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  1. Well I frankly love the series so far, the development of this series has been escalating quite a bit, reminding me of early heisei series more and more while keeping the upbeat attitude that the megamax era riders ( starting from double to Gaim) have had, there is the staple organization conspiracy so I am expecting a Riot Trooper Clone in this season soon and judging by the intro it will be either Kurogage or Gridon.This also reminds me a bit of Gobusters with them explaining how stuff works little by little, this is definitely has become a good rider series so far if you can overlook the designs which I seriously don't mind, it could be worse.
  2. This is about all I have Guyver related unfortunately but I love it anyways.
  3. My pleasure, I'm glad you where able to like it.
  4. Something different today, this is a Superhero I did for a Comic I'm making which will debut in late december hopefully, his name is Rocán, feel free to give feedback and opinions about him, questions are also welcomed. Still need to color him tho. XD
  5. I have no problem of a Ranger Series having a serious tone but frankly even tho the intentions of these guys are good they look like they are trying a bit too hard, and I am really tired of hearing that "buuuuuuuum" sound that every action movie recently keeps putting on their damn trailers, if you want some serious ranger action then they should take example from Lightspeed rescue, In Space and Time force seasons, specially In space, heck even Mighty Morphin did it right when they introduced the green ranger in "Green with evil" they kept it serious with the stakes raised every second while maintaining the heart and colorfulness that was Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, I won't judge it until I see the first episode but my expectations are not that high even tho they have the actors for Zedd and Zordon.
  6. It is very early but trusted sources have been posting what apparently is Tokkyuger's official images, I don't know if it is actually real or just a unified prank from all the sources but I think it is worth discussing, to me the designs look very showa which is not necessarily a bad thing but even so they look to simple although the theme of this sentai does not leave much room to improvise. Here are the pics
  7. Here is the youtube version, very psyched for this honestly and I don't say that much about trailers.
  8. judging from what I can see from those pictures I'm guessing that "Green Goblin" we see in the poster may actually be the proto Goblin but I could be wrong, the image is to blurry to make out a decent shape and see if it is a costume or just a guy in a glider, I'm hoping they step it up in this sequel and give plenty of screen time to electro who I hope will be the main villain, don't really care much about Rhyno.
  9. Also, I wanted to give my 2 cents on what Faora about evolution since I find it funny cause to my understanding evolution is a way a species adapts best to it's surrounding through generations yet this version of Krypton is the very opposite of evolution, yes..they are technologically advance and all that but the moment the decided to give specialized roles to each newborn AND make it so they can't help but do those roles they pretty much stopped moving forward in my opinion which is what Jor-el wanted to get across by having superman naturally and thus showing that free choice, diversity or versatility and morality can help a species like humans to move forward cause we keep trying to better ourselves. like ryuki said what faora mentioned was more on the line of survival of the fittest.
  10. That is debatable to me, sure in raw power Green is the strongest but potentially Zeo Red could become the most powerful if you follow what they say about the Zeo crystals supposedly getteing stronger the more time passes then Green would may turn out being his second strongest form, but I could be wrong, green is the coolest hands down tho.
  11. Trust me when I say this that this series is not over the top as Fourze (which i loved) nor Stale as Wizard, so far it has shown a good balance between action and comedy and most importantly an interesting story with interesting characters, it is not perfect since there are some characters that a bit predictable but most of them are 3 dimensional oozing with personality, sure the theme of the riders looks a little silly but you can't judge a book by it's cover sometimes, try out the first few episodes and see if it is to your liking, for me in my opinion it has given me an interest in watching Ryuki just to make a comparison since they are very similar in some aspects.
  12. and so we wait for the new season of doctor who but before that there will be a tv special which I guess features the story of the nameless doctor that we see at the end of the last season, what is weird of this special we see both Matt and David's version of the doctor working together, maybe David's version is the Hybrid? dunno but here is the trailer for the TV Special:
  13. Well this is shaping up to be an awesome series so far, apparently the theme here is freedom, fate and destiny from what I have seen in the Opening and every time a new rider appears, it really gives off a more lighthearted Ryuki feel, the main rider has flaws which is rare to see so early in a rider series but a breath of fresh air. So far Ryugen and Zangetsu are the ones that have caught my interest, even tho Baron's design is starting to grow on me his personality is very stereotypical early heisei where he is looking for power above all else. Also aside from the main 4 riders there are going to be 3 more so far that will appear as well, here is an image of their designs, from left to right they are Kamen Rider's Bravo, Gridon and Kurokage, based on their designs I Imagine that they won't last long but it is nice to see more riders than the traditional 2, it has been a while EDIT: also to clarify something addressed on a way early post the rider designs are not all based on samurai warriors, only Gaim seems to fit that style while the others are based on warriors from other countries, Baron being a Knight, Ryugen a Chinese Warrior and I am not really sure where Zangetsu's design comes from, I will check it out later.</p>
  14. It is a very well made trailer, I have always wondered how they would handle Cap in the present day without being in the avengers, here it is hoping it is as good as it looks cause this is THE marvel movie that has me the most excited.
  15. As always, just my opinion but I really don't see the problem of the fight scenes being very similar to Dragon Ball I mean Superman's power levels ARE those of Dragon Ball characters so it would make sense to make it as flashy as possibly but at the same time allow the viewer to watch what is happening which is more than I can say for most of the fight scenes in Nolan Batman films. I won't say that the movie was perfect cause it was not but I was able to enjoy it a lot, people keep complaining about how utterly irresponsible superman is and "out of character" he is with all the destruction that happened in metropolis and some even dare to compare it with the avengers film, seriously? first off: Superman is a total beginner, he mastered his flying just a few moments before Zod appear so he does not have the experience of handling large threats and avoid casualties as much as possible much less against opponents of equal strength to his. Which brings me to my next point. The invaders are Kyptonians, aliens of equal monstrous strength to super who do not hold back while the aliens the avengers fought where easily destroyed against someone like hawkeye and Black widow so there really is no surprise that Supes was not able to reduce casualties as much as he should have, yes he could have flown away or thrown his opponents to a to a safer place but do you honestly think that Zod and his cronies would have fallen for that? they would have just stayed or gone to a populated are and caused as much destruction as possible cause they know that humans are Superman's weakness also. I really don't want to hear senseless rage for Superman Killing Zod, YES it could have been executed a lot more better then it did like perhaps the family was trapped in the rubble instead of just standing there waiting for the head beam to hit them but ZOD HAD TO DIE EITHER WAY, there was no way to imprison him and he was not going to stop until he destroyed the earth and thus forcing superman to do something that he will probably never do again but left him with a lesson that Pa Kent's Death SHOULD have taught him which was that with all the power he had there ware some things he could not stop. On a side note regarding the Christian Symbology, some people keep mentioning and even the directors seem to be comparing Superman to Jesus for some weird reason but to me he seems more like Moses if anything even more so this version of superman.
  16. Very cool video, good to see that the Guyver is starting to get some recognition, now if only they would only review Dark Hero....
  17. Man, I must say that I am getting invested in this new rider series, second episode picks up on the first one and Gaim is still trying to find his purpose for using the belt as well as a funny scene where he starts brainstorming for his henshin pose. The concept may seem weird but so far the series is starting to look promising with ryuki/ kabuto style rivalries and a good balance of Seriousness and Comedy, perhaps this series will return Kamen Rider back to it's roots? only time will tell but I am definitely going to continue watching this series.
  18. Do any of you guys have a 3DS? if so here is my friend code: 3282 - 2701 - 2765 Currently only own Ocarina of Time 3DS but will buy Pokemon X digitally once it launches.
  19. alright, it is Gaim has finally aired and from what I saw and understood from the raw episode I could say that it has caught my interest, Gaim reminds me a lot of Kuuga, the rivalry with the other gangs and the way Gaim gets his powers reminds me of Ryuki a bit and the opening for some reason reminds me of Kabuto. anyways, great first episode, It is also a nice touch as how completely new they really make Gaim look by making him learn what he can do as he fights the monster, great first impression. here is the opening theme btw: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5azd3IqSnPY
  20. It's just the Comic Con 2012 teaser trailer, which was made before they even started filming the actual movie. Godzilla's design has been changed since then and that multi-armed monster isn't even going to be in the final movie. yea but this trailer has never been released before to the public, it is a nice trailer tho, I'm very anxious to see the finished product, also if I had to complain I would say that my only minor nitpick is his roar, it just seems weird.
  21. THE TRAILER IS HERE: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151917162869490 I will get a youtube version once it is up.
  22. well this is going to take a bit longer than expected, here is the progress so far on my drawing of Guyver 3
  23. I got a bit side tracked on my drawings so I decided to work on this one which you guys will probably like. will upload the colored version tomorrow.
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