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  1. Just to let you know Jupiter, there is already a discussion on the remake in the forum, you can find it here if you want to participate on the discussion: http://www.japan-legend.com/forum/index.php/topic/7223-robocop-reboot/ Also, Frank Miller was not the creator/founder of robocop, he just adapted the characters story, the movies where made first and where created by Paul Vehoreven (director), Edward Neumeier, Michael Miner (writers) and Rob Bottin (designer) Taking influence from the design of famous Metal Hero Gavan from the series Uchuu Keiji Gavan as well from Judge Dredd.
  2. Here is a front image of the big G in a cover of a magazine. enjoy.
  3. consider me HYPED my good sir.
  4. so it is down to a popularity contests then? that reaaaaally sucks.
  5. and here is a full teaser trailer, it looks promising. Edit: Although I am concerned on how they will feature each battle, I don't know much about the showa riders aside from Black, I'm guessing they are almost all cyborgs capable of incredible superhuman feats but going by logic as I always do, Kabuto and Faiz alone would be enough to face any showa rider, heck Wizard in his Infinity form gives him absurd defense as well as kabuto level speed, I hate him but I have to admit that he also would probably be enough against any Showa, anybody feel free to debate on which era riders are superior based on their feats and skills.
  6. here is a special episode dedicated for the Guyver, hope you all enjoy this video.
  7. well, Like i have said, just because it does not have an appealing design it does not mean that it will be bad, saw the first episode and it was interesting although the villains don't really do it for me from what what have seen, the theme tho is what has me interested in the series which is Imagination which could give potential for a very fun over the top series or a very lackluster Den-O sentai tribute. speaking of which, I am 100% sure that there will be at least 1 movie featuring Den-O.........ugh....anyways, this is not going to be a serious sentai series, it is probably going the carranger route and just be a comedy parody only more over the top which I'm hoping. Not recommending this yet. the intro is to me catchy and awesome btw, that is a plus, also I like the roll call. when I find a better one I will post it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMtn2Z3svr0
  8. Just got my very first collectable figure, tekkaman evil figma, a very sharp toy but love it anyways, thank you amazon.

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      will do, cool artwork btw, already added you to my watch list.

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      Why thank you. :D I +watched you too, hope too see more Guyver stuff from you. ;)

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      Will by uploading more guyver stuff soon, I want to try out my new tablet and Manga studio. thanks for the faves.

  9. Great remake, does things that the original failed to do and did it's own thing which I respect, It is not by all means a masterpiece but it is not bad either, I can recommend this movie to anybody who can overcome the nostalgia goggles and acknowledge that it is not going to be the same thing and should not be the same thing. 8/10
  10. it is just a wheel used to explain how emotions could relate to each other, I did not get that far in my studies on psychology but here is the wiki page if you are interested, once the new general Endorf appears they really start to experiment on different effects they could do with emotions. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plutchik%27s_Wheel_of_Emotions#Plutchik.27s_wheel_of_emotions look at plutchick's wheel of emotion specifically.
  11. well, Kyoryuger is over and I must say it was a very good series, not as serious and detailed as Go-busters but very simple good vs evil fun with great characters, twist and turns everywhere and great action, I did not watch every episode but the ones I did always left a good impression on me, using the emotion wheel in psychology to tell a story was very interesting and fresh, well sorta, this was used in green lantern comics as well but it was well done here. Anyways, this is the third consecutive good sentai so far that i can recommend to anyone, lets just hope Tokkyuger does not screw things up, Good bye Kyoryuger.
  12. I'm guessing they want to use Kyoryuger since it resembles Mighty morphing the most with the dinosaur setting and perhaps they want to go back to basics yet again, I don't mind them skipping Go-busters for a while and use them after Dino Charge, all I ask is for a decent story that won't talk down to the audience, using Kyoryuger first can bring a lot of possibilities, if they are smart about it, heck just talking about this has already given me some Ideas.
  13. Very nice find Yuki, it makes me take things into perspective and value more my own work when I finally decide to start selling my art, I will need to see how much I should charge when I start based on my current skills.
  14. If anybody has a Wii U add me by adding my Network ID which is Odin787 Current Games on console Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate The legend of Zelda Windwaker HD
  15. I actually did some stuff for him as well as a promotional poster for a movie he was going to do with Linkara, when I saw the news I felt very sad, he had so much charisma without even trying, i wish I could have met him in person since he seemed like a very upstanding guy who you could hang out and call him a friend, it really saddens me when I hear stuff like this.
  16. I would agree with durendal if not for all other previous Taisen battles that had the potential to be awesome be just mediocre at best, they should have left the sentai out of this movie and just focus on the riders, I hope it is good but I won't be expecting much.
  17. here is a gameplay video of a game demo I did last year, pardon the crappy quality, I'm trying to see how to export better quality videos on camtasia, if any of you guys have a better alternative to record videos on your pc please leave your suggestions as well as your opinion about the gameplay, if you want to play the demo, feel free to ask for it.
  18. I must say that third trailer was made a lot more better than the others, it captured what robocop is perfectly and if they had started with that one first perhaps all the hate I have been seeing about this movie may have been less, although it still would not stop the hate of the black armor.
  19. Watch OOO, you may turn out liking it, it is my favorite Rider series to date that or 555, can't go wrong either way.
  20. I can't stop saying this but I really like the writing so far in this series, for having such bright and colorful design the story has been surprisingly dark, making Yggdrasil an actual threatening corporation, have not seen a corporation like this since 555's Smart Brain, I'm also loving the amount of development Kouta (Gaim) is having to differentiate him from other riders, his obstacles keep getting harder to overcome specially with what happens with this weeks episode, won't spoil anything but let's just say that from the looks of it in this series the hero won't always win when it matters most.
  21. here is a funny video for all you street fighter fans.
  22. the movie has been out for a while and I still have so much to talk about it, here is something DC uploaded to celebrate Superman's 75 anniversary and it just clicked on me, I can't choose what music score I love more the legendary John william's superman theme or Hans Zimmer's Man of steel theme, they are both epic and bring about the feeling of how inspiring superman can be, I bought the man of steel sound track and I can't get enough of it, which one do you guys prefer more?
  23. Really loving this series more and more, this weeks episode showed just how awesome Gaim can fight when being serious as well as showing the different viewpoints Ryugen and Gaim have regarding the current events which I won't spoil, got to see some development from Baron which is nice and a new type of armored rider in which more will come in the coming episodes, my expectations are rising with this series, I have not been this exited since Ozu, I just hope they don't screw this up midway this has the potential of being one of the best heisei rider series, btw...Zangetsu is very OP at the moment.
  24. this Super Sentai looks like it will focus more on comedy like carranger was, I will give it the benefit of the doubt but I really can't get into the costume design, I can't even find a positive thing in it to like aside that it looks showa'ish anyways....here is the preview for the show. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXy6OIEup9k&hd=1
  25. awesome wallpaper, keep up the good work.
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