the theme it had, I'm just watching it now cause I want to know how it ends but frankly nothing that has happened has really given my any excitement, a hero is only as good as the villains and they have done squat, sure there is the philosopher stone thing but nothing has been explained yet just that it requires a lot of mana to make it. The villains are lame cause wizard is overpowered I mean seriously Infinity style is broken as hell (and now I hear that he is going to have a new form soon that mixes infinity with all dragon) the only villain that was actually threatening was phoenix and the dude got rider kicked to the sun for his troubles, wizard has not gotten any serious loss and Beast who I like has been reduced to a sidekick, i hope they can manage to salvage this series with the episodes that are left.
  23. it does not give me the option, maybe it is the skin I am using? dunno. EDIT: nevermind, I had to use the full editor mode, lol...thanks anyways ryuki.
  24. here is a photo which is rumored to be filming set for Kamen Rider Gaimu, if this indeed how he looks like in the back then he looks like a samurai. your thoughts and opinions are welcomed. Also, since the name has already been confirmed can a mod please change the topic's name to Kamen Rider Gaimu?
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