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  1. saw this on Jefusion, Toei has now officially trademarked the name of the next sentai series which is named Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger translated as "Vehement Car Taskforce Special Express Ranger" it is said that this season's theme will be Trains. What do you guys think? I'm not that interested personally but it is still waaaaay too early to judge, all I can say is that if this theme turns out true then a Den-O crossover will most likely happen and I frankly had enough of that thank you. Source: http://www.jefusion.com/2013/09/2014-super-sentai-confirmed-ressha-sentai-tokkyuger.html
  2. I watch toku for various reasons, mostly is for the characters and stories, if they are entertaining and three dimensional then I have no trouble with it regardless of the costume designs hence why I love Fourze yet i hate Wizard. The villains in particular have to be great or I lose interest fast also. Go-busters and Gekiranger to me are the most enjoyable and I managed to get my little brothers and sisters to join in and the loved it and their age range now is from 18 and up so they must be doing something right, although the real enjoyment they get is from watching Kamen Rider series and Garo. Other reasons for my watching is for helping me improve on my writing and creation of characters, also to learn Japanese. XD Overall Super sentai has been a very enjoyable experience ever since I started watching it and it's quality since shinkenger (which was my first sentai series) has not degraded that much in my opinion.
  3. Do you really think that it is correct to do something like that? to my understanding Davros's race before the Daleks had a military goverment so killing them may not be a morally good choice not to mention if you kill them, the rest of the race may consider this as an act of war and in time the scientist the may eventually create the daleks anyways. Also they may not be able to alter Davros time by killing his ancestors since his creation of the Daleks may very well be a fixed timeline and can't be altered. Although......
  4. well....the series is over, sorta, wizard's main story is over but there are still 2 more episodes left where decade and other heisei riders will make an appearance. I will give a quick review of the series, the series started very promising, the designs where well done as well as the choreography and the magic theme had a lot of potential but as soon as transformation rings started to appear and phoenix got rider kick to the sun the started started to struggle, this is due to the villains not being threatening at all, they did not get to turn anybody into a phantom and thus removed any tension of the series since you expect the hero will always wins and he does which is boring, after all the hero is only as good as the villain. The supporting cast is even worse, shunpei being the worst offender since they give him finally something to do at the very end of the series which could have served for great story plots if used from the beginning, preventing so much freaking filler episodes. The final fight against the 2 big bads where underwhelming to say the least specially the final fight against where wizard got owned without even putting up a fight although you could say that was his intention so he could get him to lower his defenses but I digress. The series even though it is 53 episode long it felt stretched out and rushed at the same time if that makes sense, it is as if the writers where struggling on what to do the series and did a lot of plot points that got nowhere, made no sense or the payoff was lackluster. Overall the series is a perfect example of a lot of flash and no substance, the worst rider series I have seen so far and would not recommend at all and i doubt the final 2 episodes will change my opinion. Final rating: 6/10
  5. Makai senki is season 2, those episodes you speak of are stand alone episodes for Zero, great stuff in my opinion. Well this third season is coming to an end and so far I love it, the characters are much more emotional the only problem I would have is that the Knights armors are in cg always, I would really liked to see them made for real, the only exception would be Garo's armor but only when he recovers it's shine and it is as awesome as ever. Now I am waiting for the latest Koga movie that tell us what happened to him after the end of season 2.
  6. you mean the orbs in his torso? they are actually there, if it is on the head I also added them in the smaller version, I did not add them in the big version but they will be there.
  7. probably, dunno yet, thanks a bunch for the feedback.
  8. That seems a lot better, here is a quick resize of Guyot's sprite? does it seem a bit better? I am glad I decided to change the default size of the sprites considering most of the bosses are freaking giants, if I kept the original size then the bosses would have had to be almost Guilty gear size and that is a bit too much. XD
  9. I'm going to have to compare the size chart with the vdf and the 2005 anime dvd's I have bought, something seems off to me, I know guyot is huge but I did not noticed he was THAT huge. Thanks a bunch Ryuki, I have been meaning to ask if something like this existed.
  10. The thing is that if I do that he will not be too different from Guyver Zoalord Archanfel, I decided on gray since that is the color he has when he is zoaformed without his battle armor, It is a concept so I will see what color I will decide with in the end, thanks a bunch for the feedback.
  11. I think it it is unnecessary to make him bigger, I think his size is good in comparison to the new Guyver 1 sprite, I will I may try to tweak it a bit later, dunno yet. anyways, here is another update that you guys may like and it is concept art for a what if? boss dun! dun!, duuuuuun!! Zoalord Guyver Guyot!! let me know what you guys think, it is not the final version since I am not satisfied yet with the design. EDIT: weird I can seem to attach the drawing, it is not that big either. EDIT2: oh well, I guess I will just upload it through deviantart, here is the link guys: http://odin787.deviantart.com/art/Guyver-Rebirth-Zoalord-Guyver-Guyot-concept-art-400230803
  12. Hey guys, new big update on the game, I have more or less the coding done for the movement but I have been having trouble regarding the size of the sprites so I have decided to sorta re-do all the sprites I have done so far to a more manageable size in order for me to advance the development of the game, thankfully I don't have to do much, just resizing each sprite smaller using nearest neighbor and fixing manually any error on the art that it may have. I have also found a way to make sprites a bit faster and better and the results are what I am about to show you guys which is probably something you guys have been anxious to see. Zoalord Richard Guyot in his battle armor. made 2 versions since I was unsure if I should use the regular shading method for the inner part of his armor or using a dithering technique, which do you guys like more?
  13. For starters welcome to the forum, hope to see more of your work and second don't worry about thinking your project as a competition, in fact I welcome it, the guyver needs more stuff like this to get itself known, so I really hope your project succeeds, as for joining forces sure why not? I was working on making Guyver 2 for my game as well so I can probably give you some pointers as well as concept art for you to get some inspiration if you want. Great work so far, I am very anxious to see your finished product.
  14. Not bad, although something seems weird with his eyes, not menacing enough but oh well it looks like godzilla which is what really matters. Lets just hope his powers and abilities stay intact and it does not give a focus on the military, one of the most important rules in Godzilla is that the military can't win, they can either slow him down or seal him but never kill him.
  15. I am guessing the hand is like a tribute to the first one where the company had the chance to salvage his arm but then they decided to go all metal, it looks stupid but having his human arm can provide some advantages that a metal arm can't like feeling texture and having prints etc.. got to think tactical with stuff like that. as for the gun, I don't know, I like it....here is a closer look at his gun taken from the Omnicorp website as well as the robots they have made including ED - 209 Actually, his hand has nothing to do with being "Tactical". It's the "Humanizing" that Omnicorp wanted. All their other robots are lifeless and mean looking. The whole point of having his face and hand the way they are, is so he can be the face of their company/new line of products. He can shake hands with people and show he's "still human". He's meant to show the people the "Good" side of murderbots. I kinda wish they would still put a glove over the hand during action sequences though. It just doesn't look right. That is true but what I previously mentioned is also a logical conclusion, probably not the one that they where thinking but that is the impression that it left me with.
  16. amazing stuff so far, Love how the spidey suit looks now, it is a lot more accurate to Ditko's design than raimi, but people will still complain no matter how hard you try to be fateful while keeping it fresh.
  17. I am guessing the hand is like a tribute to the first one where the company had the chance to salvage his arm but then they decided to go all metal, it looks stupid but having his human arm can provide some advantages that a metal arm can't like feeling texture and having prints etc.. got to think tactical with stuff like that. as for the gun, I don't know, I like it....here is a closer look at his gun taken from the Omnicorp website as well as the robots they have made including ED - 209
  18. well since you said that you have seen up until season 3 I would suggest season 4 onwards, if you did not see season 3 completely then you will get a bit lost BUT season 4 is the season where someone VERY important will appear in the doctors life so yeah, I would recommend from that season onwards.
  19. it is partially true, they took inspiration based on Gavan as well as another toku metal hero named Jiban: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUDjPNUMZ_o bust mostly the design and inspiration on making robocop was actually Judge Dredd.
  20. I can't really agree with this, the new doctor who used more practical effects than special effects (practical being real suits, explosions ect.) only times that it used special effects where in obvious part like shooting lasers, the tardis flying etc... I also don't agree with the always running down the halway screaming and yelling with an explosion behind, if anything this Doctor who was more investigating the source of disturbances and trying to resolve it in a civilized way and if faced with a big opponent (say the Daleks) he would just stare at them in the face and mock them, only time I saw a lot of running like you said was probably most of season 1 and sometimes at the end of each season when there was a reason to run, other times it was not that silly. I do agree that the Cybermen where a bit overused tho but 75% of the time all conflicts where off earth and always showed a new enemy or alien.
  21. Could not have said it better myself, I saw some comments in the video complaining of all things about how Murphy was shot down by the villains cause it was and I quote "more emotional" really? to me it was stupid, meaning no real cop would have entered a freaking building without NO backup at all, it was his own fault for trying to act like he was rambo. on the trailer it shows that him becoming robocop was orchestrated by the company and not by chance. I am looking forward to seeing what they want to do with the illusion of free will and the human element on a machine theme, I am not expecting this film to be better than the original but I am expecting it to stand out on it's own since it is not carbon copying the script of the original.
  22. Honestly I am surprise to find someone who does not like the 2005 series and finds it boring as well, persons taste never seize to amaze me, i love it. I will have to see how good the old series is then to compare it. Guyverfan, could you please go a bit on detail as to why you say it is boring and lacking imagination? on it's own without me watching the old series I think it stands well with clever writing and using all types of theories regarding time travel to it's advantage so I am very curious to what you have to say. The only part where I would have to say it was a bit lackluster is how they beat The Master the first time but other than that it has been a great experience for me at least. Ryuki- That is awesome dude, you must feel proud of having your own superhero. as for Matt Smith, although not as great as David Tennant he gave an incredible performance and i love him as well for his hijinks, it took a while for me to like him but he is definitely one of the greats.
  23. Ahh you beat me to it. XD honestly the trailer is decent enough and I can see what they are trying to do, I just wish that people stopped being so spoiled and not judge things before they are even out, there have been occasions where the remake has been as good or superior to the original, not many times but it has, perhaps this one will surprise us, I will as always reserve my judgement until the movie is out.
  24. Any fans in here? I am, and not ashamed of it, I was always hesitant on watching it cause I try to avoid watching popular things just because everybody else watches it but after giving in to my curiosity i must say i was speechless on how well the writing is, at least in the 2005- ongoing version, I have not watched the old series yet. I usually don't like series or movies that involve time travel cause most of the time it is filled with plotholes and stuff but in this series which it's main thing IS time travel? it does everything in it's power to fill out any gap that they have made. I just love the characters as well and not just the Doctor, the companions are always likable and funny, my favorite being Amy Pond, the chemistry and Bond she has with The doctor as well her love with Rory is believable, my favorite Doctor tho will have to be 10th Doctor, David Tennant's performance is just amazing with his wide range of emotions which has made him one of my favorite actors of all time now. Favorite enemies? I would have to say the weeping angels having the Daleks a close second, the angles concept on how they work is just amazing and when I first saw them I was actually scared a bit, the same can be said about the Daleks which when I first heard of them I used to laugh at them, I was like "pfffft these guys don't look scary, how can they be any more intimidating than the borg?" then ever since I first saw one in season 1 i keep getting freaking goosebumps, proving that good story telling and the right atmosphere can make anything intimidating and this works even better since they don't overuse them making their return have more impact. But I am just gushing here, what are you guy's opinion on the series? favorite doctor? favorite enemy? favorite episode? and is anybody looking forward to season 8?
  25. Last episode of Kyoryuger was pretty fun, the Daigo fanservice is pretty random but I will let it slide, I am very anxious to see the 10th Kyoryuger, on other notes Garo is turning out awesome as always and the reveals are a lot less predictable this time which is a welcomed change, don't care much for the villain tho, sure it was shocking once it was revealed who he is but frankly he is not menacing enough and his 2nd in command is a lot cooler, the story is more about Ryuuga trying to retrieve his armors former gold shine. Watch the first episode of Hurricanger a whole back and so far I am hooked, maybe is because of the intro theme, it has a very nice epic appeal to it, not as AWESOMERIFIC as Gekiranger's theme but still cool.
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