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  1. I would not say that they have a god complex, that would be their enemies who think they are all powerful, unlike kriptonians, saiyans are not technologically advanced and their downfalls where vastly different where as saiyans like you said where killed by frieza because they would eventually become a threat Kriptonians in most media where killed because of their own ignorance and unwillingness to leave out of their comfort zone since they where already THE most advanced species in the galaxy. Goku just wants to rise up to the challenge and become stronger BECAUSE he has limits, that is the purpose of his character, the ultimate underdog where as supermans is the one who really has no limits (well depending on the writer) who is more about how he affects the world around him and show humanity of the potential they can achieve, if you have watched the recent dbz movie battle of gods you can see that this is being addressed on the origin of the super saiyan god stating that Saiyans where not always evil. Yes, Dragon Ball Z could be seen as the Japanese equivalent of Superman but only on how they are brought upon cause their messages are vastly different as I said above and you could also say that their origins are just a re-telling of the story of Moses if you think about it, it all depends on how you view it but honestly I don't see a God complex in Goku nor Vegeta, Vegeta started off having a superiority complex but then as the series progressed he started having an inferiority complex which drove him into being better than goku until we see the results of that development in the buu saga where he finally acknowledges Goku and now no longer fights for selfish reasons.
  2. I think they address stuff like that on the extended universe jess but since they are not going to follow the Star Wars EU it is a whole new ball game to me, just because there are no more sith it does not mean that there can't be people that can be influenced by palpatine's and vader's ways and decide to find scrolls or hollocubes or whatnot that allows them to learn at least the basics of what the sith order is and make up the rest as he goes just like Luke did, yes he is NOT a Jedi Knight perse, to me he is a new type of knight that will do the best he can to prevent the mistakes that the old order did, IE follow tradition and vague prophesies and maybe try to find a way to teach future Knights a way to use both Light AND Dark versions of the force thus creating a better view of things cause if you think about it to me the old Jedi aside from Obiwan seemed like robots while the sith seemed a lot more human despite of being "evil" perhaps the new generation introduced in this film could tackle this subject? like maybe a few new order Knights turn dark side and the new protagonists alongside Luke try to find a way to turn them back? dunno, there are a lot of ways this movie can go, I just hope the director can get his act together and not make something that is just ....decent.
  3. Honestly this movie is one of the best ones I have seen so far this year, the ending does bug me but does not prevent me from enjoying the movie, I will read the manga whenever I get the chance to see how it stacks up.
  4. I liked it a lot BUT it also disappointed me, it could have been a lot more than it was, it was SOOOOOOOOOOOO close on being one of the best Godzilla films ever but it did exactly what i feared it was going to do that other nostalgia driven movies have done and that is focus the story on the side characters instead of the movies main character Godzilla, I heard that the director wanted to go the jaws route and show as little of the main monster (in this case Godzilla) as possible so that when he actually appear the suspense of the reveal would be worth the wait, only there are several problems with using that technique, 1) the characters on this film are bland and not interesting enough to carry the movie without the main attraction for 1 hour, 2) you get to see a lot more of the bad monsters than you get to see the big G himself and 3) when you get to see Godzilla it is only for a little in a few parts in between the movie as teases until the very end of the movie. I can't really recommend this movie to anybody starting out despite knowing a lot of my friends and family who actually liked the movie a lot which makes sometimes question myself if I have grown too picky over the time. XD anyways it was a good movie just not a great one and if they had shown a lot more of Godzilla and cut away a lot of unnecessary parts it would have been a great film.
  5. I agree with you in a way BUT just because it is a kids show it does not give them the excuse to talk down on kids intelligence or way to handle things and make a poor quality series, kamen rider and super sentai are kids shows yet we have mature seasons like 555, Kabuto, Go-Busters, Gokaiger, Gekiranger heck Kamen Rider Gaim is the current Rider season and the characters are three dimensional, the story is competent and it does not shy away at violence since important characters are dying left and right WHILE keeping the lighthearted nature that can appeal to kids, Cartoons/anime have had the same problem with this, just because the audience it is originally for kids it does not mean you can't do something serious and noteworthy, Young Justice, Green Lantern, the current Kick Ninja Turtles cartoon and many other series are prime examples of shows targeted for kids but does not talk down to them, not even the pre zordon era power rangers did that despite being very campy at times heck look what they did in Power Rangers in Space. I like Tokkyuger so far but it is not showing a lot of promise so far, the costumes have grown on me already, I don't really mind the mechs and honestly the theme is very freaking catchy and fun so it keeps me on my seat to watch the episode at least.
  6. a very good episode today, only saw the raw but thanks to my practice of the language I'm more or less understanding it now, anyways just a thought, I have a theory that the civilization that was consumed by the forest may be actually an alternate time universe from Gaim, this thought came to my mind when I first saw the Green overlord, if you notice he actually looks like michy in his rider form only organic-like also his personality seems like a more twisted cunning version of michy who is already becoming more and more evil as the story progresses as well as the red overlod who seems a bit like Kaito although only personality wise and a lot more twisted as well, there is also a lot of christian religion references in this series as well as norse as you can tell by the name of some stuff and the prize everyone is after. What are your thoughts folks? how do you like the series so far? and which is your favorite rider form, mine is obviosly kachidoki but Zangetsu's basic form is still one of the best designs in my opinion.
  7. I'm watching it casually, when I don't have anything else to see I watch a bunch at a time, got to episode 13 and they have revealed the big bad who is honestly the only character I like so far, his motivations differ a lot from other Big bads that I have seen in the series, although I does not help out much,maybe when the 6th Tokkyuger arrives it will get interesting but right now they are just going through the motions imitating what Kyoryuger already did except with Train cars.
  8. episode 31, everything gets very escalated and we get almost the complete story of how the previous civilization perished on the previous episode and a few surprises come in this one, also even for Kamen Rider standards, I think I have not seen something like that since Faiz, anyways, can't comment more of this episode cause it would spoil a lot of what happens, can't wait for the next episode.
  9. I'm up to date with the series, loved it ever since i saw episode one, proving that dc can do something other than batman, I only wish the dc movies where as good, but oh well, thanks to this series I will get to see another Flash tv series which has me very exited since he is my favorite dc hero.
  10. Yes you did not read wrong, apparently Lionsgate is teaming up with saban to reboot the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in a Live action movie. what kind of reboot it will be remains to be seen but I think this is worth talking about so what do you guys think? what will be the future of the series if this succeeds? will they continue using sentai footage for future seasons or will they make complete original material? who do you think is the director most suitable for this project? honestly? I think Guillermo Del Toro is the best one for this film on the top of my head, even tho people have mixed feelings about pacific rim I think we can all agree that the Giant robot vs Giant monster action scenes are right up del toro's forte. leave your thoughts below. EDIT: confirmed cast: Executive Producer - Roberto Orci (Star Trek) Screen Writers - Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz (X-men first class, Thor, )
  11. I'm so getting that guyver figma as soon as it is available on amazon.
  12. Movie is out over here, saw it with friends, and it is leaps and bounds better than previous spidey films, the first few minutes Garfield convinced me that he is THE definite spider-man, the relationship between Peter and Gwen had perfect chemistry and the action was Amazing, no pun intended, it is by no means perfect, it still suffers from the convenient circumstances in order to advance the plot but from what it lacks in a well structured story it makes up for in real 3 dimensional characters and action, in a world where every movie just wants to be "GRIM DARK" just because it is cool TAS 2 is colorful, fun superhero action, with just a simple on the nose message without being preachy "even tho things don't always go out the way you want and will fail at times you should do your best to stay strong and keep moving forward" which is what I think spidey is all about, not just about the "great power comes great responsibility" thing. This new spidey series to me is a reverse Batman, where Bat's series is all about the villains, spidey is all about the hero and how he deals with the things that he faces and the consequences of his actions. If you are an action fan go watch it, if you like comedy go watch it, if you like romance go watch it and most importantly, if you are a spider-man fan then go watch it, it is worth the watch. It does make me mad tho that there is so much undeserved and illogical hate for this movie, but hey everybody has their own opinions, sure the movie has it's flaws but they are not Man of steel obvious (and I love that movie too) and they are not so bad that it completely makes you want to quit loving something you like and "brake you inside" like it almost did a reviewer I constantly watch named Moviebob, but I will let you guys decide if you like the movie or think it is awful, a movie is good if you enjoy it and that in the end it's whats important.
  13. 26 episodes in and I keep loving every second of it, [spoilers]the subbers have gotten the chance to translate the overlord's language [/spoilers] and michy shows his true colors finally which was I was predicting he would do, his character has gotten very obsessive, Kaito is pretty transparent and makes me laugh of the Irony of him always preaching about power yet he is the weakest next to michy out of the 4 main riders. also next episode we will probably see a change of alliances again and a pretty unexpected one at that. can't wait.
  14. Watched it, loved every second of it, it is one of the best Marvel Movies so far, you want a captain america movie? you got a cap movie, you want a good spy movie? you got a good spy movie, no wasted talent here, very impressive choreography (best I have seen in a while) and the plot was executed very nicely, The winter soldier himself was made fatefully and will probably be a fan favorite thanks to this film, I giggled little when his identity was revealed and everybody in the theater let out a huge GASP out of surprise except me. XD
  15. Japan is getting it on my birthday..damn it.......
  16. Yes it is Yuki, I am more or less interested in this movie, not very hyped the only thing that I'm hoping that the events of this movie finally retcons everything about X3, sure it was not that good but I don't hate it, I would have been comfortable with the ending aside from what they did to Cyclops since he is my favorite X-man oh and Juggernaut too wtf?. about the movie rights for the characters I am thinking that it is right now in a grey area now that they managed to put both Scarlet witch and Quicksilver on Avengers 2 and X-men: DOFP , so wolverine on the avengers may not be entirely out of the question, Spidey is tricky but I'm sure Disney will find out a way to get them all back or do a collab with fox and sony after all if they do it all parties win and the quality of the films with their combined studios SHOULD increase significantly, at least in theory.
  17. very true guys, what do you guys think so far of Zangetsu/ Takatora and the debate with Kouta/ Gaim with what needs to be done ? who do you think is on the right? do you believe like Kouta that there is another way or is being the villain in order to save the world and bare with your sins the right path that Takatora chose the correct one? also what do you guys think of Zangetsu's views over Kouta? he obviously respects him in some way and to me the last episodes seemed like he is depending on Kouta's actions and looks for some kind of hope in order to either destroy most of the population and continue with Project Ark, Also very interesting function of the Rider Belt's allowing people to sustain themselves in the forest without turning into inves.
  18. yea, that is the perfect comparison.
  19. Dang, things are getting even more intense, I like the overwhelming odds that Gaim is facing after the big reveal of the forest, and these 2 episodes have officially made Zangetsu and Gaim the most interesting characters by far with their Idealist vs Realist point of view, Baron is so far predictable and Ryuho has me a bit disappointed with what he has been doing after the truth has been revealed, maybe he will get better later on but man this series really has me in suspense, I just hope Sengoku's true ambitions won't be generic ones.
  20. I don't think he has been here yet, I will probably recommend the forum to him and see if it peaks his interest.
  21. odin


    welcome to the forum, I hope you enjoy your stay.
  22. here is a video from monstrosities that features a look from a toy for Muto, the enemy monster that Godzilla will be facing on the new movie, what do you guys think of the design shown so far?
  23. 20 episodes in and the "true identity" of the Helheim forest has been revealed, lest just say it is just like zangetsu says it is, an evil with out reason or purpose, we get to see a glimps on Sid's ambitions as well as Baron's true colors but the character that really got fleshed out was Zangetsu so far I see him as a heroic villain, doing necessary evil's for the greater good, keeping himself realistic of the situation and questioning Gaim's Idealistic point of view who wants to desperately want to find another way, you could say they are 2 faces of the same coin. Baron on the other hand is just your typical power obsessed anti-hero who only cares for himself or so he shows, since the main 4 characters in the intro are gaim, baron, zangetsu and ryuhho and considering who is writing this story I'm expecting Bravo to die pretty soon, he was a big threat at firsts but ever since the introduction of energy riders he has become obsolete and more of a comic relief character, I was really hoping more from him since he was one of my faves. Zangetsu and Gaim are my favorite character so far with Sid and Bravo close seconds. so what do you guys think of the series so far? what are your expectations for the upcoming episodes? what do you like and dislike?
  24. I see someone else likes movie bob, he has great knowledge of things but his criticism as a whole I don't always agree with, specially with his Amazing Spider-Man review in which I'm convinced he was set out to hate it even if the movie turned out good. Anyways back on topic, yes Matt, Robocop is one of those films that some people get a little too nostalgia blind and refuse to accept anything remotely different from the original and I have some friends that are usually very objective and fell victims of this kind of biased loyalty. The original Robocop was a fantastic accident that almost did not happen if you study the development of the movie which was horrid for everyone on the set, what is funny to me is that originally the slim design of the reboot was the actual way they where going to do in the original but because the final design was too bulky to move and do all the acrobatics they had rehearsed for they had to re-do everything from scratch with very little budget (most of it was spent on the suit designs) and we got the Robocop that we know now.
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