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  1. wow, i did not notice that this thread got so many pages, and purgstall got some interesting points in the Godzilla movies, frankly if godzilla gets another movie i hope toho makes it and not another studio that gets the rights to make it cause i just fear that they would not be faithful to the source material like they did with the 1998 godzilla, if i look at it in a mature way instead of hearing the fanboy in me it wasn't that bad of a movie , it was average BUT it wasn't Godzilla the just attached the name to make a quick buck but i'm sure if they didn't they still would have done well, they hyped the people with the nicely done trailer, putting the name was not necessary but whats done its done, anyways back on topic, about the remake , if they make it i only hope they stay true with 2 things : 1.Stay true to the source material: Godzilla is a Godzillasaours that was exposed to a nuclear explosion, Is practically indestructible (only another Kaiju of greater or equal strength is able to defeat or kill him) and has atomic breath. 2.still use a suit and not CGI. I really don't care about realism considering what the subject is about, all i want to see is an over the top action packed godzilla movie where he fights another monster be it old or new or just another royal rumble like in destroy all monsters or final wars, say what you will about this guy but Michael Bay even tho he has not made some crappy movies when he makes an action movie he delivers this Non-stop action with great explosions and stuff with godzilla you dont have to worry much about the story cause there really isn't any perse so he would be the only one i would consider to make it outside of toho, and that is something that i never thought id say in my life.
  2. Hello and welcome to the art resource thread , here you will find mostly all you need to get started on art , either it be sig making or traditional art , ill post all the places that can help you out to achieve your goal of an artist. Andrew Loomis Books Very popular art instruction books, highly regarded as illustrator Andrew Loomis' legacy. Covers traditional drawing, namely figure-drawing. Posemaniacs Helpful flash-based pose-generator. Famous for its 30-second drawing/negative-space pose-galleries, it's a highly recommended tool for artist who wish to improve their observational skills. PSG Art Tutorial Broad "tutorial" for artists. Great site in that it covers many essential fundamentals of art. Glen Villipu Artist guides by renowned animator/instructor, Villipu. John K. blog An insightful blog to drawing/cartooning. Very much influenced by the golden-age of animation. Character design Blogspot Holds interviews with top "character-designers" in the industry. Character designs : an artist resource As the subtitle says. Very good image-references, artist exhibitions, etc. SOFTWARE TUTORIALS PHOTOSHOP http://www.guildinn.com/ http://www.planetphotoshop.com/ http://www.teamphotoshop.com/ http://www.polykarbon.com/ http://movielibrary.lynda.com/html/modListing.asp http://psworkshop.net/psworkshop/ http://www.lombergar.com/v6/free-pho...tutorials.html http://www.good-tutorials.com/ http://www.purephotoshop.com/ http://www.photoshopcafe.com/ http://www.spoono.com/photoshop/ http://www.computerarts.co.uk/tutorials/2d/ http://www.eyesondesign.net/pshop/tuts.htm http://www.screaming-art.com/tutorials.php http://www.absolutecross.com/tutorials/photoshop/ http://steeldolphin.com/tutorials_photoshop.php http://www.newtutorials.com/ http://ultrashock.com/ PAINTER http://movielibrary.lynda.com/html/modListing.asp http://www.pixelalley.com/tutorials/...tutorials.html ILLUSTRATOR http://www.creativemac.com/2003/12_d...s3d1031211.htm http://docs.rinet.ru/Ill/ http://movielibrary.lynda.com/html/modListing.asp POPULAR DIGITAL ART FORUMS conceptart.org imaginefx.com cghub.com http://www.guildinn.com/ GFX RESOURCE TUTORIALS ( all PS ) http://good-tutorials.com/ http://www.tutorialman.com http://www.newtutorials.com/ http://shiver7.com http://opticalorgasm.com/huge_tutorial_list.html http://www.virtualdesign.tk http://www.poovus.com/temp/sl/tuts.html http://www.photoshopjunkie.com/tutorials.html http://www.bobsphotoshopsource.co.uk/ http://www.indigoproductions.com/free_stuff.asp http://www.myjanee.com/PSRL/tutfind.htm http://www.neofrog.com/ http://www.planetphotoshop.com/ http://www.photoshopcafe.com/ http://www.icancu.com/ http://orgcon.jlswebsource.com/ http://www.metamorephosis.com/ http://www.opticnurve.com/ http://www.wastedyouth.org/ http://www.scottswork.co.uk/ http://www.screaming-art.com/ http://www.sedergraphics.com/ http://www.thewebmachine.com http://www.handson.nu/ http://www.deaddreamer.com/ [awesome] http://www.screamingbanana.com/smartybutt.shtml http://www.dsigning.com/ http://www.absolutecross.com/ http://www.thinkdan.com/tutorials/photoshop.html http://www.tutorialfind.com/tutorials/adobe/ http://www.spyroteknik.com/ http://www.creativstudios.net/ http://www.pdh-net.freeserve.co.uk/ http://www.thedesigncore.com/ http://www.chunkypanda.com/ http://www.toxicbug.com/digitalart/ http://www.shadowness.com http://www.shadowness.com/news.html http://www.tmedsdesign.com/ http://home.no/entie/ http://home.no.net/poek/ http://syn.gotlag.com/ http://www.sector-7.tk/ http://dazulu.r4ge.com/ http://www.thredziii.com/ http://www.karoo.de/ http://www.melonn.com/ Stocks http://www.advancedanime.com/ http://www.animecubed.com/ http://www.animegalleries.net/ http://www.animelab.com/anime.manga/pics/ http://www.animeonline.net/ http://animeshack.com/ http://www.animeshrine.com/?404=Y http://www.animetheme.com/ http://www.animewallpapers.com/ ( personal favorite) http://classic.anipike.com/imagegen.html http://www.arcticnightfall.com/index.php?section=images http://www.avatarity.com/ http://www.mania.com/anime_manga_oav_ova_d...aRedirect_Apr08 http://www.creativeuncut.com/cat07.html http://desktopdelirium.deep-ice.com/ http://www.deviantart.com/ http://www.everything-anime.com/main.html http://www.fredart.com/fredart/index.php3 http://www.fightersgeneration.com/ http://www.square-enix.co.jp/dvd/ff7ac/ http://www.malinconic.com/# http://www.minitokyo.net/ http://www.petitpois.net/ http://www.suta-raito.com/ FONTS Dafont.com Acidfonts.com Highfonts.com http://www.fontfiles.com/ http://www.stuff.uk.com/fonts/html/category.shtml http://www.1001fonts.com/ http://www.4gee.com/font/index.htm http://www.galactica.de/frameset.htm http://www.fontfile.com/ http://www.acidcool.com/ http://www.fonts.com/ http://www.minifonts.com/mini7.html http://www.dsg4.com/04/extra/bitmap/index.html http://www.1001freefonts.com http://www.acidfonts.com http://www.fontfreak.com http://www.abstractfonts.com http://www.larabiefonts.com http://www.freepcfonts.com http://www.fontsnthings.com http://www.downloadfreefonts.com http://www.amazonfonts.com http://www.chank.com http://www.freewarefonts.com http://www.fonts.linuxpower.org http://www.highfonts.com http://www.007fonts.com http://www.blambot.com http://www.fontasy.de http://www.getfonts.com http://www.fontfoundry.com http://www.fontparadise.com http://www.fontfont.de http://www.macfonts.com http://www.fontfreak.com/mac-no.htm http://www.minefields.org/v2/fonts.php http://www.spoono.com http://www.dsg4.com/04/extra/bitmap/index.html http://www.dafont.com/en/ http://www.themeworld.com More to come
  3. Im glad lot of people here love godzilla but i dont understand this hate for the Millenium series , it was prety decent for me and the monster designs were cool too , Final wars although it wasnt that great it was at least decent and thats good enough for me , Gigan's design is by far one of the best and it really looks evil , i really dont like King Gidorah , sure is a 3 headed dragon but it just does not appeal to me much even if i do love dragons i dont like 3 headed dragons, Godzilla Looked Badass and is by far final wars godzilla is my favorite design out of all of his designs , i do love The first godzilla movies a lot and love them more than the recent ones ,specially Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla (my very first Godzilla movie) if they do make an animated series they better have a good writer to make it , also GOOD actors , non of those overacting people from the movies and PLEASE if they put american actors they better have some emotions and attitude , all of the american godzilla actors i have seen have little to know emotion as if they dont want to act or something .
  4. The one you mentioned with mecha godzilla is probably the semi-last one of the heisei saga were king cesar is godzillas partner ,if not then its got to be terror of mecha-godzilla were godzilla faces mecha-godzilla and tytanosaurs alone witch i think is the last one of the heisei series if im not mistaken . those 2 are classics , the other one the you saw with the Ultraman look-alike is jet jaguar ,he appears in Godzilla vs megalon , Jaguar teams up with Godzilla to beat Megalon and Gigan.
  5. Im not sure if this belongs here but ...anybody here is a fan of Godzilla movies? i am , i cant get enough of him , im almost completing my collection of godzilla movies soon , so far i have all the millennium era movies ,about half of the heisei and almost all of the showa era and ....yes even that abomination of a movie that is the american Godzilla movie.... Favorite Godzilla Daikaiju : 1.Godzilla(duh) 2.King Cesar 3.Anguirus 4.Jet jaguar(cause he reminds me of ultraman in a way and i love ultraman) 5.Gigan (ever since Final wars ,that costume is kick ass)
  6. I am currently watching nothing but was downloading Teknoman ,Guyver the Bio-boosted armor and Fate/stay night , got to love it...
  7. Im glad people took time to read this and discuss the comparison , but im just a fan of the movies since is the first thing i saw that had to do with the Guyver was the movies , but i still root for sean he in a way has a better personality than Sho. indeed .....lol
  8. None taken friend , this thread was made to discuss Sean and Sho after all , I love the second movie myself and i admit that the effects were not stellar but at least they were fateful to the comic so to speak ,considering what they had to work with during the time they made the movie , but how is it that the Units Enhancements are not as consistent inthe movie as it was in the Manga ? every ability that Sean did is the same as in the Manga or Anime (without putting the way the effects were made they are basically identical) and saying that bioboosted Zoanoids are stronger than bioboosted humans is just proving what i said that Sean is the Better G1 out of the 2 . since i think this conversation wont last long if we just discuss Sean and Sho ,how about we also discuss how accurate the movies were to the Manga and the Anime ? you have to admit ......it was funny the first time you hear it , but yea ,lets not get to that...
  9. Thats true...but the ones sean faced are always experienced zoanoids and the only experienced zoanoids sho faces are the Hyper ones and he has a hard time with them, the ones he kills left and right are mostly common people that had just turned, you have to take that in consideration at least. hey, yes ...sean was getting beaten by the Guyver zoanoid but he put up a decent fight against him and Guyver Zoanoid is basically stronger than G2 , besides sho could not land a single blow to G2 and he only was able to beat him when his armor started to malfunction. Ill have to read that once im able ..... witch is why i say it , sean does not have nearly as many abilities as sho and yet sean has preformed way better against opponents of equal power so to speak to to the ones sho faced.
  10. I have yet to see the Manga to see what Sho is really capable of but i have seen the Anime and something that i have noticed is that if Sho were to face Sean from Guyver 2 The dark hero (under some weird case of event) , he would lose without putting a decent fight , i know that they have the same unit in witch they would be equal in strength but in skill is a different story , these are the reasons why i say it : Sho on the Anime has learned to use the gravity orb ,frequency blades ,the head beam , mega smasher ,Hyper sense , sonic busters and the gravity cannon and can barely beat a Hyper Zoanoid on is own ,got owned by Guyver 2 and had to transform into gigantic Guyver in order to defeat Zektor ( i think thats his name ) AND yet Sean only knows to use the mega smasher , high frequency blades (in witch he uses a lot and more better than sho) and the head beam and was able to beat 1 Zoalord when he was barely starting to be the Guyver and could hold his own against a Guyver ZOANOID (witch is probably as strong as Zektor ) im not saying much but i just found it uncool that sho is so weak having learned all that and yet sean is super powerful without knowing even half of the weapons the G unit has so i think if Sean were to face each other with all their powers learned (gigantic and exceed too of course ) Sean would be the one who would win, i think not even Guyver 3 would beat Sean if they had all unlocked too considering that Guyver 3 could barely do anything against Zektor , but maybe im only putting to much thought over it.
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